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How to Make Baby Shower Gift Baskets for all your Party Guests

Updated on November 11, 2010

Baby shower gift baskets are a great gift for the parents of the baby, and this basket is usually filled with items that the baby can use once he or she is born. If you are having a baby shower for your baby and you’ve invited guests who are all moms already, a great way to thank them for coming to your baby shower is to give your party guests a baby shower gift basket.

You can fill the baby shower gift basket you are going to give your party guests with items that their kids will need, but for an added touch, why not include an item or two for the mom instead? Both the mom and their baby will certainly appreciate your gifts plus, they can also reuse the basket in their homes.

Items Needed:

* A basket

* Decorative items for the basket as well as the wrapper

* Gifts for both the mom and the baby

1. Choose a basket with a good shape and size. There are plenty of the traditional looking baskets with the handle and the round base, but you can also choose baskets that look like baby carriers to match the occasion. Pick a size that is not too small as you would want the person you are giving the basket to reuse it, but not too big as it will be harder to wrap up.

2. You can use flowers, ribbons, decorative butterflies, and fillers such as floral moss to decorate your baby shower gift basket. First, tie a ribbon using tulle or any material of your choice and tie it around the basket to make it look like a present. Then, layer the inside of the basket with the floral moss until the insides of the basket are totally covered.

3. Begin arranging the items you are going to place inside the basket for you to have an idea of which item goes best in what place. Make sure that the items do not look like they are too crowded, and make sure that the items are clearly visible and that the ones in front are not covering the items on the back. Once you have an arrangement you like, begin gluing the items to the basket using double sided adhesive tape, a glue stick, or even taping a stick to the back of the product and then sticking it to the basket to hold it.

4. Once you have all of your products in, finish the basket off by inserting decorative flowers, ribbons, or perhaps even squeezing in a small toy for the baby to fill in gaps in the basket.

5. Lastly, use cellophane to wrap the entire basket, or you can use premade cellophane bags which are available in almost any craft store. Just remember to buy the bag with the appropriate size for your basket. You can also tie another ribbon outside the cellophane wrapper for that final touch.


* During baby showers, the most common gifts are clothes. The baby will quickly outgrow these clothes and the expectant parents will definitely be receiving a lot of these. You should fill the basket instead with useful things like baby lotion, shampoo, diaper cream, and other useful stuff.


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