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Baby Shower Invitations and ideas

Updated on February 10, 2013

How to Make Baby Shower Invitations

Baby showers are normally organized for the expectant parents, so that they could let their family and friends "shower" their baby with blessings in forms of presents. This is a joyous celebration for the upcoming birth date of the baby. Of course, a celebration demands for the creation of an invitation that will be sent to your loved ones, because you just don't want them to miss it.

You may be troubled in where to begin the making of your invitation. Confused on what should you done, thinking of what should be the look and the contents of a good invitation letter for baby showers. We provided you some guidelines on how to make your invitation something your potential guests will surely appreciate.

Baby Shower Invitations Designs

This is a crucial element of the invitation. Remember that the invitation gives the first impression on your guests. If it looks something like you have exerted a lot of effort on, then the potential guests will think that this is something very special to you and it will boost their eagerness to not miss the celebration. You should make sure that the design is something that reflects creativity and passion, and at the same time, is related to the occasion. In our time when invitations are just a print away, you have there some graphic-oriented and tool editing software that can help you customize your invitation.

The possible problem that may arise is that you are not creative or skilled enough to manipulate the software, or to engrave designs on the invitation. You could always seek help from your friends who you think are capable of doing it for you. There is also an alternative: the Internet, which never fails to be a solution in a lot of problems. A lot of online companies offer services such as customization of invitations and lending of invitation templates. In the case of customization, you will have to provide them with the necessary information regarding the event; like the venue, date and time, and everything you want to be written in it. And it is up to the company on how they will work on it.

If you are going to have a themed party, make sure that the invitation is in accordance with it. Like for example, if you are going to hold a royalty-themed baby shower, then give your invitation a royal touch with streaks of gold and silver, or make it look like an ancient scroll.

If you are creative enough and is willing to exert a serious amount of time, then you could settle with handmade invitations. Just make sure you have the enough materials to make it. Also check on the consistency of the invitation.

Baby Shower Invitation wording

Of course, you should clearly state on the invitation the location, date and time, and the guest of honor's name. Some other additional details such as special instructions regarding the party like the dress code may be included to. Like we said, an invitation should be appealing so you may include some cute little poems in it. Here are some samples:

Someone like a diamond will shine so bright;

Let's shower him/her blessing, let's give him/her delight.

Someone like a diamond will make us smile;

Your presence will be appreciated by miles.

Let's make this happen, let's make this matter;

As we will be throwing a baby shower.

Let us offer blessings to the person of the hour;

That will surely make us happy and face each day with power.

Happy Baby Shower

Please take note to send your invitations at least a month before the event, so that the people invited will be able to reserve the date of the baby shower. This will ensure you the maximum attendance.

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