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Hints and tips for Marvels Avenger’s Alliance Facebook game

Updated on June 19, 2012

Staying alive

Keep your agent (or hero) alive, if you lose your agent or hero mid way through and battle and still win they will receive only half experience. Whilst sometimes this cannot be avoided occasionally the use of a healing or shielding item or ability would save them and ensure the maximum experience is gained


Although the experience gained is minimal PVP is useful for a number of other reasons. Experimentation, PVP is a useful place to try out different combinations of agent’s weapons and/or heroes and abilities. Item drops, rival players agents and hero still drop useful items saving you having to spend hard earned silver on purchasing them. They are also useful for the use an heroes and/or their abilities tasks, experience gain is minimal so it is not an issue if their experience bar is full it also allows you to carry out the task when you are out of energy, heroes can also be used in PVP even when on flight deck missions.

Third times the charm

In every chapter mission 3 has a “hidden” epic boss who when defeated has better drops then regular bosses. These hidden bosses are found by completing every battle and hero deployment on the map, this often means that you will have to have the required hero for one of the hero deployment tasks in order to be able to gain access to the hidden boss.

Frequent fliers

Make sure you use the flight deck jets regularly to ensure you have a steady flow of silver coming in early on in the game you might get by but later on larger and larger amounts are required. If you have enough heroes send some off even whilst you are engaging in missions. It is also worth investing in upgrading them as soon as you can afford it.


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