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Awesome Game Apps by Silent Giant

Updated on September 17, 2014

Free Fun and Educational Apps for Your Smartphone

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Silent Giant owner Barry Stieb was inspired into the industry after creating his first app in late 2010. Once Barry became more familiar with the ins-and-outs of the app business he began rebranding Silent Giant and since its reentry it has produced several fun and educational gaming apps as well as an app for children.

With Firetruck Race, Smash Paddles, Click n' Learn and up-and coming 8-bit Superhero representing Silent Giant as their first productions, Silent Giant looks to have a positive future and hopefully unforgettable impact on the App community by providing apps that are fun, educational and free!

Password FREE Word Game

This is one addictive free word game that you will want to share with your friends. With several types of play available, you will never get tired of challenging yourself, or your friends, to a game of Password.

*Single Player

*Search for a Username

*Random Player

*Facebook Friends

*Pass n Play

Playing in Facebook mode allows users to select from any of their Facebook friends to issue a Password Free Word Game challenge to. Once the challenge is accepted, gamers have 3 minutes to complete as many words as possible from a given set of 8 letters. Within that set is also a "Password" that if chosen, gives that user a leg up over their competition.

Get Password Free Word Game at the iTunes App Store

Smash Paddle

Smash Paddle will remind old school gamers how far we have come with gaming technology. A few minutes with Smash Paddle will let them know they are playing a throw-back to the old game of PONG! At least now you won't have to struggle with those unwieldy paddles! Smash Paddle players can enjoy a variety of cool features to enjoy themselves or with others in their network.

Smash Paddle features include:

*Earning achievements

*Throw back graphics

*5 Different Types of Boosts

*Tilt function control

*Multiplayer Action

*Share with friends via Facebook

Get Smash Paddle at the iTunes App Store

Click n' Learn

This fun and educational gaming app will be a hit with the kids. They will have so much fun they won't even know they are learning while they play. Click n' Learn will help the younger gamers:

*Increase Math Knowledge

*Improve on Letter Sounds and Spelling

*Get Familiar with Animal Sounds

*Improve Memory

*Improve Hand/Eye Coordination

Little gamers can enjoy the animals mode, alphabet mode or math modes as they choose and enjoy becoming more familiar with their world through the amazing educational benefits of apps.

Get Click n' Learn on iTunes App Store Site Today

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