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Best Ball Pools for Babies

Updated on April 17, 2014

The Top Baby Ball Pools

I have just bought my baby a ball pool for Christmas. He was 6 months at Christmas so old enough to sit in a ball pit and play with all the balls. Before making my purchase, I did some research about what makes a good ball pool for a baby and this article details my research to help you decide which ball pit / pool is best for you.

Here are some considerations to make before you buy your baby ball pool:

Size - Will you want to use your ball pool indoors or outdoors. How much space do you need to put up your ball pool. Generally, a small ball pit is the best size for babies. They don't need it too big as they will be swamped anyway. Remember the bigger your ball pool the more

balls you will need to fill it.

Storage - Many indoor ball pits are foldable so you can store them away easily. You can also get inflatable ball pools which are good for outside and can just be deflated. You will also need to consider where to store the balls. We have bought 400 small sized balls for our baby ball pool but there is an issue as to where we will store them when not in use.

Dual use - To get the most out of the ball pit for your child, you could consider getting a ball pit which can also be used as something else too. For example there are many play tents which you can use with balls and these can obviously be used as a tent to play in as well. Or, if you are buying an inflatable ball pool you can also fill it with water instead of balls in the Summer.

Other features - There are lots of other features you can take into consideration. Our ball pit has holes in so you can push ball in through the outside to the inside or vice versa which will make a nice game for babies. Some ball pits which are tents come with tunnels that babies will love to crawl through too.

Read on for specific suggestions of baby ball pools below.

Inflatable Ball Pools

Inflatable ball pools are great because they can be filled with balls in the Winter and used inside but in the Summer you can fill them with water and use outside. Check out my top choice of inflatable ball pool for babies below.

Intex Play n' Learn Baby Pool
Intex Play n' Learn Baby Pool

This pool can be filled with balls and water.

A major plus point is that it has an inflatable bottom so it can be moved to a hard surface such as decking on the patio and is still comfortable for baby to sit in.

For added entertainment it has inflatable toys on the sides and 4 detachable rings to play with.

A great price and a great choice.


Ball Pits with Tunnels and Tents

The advantage of getting a tent which you can use is a ball pit is that it's very versatile for all kinds of play. As kids get older they can use the tent for more imaginative play. It can be put outside in the Summer and you have some shade and a space for the baby to play when it gets too hot. Most tents are quick and easy to put up and down too.

Some tents have tunnels. Babies will love crawling through tunnels (under supervision of course).

The other good thing about play tents is that you don't have to worry about the ball pit deflating like you would with an inflatable.

eWonderWorld Polka Dot Rectangular Twist Play Tent w/ Crawl Tunnel, Safety Meshing for Child Visibility & Tote: 2 Piece
eWonderWorld Polka Dot Rectangular Twist Play Tent w/ Crawl Tunnel, Safety Meshing for Child Visibility & Tote: 2 Piece

This is a great tent with a mesh tunnel so you can keep an eye on babies crawling through. There's the tunnel opening and a side opening.

Babies and kids will love rolling the balls through the tunnel.

The tent takes seconds to pop up. There is a carry cast to put it away in when you've finished.

You could set this up outside or inside.

You could use it with or without ball. It doesn't come with any balls - they can be purchased separately.


Make Your Own Ball Pit

Ideas of Household Items to Use as a Ball Pool.

Before purchasing your ball pit, it might be worth thinking whether you have an item in your home which you could use as a ball pit. Then you just need to fill it up with balls. Some ideas include:

A travel cot / pack n play - You could use these as a ball pit. Although crawling babies may prefer a ball pit which they can move freely in and out of.

Bath - Some people entertain babies by filling their bath with balls. You can put ball pit balls in their with water as well. Kids love to see how they float.

A big cardboard box - A big cardboard box could surfice as a small ball pit as well.

Babies in A Ball Pit

A video showing how much babies enjoy ball pits!

