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Hilarious Baby Shower Games

Updated on October 22, 2016

Popular and Fun Games for Baby Showers

Baby shower games add entertainment and fun to a party for expectant parents. Sometimes popular baby shower entertainment can be embarrassing or downright unpleasant for guests or the mom and dad to be. My own daughter made it very clear before her co-ed shower that she wanted absolutely no dirty diaper or icky food guessing games as part of the entertainment.

While most baby party games are tasteful and fun for everyone, a few popular shower games might make people squeamish or uncomfortable. Only you know which games will appeal and not offend your baby shower guests, so it's important to choose games for a pre-baby bash carefully. Games that use ultrasound photos sometimes reveal gender-specific anatomical details that might make more conservative guests squirm.

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How to Choose Baby Shower Games

Active Games, Sit Down Games, Silly Games ... It Depends on Your Guest List

The wide variety of baby shower games we've reviewed range from quiet guessing games and classics like baby bingo to actively physical games and team competitions.

Be sure to include at least one paper and pencil game - pre-printed games or baby shower games you personalize and print at home.Printable baby shower games offer a change of pace and help to break the ice, especially in a large group where many people may not know anyone except the mom-to-be. Printable games offer plenty of variety: you'll find many different types of guessing games, raffles, group games and puzzles that you can tailor to the group's ages and preferences.

Which ever games you choose, be sure the mom to be will feel comfortable with your choices. But be forewarned: if your planned baby shower games require players to taste pureed foods or inspect diapers, you should expect a few nonparticipants.

The Everything Baby Shower Book
The Everything Baby Shower Book

Every little detail you need to know ... to plan a successful party for the mom to be and her wee one.

Prenatal Ultrasound
Prenatal Ultrasound | Source

Hilarious Baby Shower Game - ID the baby parts in a prenatal ultrasound images?

Images from prenatal ultrasound testing will stump your guests as they try to identify nose, toes, fingers and other little baby parts.

This baby shower game is popular, but some people may be a bit uncomfortable at the sight of baby's privates ... you know your audience so plan accordingly.

Personally, I can hardly ever identify ANY of the images on a prenatal ultrasound image except baby's head, legs and arms.

Itty Bitty Baby Parts Baby Shower Game
Itty Bitty Baby Parts Baby Shower Game

Tiny little baby, tiny baby parts, trying to guess which is what makes for a fun time at a baby shower or gender reveal party


Baby Shower Planning Guides

Planning a baby shower can seem overwhelming if it's your first time, but there's plenty of help available in these source books.

Choosing Games for a Baby Shower

When selecting games for a baby shower, choose a few different types. If the baby shower has a theme, pick games that relate to the theme; for example rubber ducks or safari animals.

For a typical two hour baby shower, plan to play 2 or 3 games plus a raffle or door prize.

Try to include a mix of active and sit down games, so you'll have a selection of games on hand that will appeal to everyone at the shower.

Your shower guests will have a great time playing games at the party and the games will add to the fun and enjoyment for this happy occasion.

Baby Showers: Original Ideas for an Unforgettable Day
Baby Showers: Original Ideas for an Unforgettable Day

Plan and carry off an unforgettable event for the mom/dad/ baby-to-be, family and friends.


Sweet Baby Feet

Baby toes
Baby toes | Source

Baby Shower Centerpiece - Choo Choo Train - Make a train from diapers, blankets and ribbon

The blankets, receiving blankets and diapers used to construct this baby gift or shower centerpiece can all be used for the new baby arrives.

Baby Shower Kit in a Bag - Party Game Supplies for 50 guests!

Kit includes all the supplies you need to organize a baby shower, plus tickets and game cards for baby shower games including 50 scratcher game cards, 1 baby shower gift bingo set, baby trivia deck of 99 cards, baby advice cards, pencils planning checklist, gift record and shower guest sign in sheet.

Baby Shower in a Bag (For 50 Guests)
Baby Shower in a Bag (For 50 Guests)

All you need for a baby shower with 50 attendees - right down to the pencils for playing games.


Diaper the Balloon Baby Shower Game

Popular Traditional Baby Shower Games

Classic Games are Always Right

Time-proven baby shower games and activities are sure to please both guests and guest of honor. If you're planning a co-ed shower, you'll need to consider games that appeal to both mom and dad, and to the male as well as female guests at the baby shower.

These games have been played for generations by many different age groups and are popular choices for co-ed baby showers.

Words of Advice
As each guest arrives, hand him/her a game card or 3" x 5" index card and them her to write their name plus a single tip about parenting for the new parent(s) .

