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Avengers Thor Toys

Updated on April 18, 2013

Toys featuring Thor from The Avengers 2012 Movie

Avenger Thor toys from the 2012 Avengers movie. Here you'll find action figures, minifigures and other toys featuring Chris Hemsworth's Thor character from the 2012 movie.

In The Avengers (aka Avengers Assemble) Thor's adopted brother Loki is causing havoc on earth and Thor's father Odin sends Thor back to earth to help sort things out. Thor teams up with the other Avengers to protect the earth from Loki.

Also see my Avengers Thor costume for kids page.

Avengers Mighty Strike Thor 10" Figure

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This is a fun Thor action figure! It's a 10" figure that says phrases from the movie and when you pull back Thor's arm he throws his hammer with a shout. Great fun.

For kids aged 4+.

Watch Avengers Mighty Strike Thor in action in the video below.

Avengers Mighty Strike Thor 10" Figure Demo

Marvel Avengers Movie 4 Inch Action Figure Sword Spike Thor

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This is a small (4 inch) detailed Avengers Thor action figure from Hasbro. It comes with an oversized battle axe which launches a projectile spike. And you also get Thor's hammer.

Suitable for kids aged 3+.

Avengers 8 inch Hero Action Figure - THOR

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This 8" Thor action figure has the facial features and costume of Chris Hemsworth in The Avengers movie.

For kids aged 4-8.

Funko Avengers Movie Thor Wacky Wobbler

@ Amazon


The Funko Avengers Movie Thor Wacky Wobbler is a novelty version of Chris Hemsworth's Thor character in the Avengers movie with a bobble head.

Age 5+.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Thor Minifigure

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The new 2012 LEGO superheroes range includes sets from the Avengers movie and Thor is included. This is his minifigure with cape and hammer and blond hair.

The Thor minifigure appears in the LEGO Quinjet Aerial Battle set which is one of the larger sets in the first wave.

LEGO Quinjet Aerial Battle 6869

@ Amazon


Avengers Thor Heroclix

Heroclix is a game which uses collectible game pieces and yes. there's an Avengers Thor Heroclix figure available.

Marvel Minimates Avengers Thor

The Marvel Minimates range includes small articulated figures with lots of detail. There's an Avengers Thor available to collect in series 45.

Avengers Thor Chibis Mini Figure

Chibis are small collectible mini figures sold in blind packaging. But people often have spares that they make available on eBay so you may be able to track down a Thor Chibi is that's the specific figure you're after.

Avengers Grab Zags Thor

Marvel Grab Zags are individual small toys sold in sealed packing where you don't know what's inside. The Avengers range of Grab Zags include mini figures as well as miniature skateboards, pens and disc throwers. Look for an opened pack on eBay to get a Thor themed toy for your collection.

Hot Toys Avengers Thor / Chis Hemsworth

The Hot Toys Avengers Thor / Chis Hemsworth is a high end collectible figure. This Thor figure is at 1/6 scale which makes it around 12 inches tall. It has the features of Chris Hemsworth with many point of articulation, a detailed costume and lots of accessories.

One for teen and adult collectors of comic book figures.

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Avengers Thor Toys

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