Indoor Ball Pits for Babies

Good indoor pits for babies are especially great for the Winter months or rainy Summer days as babies will sit in them for ages and play with the balls, tossing them, rolling them, knawing on them, looking at the colors etc. In my experience with my older child, ball pits are great for keeping babies on the move sitting still and occupied. Good for parties too.

K's Kids I Am the Boss
K's Kids I Am the Boss

Now, this ball pit is the most expensive featured but I love it for one main reason. When you have finished playing with it, you can zip it up with the balls stored inside and just store it away.

This is a fantastic feature. With most other ball pits, you have to put all the balls away before you fold up the ball pit. And it's not he quickest task in the world to put away lots of balls.

It comes with 60 balls in 2 sizes. It has a padded tummy with bright, light plastic balls to toss, nestle in, roll, retrieve, push through holes, and more. The crinkly textures and squeaky spots add to the fun, even when he's all zipped up and he's machine washable, too.

 Infant and Toddler Giant Learning Dinosaur with Belly Full of 60 Play Balls - I Am Lady Boss
Infant and Toddler Giant Learning Dinosaur with Belly Full of 60 Play Balls - I Am Lady Boss

This is the same ball pit as the dino above but in pink.

It's currently been reduced so excellent value for money.

I would actually consider getting this for boys or girls as babies will not be bothered by the color.

EWONDERWORLD Six Sided Hexagon Twist Play Tent with Ball Stopper & Safety Meshing
EWONDERWORLD Six Sided Hexagon Twist Play Tent with Ball Stopper & Safety Meshing

This tent has 3 openings - one at the top and a front and back side opening.

There's a flapper at the entrance to stop balls from flowing out. This is a really good feature as otherwise you will spend ages picking up balls which have gone all over the floor.

You could play peek a boo with the flaps on the side openings. And you can attach tunnels so the side openings too but you have to purchase a tunnel separately.

You also need to purchase the balls differently.


Dinosaur Ball Pit

This is a video of a baby in the Dinosaur ball pit. A great option for smaller babies. it doesn't take up much room either. Personally I think it's great especially for babies of around 6 months like my son.

What to Look For When Buying Ball Pit Balls.

It's important to check whether or not your chosen ball pit or play tent comes with balls. If not don't forget to purchase them.

What to Look For When Buying Balls?

Size - Obviously you will need fewer balls the bigger they are to fill your pit. Most balls for home ball pits tend to be around 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) but you can get bigger balls than this. You can buy commercial ball pit balls which tend to bigger but they tend to be more expensive as they are designed to withstand the use of lots of children.

Quality - I've bought balls for my eldest son that are quite easy to squash just by pressing them hard with your hand and once dented they didn't go back to shape. It's hard to tell without feeling them yourself so look for reviews and evidence of how the quality of the balls hold up. Some balls are described as being "crush proof"

Storage - If you can, get balls that come in a sturdy storage bag. I've bought ball pit balls which go in a case but the case has split so you want to avoid this if possible.

Phthalate free - Phthalate is a chemical that's found is some plastics and been identifited of being a heath concern. So make sure the balls you buy are phthalate free.

My Balls by CMS Pack of 200 pcs 3.1'' Jumbo Size Crush Proof Plastic Balls in 5 Bright Colors - Phthalate Free BPA Free, Perfect amount for a small inflatable pool
My Balls by CMS Pack of 200 pcs 3.1'' Jumbo Size Crush Proof Plastic Balls in 5 Bright Colors - Phthalate Free BPA Free, Perfect amount for a small inflatable pool

These 200 balls are slightly bigger than other brands at 3.1 inches.

They are advertised as "crush proof".

Each pack of 200 Balls will fill approximate 3.5 cubic feet of volume.

They come in 5 bright colors and are currently very good value.

The balls are phthalate free


Feedback and Comments on the Best Baby Ball Pools

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for this introduction, I had never heard of ball-pools before. Itâs really cool. Jace would have love this when he was younger.

    • KReneeC profile image


      6 years ago

      How cute! I did not know these existed for babies! I will be investing in one soon! Thanks for the great lens!


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