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Banzai Water Slides

Updated on September 11, 2014

Banzai Inflatable Water Slides - Fun for All

Banzai Water Slides are something that is easy to set up but more importantly, they are so much fun to play on! If you get one to put in your backyard, you will be the hit of the neighborhood. All the kids will want to come and play on your water slide! Not only do kids love playing on the slide, but so do adults.

It only takes 15-20 minutes to assemble your water slide. All you have to do is inflate the slide with the provided air pump and fill up the pool with water from your hose. It's that easy! The water in the pool will be used to create a waterfall above and down the slide. It will be hard to move once it is assembled and filled with water, so take care when you place it the first time.

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Inflatable Water Slides - For best water fun

Have some fun with the kids this summer.

Which Banzai Slide is Right for You?

There are a variety of Banzai Water Slides models and they make other kinds with different accessories. The original has a climbing wall to get to the top, one inflatable slide and a small water pool at the bottom. Or you can purchase the one with water cannons or the long slip and slide. The cannon slide has a double drop slide, which means there is a flat point in the middle of the slide before it drops again. Then it has two cannons, one at the top of the slide and one at the bottom. So the kids can shoot water at each other or the person on the slide. The slip and slide is used with a sprinkler system and can be purchased with different features. One of these features is a dual or triple slide with a flag. This is a fun way of "racing" each other down the slip and slide to see who gets to the flag first.

Another model has a long curving inflatable slide with a big splash pool at the bottom. This model also has a tunnel for them to slide on. They can use either of these methods to get into the splash pool. This model also has a climbing wall to get up to the top. There’s yet another model with a double drop and a “black-out” zone at the top. These are only a few of the variety of water slides. Any of these choices would keep your kids outside all summer. Or you can purchase more than one and have your own backyard water park!

One wonderful thing about the water slides is that they keep kids outside and not indoors playing video games. They allow kids to get fresh air and exercise. And they find it fun! What a great combination! It will also gather the family and friends together for good times and memories.

What is Your Favorite Water Slide?

Which one of these do you think will provide most fun?

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Banzai Sidewinder Blast Water Slide Fun

Banzai Wild Waves Water Park

Your child will have plenty of room to splash around in the Banzai Wild Waves Water Park. The width of the pool measures to be 54 inches and the length of the pool measures to be 74 inches. It is the perfect depth for tons of fun, measuring to be 13.5 inches deep. Another advantage that makes the assembly of the pool extremely easy for practically anyone is it only weighs approximately 9.6 pounds.

Banzai Wild Waves Water Park

Banzai Wild Waves Water Park (Discontinued by manufacturer)
Banzai Wild Waves Water Park (Discontinued by manufacturer)

When school has let out for the summer and the sun is shining down its hot rays at full force, there is nothing that can provide kids with more excitement and fun than the Banzai Wild Waves Water Park. This is a pool that packs so many thrills that your children will feel as if they have an entire water theme park right on their own property.

As the long hot summer days seem to endlessly just go on and on, there are many outdoor water toys and activities that can get boring for kids in a hurry. This type of problem is certainly not a worry when your children can have constant fun with a splashing good time staying in the cool water of the Banzai Wild Waves Water Park.

What is even better is there is not just one activity that can help to keep your children cooled off and busy in this pool of fun. This is a pool packed full of excitement that features a few different activities that will help to keep your children entertained throughout the entire summer.

Kids of many different age groups will have a blast as they climb up the inflatable ladder and slide down the splash slide that leads into the cool water waiting below in the pool. An element that makes it even more fun is there is a continuous fountain of water that is sprayed on them as they go down the slide.

When they have had enough sliding they can enjoy a game of basketball with their buddies. Everyone will have a blast throwing the 6 inch inflatable basketball towards the backboard and scoring some points in a game of basketball.

Ring toss is another exciting game that can be played at the same time as the 7 inch inflatable rings are tossed onto the inflated rungs next to the basketball hoop. When kids just want to have fun in the water, they'll have a great time slipping through the tunnel that has a showering waterfall and walls that are wet'n wild.

With the Banzai Wild Waves Water Park you don't have to worry about paying the high cost of taking your kids to a local water theme park. This is because this inflatable water park lets kids have the same amount of fun and excitement in the convenience of your own front lawn or even in your backyard. This is a pool that will provide tons of entertainment for children that range from age 24 months all the way to 15 years old, and all ages in between.


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