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Bananagrams Game Review- A Fun Word Game!

Updated on November 7, 2011

Bananas about the Bananagrams Game!

The Bananagrams game is one of the most fun word games I have ever played. I bought this game to play with my family on Christmas and everyone enjoyed the game.

We played with 4 adults, but you can also play Bananagrams with kids at the appropriate age and with just 2 people or more.

Read on for more about Bananagrams and why I like it.

Where to buy the Banagrams Game

Amazon has the Bananagrams game at a great price or you may be able to find it in a local toy store like I did.


Bananagrams is a FUN word game!


Playing Bananagrams

The Bananagrams Race to the Finish

Playing Bananagrams is pretty simple. Each person gets a certain amount of letters that can vary depending on how many people are playing and the remaining letters go face down in the "bunch". With your letters, you make words that connect to one other like you would do in Scrabble. However, you are all playing on your own at the same time racing against each other. So, nobody else can play on your words and you can't play on anybody else's words.

The Game Gets a Little Crazy with "Peeling"

In the Bananagrams instructions you will see different words you call out like "Peel" when you have used all your letters and that will signal to everyone else that they need to pick up a letter. Sometimes it can get a little crazy when someone keeps using all their letters and yells "Peel" a lot! You can also exchange a letter and say "Dump" for one that isn't working for you but you will have to grab 3 letters from the "bunch" so I try to do that sparingly.

Winning Bananagrams and Getting Kicked Out of The Game!

The winner is the one who uses all their letters first! But there's a catch--people can challenge your words and look them up in a dictionary. If the challenged word is not in the dictionary, then you will automatically lose and your tiles will go back in the bunch while everyone else keeps going and you sit out. That has happened to me and I learned my lesson and didn't play any words I wasn't SURE were in the dictionary.

Bananagrams Video

Need a Dictionary for Bananagrams?

Any dictionary will work for the Bananagrams game. If you don't have a dictionary you can use an online dictionary or buy one. Here's a cheap dictionary that could work-

What I Think About Bananagrams

Bananagrams was an impulse buy for me--I just thought the banana container with a zipper was cute so I wanted to try the game. I know, don't always judge a book by it's cover but in this case Bananagrams lives up to its fun packaging.

Bananagrams is a lot of fun with 4 people. The games go by pretty fast UNLESS someone is challenged and has to put their letters back in the bunch.... and then another person is challenged and their letters have to go back in the bunch, which leaves two people battling it out at the end.

Since the games go by pretty quickly we usually play 5 or more Bananagrams games in a row depending on how much time we have and declare the winner to be the one who wins the most games.

Bananagrams is also great because you can't get stuck. When you can't find a place to go, you can rearrange your letters.

When my family gets together, they have asked if I brought Bananagrams with me, so I know they must like it as much as I do! Luckily, Bananagrams is very portable and not in a huge box like some games are so it's so easy to take with you anywhere!

What do you think about Bananagrams?

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Variations of the Bananagrams Game

Bananagrams Can Be Played in More Than One Way

The Bananagrams instructions encourage trying different variations of the game and give you some suggestions. The one suggestion we took was "Best of" where we play 5 games and the winner is the one who wins the most. The other suggestions look good too and the one I think we may want to try next is the one where no 2 letter words are allowed. I believe this will make the game more challenging because 2 letter words can be too easy to make sometimes!

I also want to try the solo Bananagrams suggestion sometime for practice.

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Want More Games Like Bananagrams?

Besides Bananagrams, Upwords and In a Pickle are two of my favorite word games. Upwords is like Scrabble but quite different because you can stack letters on top of each other and the scoring is much simpler. In a Pickle uses word cards instead of letter tiles--it's not exactly the same thing but it's so much fun that it gets included here. I will update this list when I find other good word games. I know, there's Scrabble too but chances are you've already played it!

What do you think of Bananagrams?

Comments about the Bananagrams Game?

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    • profile image

      histrionika4 6 years ago

      Played at a impromptu Christmas party with cousins ranging from 9 to 60+ last year. Loved that it was so fast and easy and no real advantage to age or word-skill out of the gate. Race to finish format made it easy for the younger kids to stay interested. Another game that allows young and old, novice and word-guru to play together is Quiddler--sort of like a letter-card, word building, gin-type format [draw 1 card, discard 1 card until you use all of your cards to build the word or words you think will outscore your opponents]. Moves slower and can be a "mellow" option for calming down a rowdy group or if you're just not in the mood for a lot of intensityl Give them both a try.

    • profile image

      lumpy22 7 years ago

      First I have seen of it looks fun can't wait to play.

    • profile image

      riniantony 8 years ago

      Saw it first on facebook, loved it!

    • evelynsaenz1 profile image

      Evelyn Saenz 8 years ago from Royalton

      I just got my banana in the mail. It's so much fun that... no time to finish, I off to play Bananagrams again...

      This lens is now featured on Going Bananas: A Unit Study .

    • Kiwisoutback profile image

      Kiwisoutback 8 years ago from Massachusetts

      I gave one of these to my nieces for Christmas -- they loved it! I'm lensrolling this to my top 2008 toys lens, where I featured this toy.

    • religions7 profile image

      religions7 8 years ago

      Sounds like fun :)