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Diablo 3 Barbarian Guide and Inferno Builds

Updated on October 18, 2014

Diablo 3 Barbarian Guide and Inferno Builds

This page is a Diablo 3 Barbarian guide and also includes various Diablo 3 Barbarian builds (including Barbarian Inferno Builds). If you are looking to start a Barbarian or stuck on a particular difficulty then this Diablo 3 Barbarian guide will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Learn more about the Barbarian, the Barbarian's resource (Arcane Power), the must have skills and which gear to purchase in this comprehensive Diablo 3 Barbarian guide.

The Barbarian is the melee based tank character available in Diablo 3, relying on power melee attacks and various shouts to increase their durability in battle.

Don't forget to stop by our poll and tell us what difficulty your Barbarian is currently up to in Diablo 3.

Images on this page are sourced from the official Diablo 3 website and used for review, commentary and educational purposes.

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Diablo 3 Barbarian

Guide & Builds

Diablo 3 Barbarian Guide & Build Overview


The Barbarian is a savage melee fighter and shares many similarities with the Barbarian from Diablo 2. The Barbarian relies on brute force and has the ability to dual wield weapons, use a weapon and a shield or use a massive mighty weapon to dispatch his or her foes. The Barbarian abilities focus on absorbing damage and brute force attacks to stun or kill the many demons that are encountered. Unique equipment includes mighty belts along with one-handed and two-handed mighty weapons.

The Barbarian's key features include unrivalled melee mastery, savage and brutal attacks to kill enemies, shouts to buff yourself (or allies) and the ability to absorb hits allowing you to survive even the most ferocious enemies.

Barbarian Overview - Official Diablo 3 Website

The Pros - The Strengths Of The Barbarian In Diablo 3

  • A durable fighter.
  • Powerful and explosive attacks to dispatch enemies.
  • A great team asset due to your ability to tank enemies and buff allies.

The Cons - The Weaknesses Of The Barbarian In Diablo 3

  • Lack of ranged attacks.
  • Reliant on powerful survivability focused gear during later difficulties.
  • Reliant on several skills, making build diversity difficult.

Diablo 3 Barbarian


The Barbarian Resource: Fury

Barbarian's use Fury to power their abilities in Diablo 3. This resource is generated and spent through attacks and can also be generated by being hit by enemies. The Fury resource will slowly diminish when a Barbarian is outside of battle. This means that Barbarian's must carefully balance their Fury between battles and cannot simply jump into a tough battle without building up significant Fury resource first.

The Barbarian has several skills that effect how Fury works. Unforgiving (passive) can be used to prevent Fury degeneration and instead allow you to regenerate Fury. Barbarians can also increase Fury generation, increase maximum Fury and even increase damage while at maximum Fury.

The Best Barbarian Stats - Important Stats To Have On Barbarian Gear

  • Strength: Strength is your primary stat so it is no surprise that it is an important stat to consider when building your Barbarian. Not only does it increase your damage it also increases your armor.
  • Vitality: Barbarians need to be durable fighters and part of that involves building large amounts of vitality to improve your overall health pool.
  • % Life: Similar to Vitality this stat can be very effective at increasing your survivability and as you already have a large health pool the percentages can start to really add up. Socketing a helm with an Amethyst is one such way to gain a massive boost to your health.
  • Resistances: Resistances form another important aspect of a Barbarians ability to survive. Finding items with resist all is the most effective way to achieve this. Late Inferno requires resistances as high as four figures to survive (with the help of skills).
  • Armor: Combined with resistances and vitality this is the final piece of your survivability. High armor has many skill benefits for the Barbarian and thus you should strive to get high armor on your equipment.
  • Life-Steal & Life on Hit: Barbarians need an effective way to regenerate any damage they take in battle, this comes from life steal and life on hit. Life steal has large penalties applied to it in later difficulties (Hell and Inferno) making life on hit more effective, it is also easier to obtain on a weapon by using an Amethyst in a socket.
  • Attack Speed: While it isn't a main focus of a Barbarian's build having some attack speed will help your life steal and life on hit immensely and also boost your damage.