If a guest doesn't have children, suggest they provide tips from their own childhood - something their parents did that they remember, or have them share tips they've learned by caring for nieces, nephews or friends' children.

Later, as the mom-to-be is opening each baby shower gift, read out loud the advice offered by the person who gave that gift.

I'm No Baby!
This is a simple but fun game that will get everyone laughing. You'll need to buy a supply of diaper pins (do they even still make these?) or you can buy plastic clothes pins - these are available for showers in pink or blue - enough for each guest.

Hand a pin to guests as they arrive and ask them to pin it or clip it to the shirt like a brooch and explain the rules: don't say the word "BABY" - and if someone does, call out that they slipped up. The person who first calls out when someone says the secret word gets that person's pin and attaches it to their shirt. The winner at the end of the game is the person wearing the most pins.

Who's That Baby?
Have guests bring a baby photo of themselves. Hang on a poster board with a number for each photo. Have guests try to figure out who each of the cute baby photos belongs to.

Baby Shower Clothes Pin Games - How many clothes pins can you remove from the clothes line?

Dexterity rules in the Clothes Pin Shower Game
Dexterity rules in the Clothes Pin Shower Game | Source

Parents need to be ambidexterous and able to perform nearly impossible tasks. Here's a game that tests your dexterity - try holding a phone and hanging up laundry while holding a baby!

Clothes Pin Baby Shower Game

The clothes pin baby shower game is a dexterity game suitable for all ages. It's challenging enough to interest the men and older kids and won't offend anyone.

How to Play Clothes Pin Clutch

Attach clothespins to a plastic clothes hanger all around the edges. The player can only use one hand to remove and hold the clothespins. Player keeps removing clothespins until he or she drops one. Count the clothespins, reattach and move on to the next player. Winner is the player who removed the most clothespins with one hand before they drop one. The dropped pin doesn't count, but all the pins before the drop do count.

Easy Baby Shower Games

Browse the below list of baby shower games at other sites to find just the right type of entertainment for your guests. Some are sit down games, others are more active.

Printable Baby Shower Games

Affordable, fun, creative baby shower games for all ages

Stylish and fun baby shower games you can print at home or in the office. Choose your favorites from the collection, or save and buy the complete set or printable games for any baby party. I just LOVE the unique colors and theme game boards the game designers created. They're not expensive and you can print as many of your favorites as you need, forever.

Printable Baby Shower Games (scroll down the page at the link to find the printables).

Baby Shower Guest Book - Please leave a comment or just say hello!

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  • profile image


    4 years ago

    Hi! I just hosted a baby sewhor with the strict rule that no games were permitted. But I felt that we needed something because most of the guests didn't know each other. So I found a great non-traditional game that even the mom-to-be had fun with. It's a scratch-n-sniff game found at Games and The game was quick and funny to watch! You get a card with a picture of a baby in a diaper. The diaper is the scratch-n-sniff part and the winner is the one who gets the dirty diaper smell. There was a lot of relieved guests and one horrified winner. I think that if we would have done the baby word scramble that we've all done 100 times, I would have been in serious trouble!!!

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    All the guests of my baby shower last year love our baby shower games. We all have a lot of fun and we enjoyed that moment so much. Diaper games at baby shower sounds great and I am now planning to add it to the list of games for the baby of my sister-in-law.

  • kaecao profile image


    6 years ago

    Great ideas, they are funny.

  • Gypzeerose profile image

    Rose Jones 

    7 years ago

    Not just for baby showers, fun anytime you want family or girlfriend fun. Blessed.

  • StorkBabyGiftBa profile image


    7 years ago

    Great ideas...thanks!

  • Wealth-seekers LM profile image

    Wealth-seekers LM 

    7 years ago

    Cool baby shower games. Thanks

  • surpriseitsme profile image


    7 years ago

    Hello and thank you for the ideas. ;)

  • CruiseReady profile image


    7 years ago from East Central Florida

    I like some of these games, and also like a LOT the idea that you can bay a "Baby Shower in a Bag." So handy! Combine that with a couple f the printable games, and all is well!

  • sockii profile image

    Nicole Pellegrini 

    7 years ago from New Jersey

    Thanks for a thoughtful and thorough lens on the subject of baby shower games! As a woman coping with infertility, I've had to deal with going to baby showers and having to play some games that left me EXTREMELY uncomfortable and upset - so it's nice to see a page that talks about games that can be enjoyed more by all, and how to be aware of the different tastes, sensitivities, and life situations of one's guests. Really nice job.


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