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Avengers Alliance Gameplay

Updated on April 9, 2012

Avengers Alliance Gameplay

Avengers Alliance is a free facebook rpg game based on the Avengers. The Avengers are a group of heroes recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D to defend Earth. This will provide a description of the gameplay in Avengers Alliance and provide some hints on whether one should invest one's time to play this game. To play the alliance game, first log into facebook, and then go to the avengers page and install the application to play the avengers alliance game.

Avengers Alliance Distress Call

Avengers Alliance Distress Call - Thor arrives to defeat Hydra Power Armor.
Avengers Alliance Distress Call - Thor arrives to defeat Hydra Power Armor.

Avengers Alliance Combat Scenario Example

The main actions of the avengers alliance game are to go into various missions and combat villains within each mission. Within each mission, pick a building and click to zoom into the combat scenario within that building.

As an example, the agent (or player) will team fight Hydra Power Armor with Iron Man and Captain America. The combat scenario is turned-based, and is rather reminiscent of heroes of might and magic.

  • The hero whose turn is on for the moment, let's say, Captain America can select his powers, in this case, Shield Bash, and use this power on the enemy.
  • The Avenger Iron Man will have repulsor ray, which he can use against the enemy.
  • Captain America can execute his special ability Inspirational Leadership which will add bonuses to the heroes' stats.
  • Then it's the enemy's turn to execute his powers on the Avengers. Hydra Power Armor can use a variety of powers including Hurl.
  • At the beginning the Avengers may find they are not powerful enough to defeat one Hydra Power Armor, and may need to use the EMP grenade on the Hydra Power Armor.
  • With EMP grenade, the Hydra Power Armor will miss its next turn, and be subjected to the powers of the Avengers.
  • However, at low levels, the Hydra Power Armor may still be too strong for the Avengers, and Iron Man suggests to the hero Avenger to put out a distress call. Thor the God of Thunder is summoned, and his summon thunder ability strikes down Hydra Power Armor. The hero can also put on a distress call to a real life facebook friend to come help the Avengers with his fight.

As the Avengers train and level up, the Hydra Power Armor will become easier to deal with, as illustrated below at a later stage of the mission.

Avengers Alliance Recruiting More Avengers

In Avengers Alliance, the hero can recruit more avengers as the game progresses with command points. There are several quite well known avengers who can be recruited at the start of the game. They join for free. These include Iron Man and Black Widow. Apart from taking part in combat scenarios above and completing missions, Black Widow can also take part in her specialized Avengers area – covert missions. These are launched by going into the avengers aircraft carrier and launching jets. These covert missions will bring silver to the avengers team.

Let's check out Black Widow as she completes one of her covert missions in the movie the Avengers 2012.

Marvel's the Avenger Black Widow in a real life covert mission

Avengers Alliance Store, PVP and Research

Now back to the Avengers game. As the game progresses, the avengers will unlock the Store. The Store allows the avenger hero to get more powerful weapons such as milasma cannon, feral claw etc. These can either be purchased with silver, earned in-game, or gold from real currency. By completing missions, the hero avenger will also earn the opportunity to do PVP and research, thus creating the ultimate Avengers team.


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