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Baby Shower Games- 7 Fun Game Ideas to Play at a Baby Shower

Updated on April 16, 2012

Are you planning on hosting a baby shower and not sure what to do? This article shares 7 fun baby shower games you can play for everyone of all ages. Get silly, act like a kid again, and have a ton of fun with that new mom to be.

Playing Games is Fun

While baby showers are a fun time to celebrate the coming of a new one, they can also be a time when moms-to-be, godparents, grandparents, and others who are invited get to become silly and act like children again. There are many baby shower games to play regardless of your culture or the country you live in.

If you are looking for some entertaining activities to play at your baby shower, these games are a great way for your guests to mingle and get to know each other and the new mom to be. This article will share with you 7 fun games that anyone can play regardless of age or background.

Sing It, Baby

How do you play the game? Everyone needs to come together in a circle choosing to sit or stand. Going around the circle, each participant takes their turn singing a song with the word "baby" included within it. No song can be repeated, so you must pay attention to what is being sung. You only have a limited amount of time to think of a song before being booted out of the game. The game is continued until there is only one person remaining. Prizes can be anything you choose to make them. They could be something simple like a candy bar, or they could be something more extravagant like a $10 gift card.

Measuring Up Mommy

For this game you will need a few rolls of toilet paper. Each participant than unrolls the toilet paper to a certain length that they think will cover around the mom to be's belly/body. Once everyone has cut their piece off, each one takes a turn going up and wrapping the piece around mommy. The one who has the piece of toilet paper that matches closest to Mommy's measurements wins the prize.

Here's Looking at You, Kid!

This game requires that the baby shower host must contact all those coming to the party beforehand. You will need to dig through some old photos of yourself from when you were a baby. Look for the cutest baby photo you can find. With all of the baby photos lying side by side on a table, have everyone guess who each picture is from the people attending the shower. Everyone can write down their answers on a sheet of paper. The person who has the most correct answers will win the prize.

Don't Say "Baby"

Everyone is given a diaper pin at the beginning of the baby shower. Throughout the whole event, you are not allowed to say the word "baby" in any of your sentences. If you slip up and someone hears you say the word, they can take your baby pin away from you. The person with the most baby pins collected by the end of the baby party will win a prize.

Baby Truth or Dare

This will be fun for those who really think they know their baby trivia. The host will need to write down some baby facts. Some will be true, others will be written incorrectly on purpose. During the baby shower games, people will be asked randomly if a certain fact is either true or false. If they choose to go with the dare option, they will have to perform a certain baby task such as changing a diaper in 2 minutes for a prize. Depending on how the host wants to set the rules, she can either choose some tasks herself or allow other game players to shout out a dare. If the participant completes the dare in the time allowed, they will win a prize, and if the participant has answered the truth question correctly, they will win a prize

The Seventh Gift

This is not really a game but more of a fun activity to play. The host will gather all the gifts up and put them randomly on the table, as she passes each gift over to the expectant mother she will announce the giver of the gift. When the seventh gift comes around, that person will be said to be the next person who will become pregnant. If it is not possible, then it falls onto the next person who's gift is grabbed from the table. Once the number 7 has been reached, the count starts again with the gifts and the next person who's gift is picked as the 7th one will be the next one in line to get pregnant. This is of course all based on fiction and fable and more for fun than anything else, as it can become amusing if "grandpa" becomes the next "mom to be".

Dig Out the Pins

For this game, the host will need to get an empty fish bowl and fill it with rice. Just before the game, a pile of diaper pins is dumped into the rice and mixed up. The participant is given 2 minutes to plunge in and grab as many pins as they can in the rice with one hand tied behind their back. The person who can dig up the most pins in the time allowed will win a prize.

Baby shower games are a great way to strengthen friendships, tests your skill levels, and create lasting memories doing something fun with those you love. Taking photos or a video you can share with your little one after they have grown will allow your baby to feel as if he too was part of all the excitement.


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