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Avengers Nick Fury Toys

Updated on April 18, 2013

Nick Fury Action Figures, mini figures and collectibles

Avengers Nick Fury toys to tie in with the 2012 movie. Here you'll find lots of Nick Fury toys including action figures, Heroclix and other collectible mini figures.

I'll be looking out for new Avengers Nick Fury toys and adding them as I find them.

Nick Fury is the director of S.H.E.I.L.D. and is responsible for getting the Avengers back together to defend the earth from Loki.

Image: Mini Mighty Muggs Nick Fury

Who is Nick Fury?

Nick Fury works at S.H.I.E.L.D and has the task of bringing the Avenger super heroes together. He understand the big picture and the threat the Earth is facing.

In The Avengers movie, Samuel L Jackson plays Nick Fury.

Marvel The Avengers Movie Series Nick Fury 3.75 Action Figure

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Here's Nick in 3.75 action figure form. He comes with weapons including a huge launching anti-tank missile. He's based on the Samuel L Jackson version of the character in the movie.

From a safety perspective he's suitable for kids from age 4, but I imagine most people would wait until kids are a bit older for this version with all the weaponry.

There are lots of good choices for younger kids below.

Collectible Mini Figures - Avengers Nick Fury

Marvel Universe Mini Mates Thor and Nick Fury 2-Pack
Marvel Universe Mini Mates Thor and Nick Fury 2-Pack

The Marvel MiniMates Avengers Movie figures are mini articulated figures from the Avengers movie.

Nick Fury appears in some of the sets including this one with Thor.

See more Nick Fury Minimates.

Funko Pop Marvel (Bobble): Avengers - Nick Fury
Funko Pop Marvel (Bobble): Avengers - Nick Fury

A novelty bobble head Avengers Nick Fury from the Funko Pop range.

Marvel Avengers Movie Mini Mighty Muggs Nick Fury
Marvel Avengers Movie Mini Mighty Muggs Nick Fury

Mini Mighty Muggs are chunky action figures designed for little kids from age 3. And there's a Avengers Movie Mini Mighty Muggs Nick Fury to collect.


Marvel Avengers Grab Zags

Marvel Avengers Grab Zags is a range of collectible toys based on the Avengers movie. The toys are bought in sealed bags so you don't know what you'll be getting - there are pens, skateboards, mini figures and disc launchers.

But there are usually opened packs available on eBay so you should be able to find a Nick Fury Grab Zag:

Marvel's The Avengers Chibi

Chibis are small collectible figures sold in blind packs. There is an Avengers Nick Fury in the range. You can look for a Nicky Fury Chibli from an open pack on ebay:

Heroclix Avengers

You can get a Heroclix Avengers Nick Fury game piece. Heroclix figures have the character's stats on the base and are used to play a battle game.

LEGO Nick Fury Minifigure

Lego Super Heroes Nick Fury Minifigure
Lego Super Heroes Nick Fury Minifigure

Here's the Nick Fury minifig from the LEGO Super Heroes range. He's even got an eyepatch.

He appears in the LEGO Super Heroes Spider-Cycle Chase 76004 2013 set.


Hot Toys Avengers 1/6 Nick Fury Figure

This is a collector's action figure which is very detailed and comes with lots of accessories. The figure is based on Samuel L Jackson and his costume in The Avengers movie and is 30cm (12") tall.

This is not a toy for little kids, it's for older teens and adult collectors.

Samuel L Jackson on Nick Fury

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Avengers Nick Fury Toys

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