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Vtech - Baby's Learning Laptop

Updated on May 13, 2012

My children love their laptops. I had originally purchased one for my four year old and then my two year old was always taking it so I decided I would get one for him as well. The older laptop is designed to teach more advanced things as there is games and alphabet songs and puzzles. Even my four year old finds some of the games a little two hard to do so is often bored with it.

The Vtech Baby's Learning Laptop is perfect for both babies and toddlers. My four year old is even trying to take it over from his brother and show him some things. He loves the little mouse that is attached and delights in the sounds and words that come from within the program.

There are three modes of play to help teach little ones what common objects are that they encounter every day such as a bath tub,ball, toy and more. It teaches shapes and has music that creates feelings of fun and accomplishment while they learn and dance. The screen lights up when you touch all the different colored buttons on the keyboard and the mouse moves around on the side of the laptop. If you find it is too loud, you can lower the volume and still find it loud enough for your little one to play along with.

It does come with 2 AA batteries and is quiet user friendly as I have had this for almost a year and have not had to replace them as of yet.

There are no pieces that will come off so this is a safe toy and made specifically for the little one under three years of age to learn and grow.

This is a model that is similar to the one that my four year old has. This is a newer model and comes with a mouse which is one thing that my son hated not having on his computer and loved about his brothers.

The mouse is detachable and can be used for both right hand or left hand users. There are 30 different activities that can be explored with animations used throughout for added fun. This requires 3 AA batteries as it is a more powerful toy than the babies version. The programs included help teach math, language, games and music.

Although it more resembles my real laptop than the baby version, it is still made out of durable materials and meant to take the abuse of toddlers. My sons have thrown it off the couch on more than one occasion and it has merely bounced off the hardwood floor without damage(although it was closed at the time)

I would highly recommend both these products if you have little ones who love to learn new things and want to be just like Mommy or Daddy. They are both an affordable price and last for as many years as your child will be interested in them and then for many more if you want to pass them along to cousins, neighbors or a charity.


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