The Best Barbarian Skills - The Must Have Barbarian Skills

  • Bash: the very first skill that you unlock that will serve you well when runed with % chance to stun.
  • Frenzy: Frenzy is the often considered the standard primary Barbrian attack, it works great with lifesteal and life on hit due to its stacking attack speed and high life on hit modifier.
  • Leap: This skill works great offensively and defensively, it can either be used to escape the enemy and re-position yourself or used to boost your defences and catch your enemy off guard.
  • Ignore Pain: A powerful Barbarian skill that allows you to reduce incoming damage significantly for a decent period of time. This increases your overall survivability immensely.
  • Furious Charge: This skill allows you to re-position yourself during a fight. It can also be runed to restore large amounts of health increasing yor survivability.
  • Revenge: Barbarians are prone to taking hits and this skill rewards you for taking them. This skill adds great survivability to you and spamming this will often save your life.
  • Wrath Of The Berserker: A must have skill that provides you with a tonne of survivability while also boosting your damage. The skill can also break crowd control effects such as frozen and jailer.
  • War Cry: War Cry is a versatile party skill that can be used to increase armor, vitality and health regeneration or all resistances based on the rune you choose. This skill allows you to cover a specific deficiency in your items if need be making it very powerful.
  • Earthquake: Earthquake can dramatically increase your damage output provided you can survive enemy attacks long enough to keep them on top of the Earthquake.

The Best Barbarian Passives - The Must Have Barbarian Passives

  • Ruthless: Barbarian's are Ruthless and by using this passive you can create great synergy with other Barbarian skills that rely on passives.
  • Nerves Of Steel: This passive provides a massive armor boost especially as Vitality is a main focus in Barbarian builds, using this passive will greatly improve your chances of survival.
  • Bloodthirst: In the earlier difficulties (Normal/Nightmare) Bloodthirst can serve as a great way to recover any damage you take. However, due to the large penalties imposed in later difficulties this passive loses its effectiveness.
  • Superstition: This is a great way to reduce elemental and ranged damage that you receive (a must in later difficulties) and also gives you a nice potential bonus to Fury generation. If you are looking for a must use Barbarian passive, this is it.
  • Tough As Nails: Combined with Nerves of Steel this can significantly increase your armor and overall survivability. It also greatly improves your thorns damage, but this is not a major focus of selecting this passive ability.
  • Brawler: It is a rare occurrence when there are not more than three enemies surrounding the Barbarian. Thus, this passive offers a great damage increase.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Tips

Diablo 3 Barbarian Inferno Builds

Diablo 3 Barbarian Builds

Don't forget that these Diablo 3 Barbarian builds are simply guidelines. There is no need to follow these exactly, they are designed to simply provide you with some build ideas. Ultimately your build will depend on your preferred playstyle and available gear.

These guides are made using the Diablo 3 Skill Calculator and may require the use of elective mode.


Barbarian Inferno Build - Standard Inferno

Required Level 60

This Diablo 3 Barbarian Inferno build is the standard build option for solo Barbarians attempting to clear the earlier acts (1 and 2).

This Barbarian Inferno build focuses on survivability but also packs significant damage output when required. Your main offensive abilities are covered by Frenzy (runed with Sidearm) but the Triumph and Maniac rune are also very effective. Furious Charge allows you to re-position yourself in battle, heal yourself (thanks to the Dreadnought rune) and deal strong damage to multiple enemies.

Wrath of the Berserker is a must have for the powerful damage boost and anti crowd control utility it provides. Combined with Earthquake this forms your maximum killing power.

Revenge and War Cry are must have additions to your Barbarian Inferno Build. Revenge forms the basis of your survivability (along with a strong amount of Life on Hit). While War Cry can be used to increase your armor or resistances (depending on which one you need more).

Passives are covered by Brawler for extra damage along with Nerves of Steel and Superstition for survivability. You can also use Tough Of Nails for more defence.

See This Diablo 3 Barbarian Inferno Build On The Diablo 3 Skill Calculator


Barbarian Inferno Build - Late Inferno (More Survivability)

Required Level 60

This Diablo 3 Barbarian Inferno build is great for the later acts of Inferno or for the earlier acts if you lack the defensive gear needed to survive.

The build is very similar to the Barbarian Inferno build above except drops Brawler for Tough as Nails and also does not use Earthquake. There are several skills that you can use to replace Earthquake (Threatening Shout is shown) which I will detail.

Threatening Shout is one such option and is used for its ability to reduce incoming damage from enemies for an entire 15 seconds (same time as the skill's cooldown) making it extremely effective. By using the Intimidate rune it allows you to run away (strategically) with ease. However, Demoralise can also be effective in a team game to draw enemies away from allies.

Ignore Pain is another option and reduces incoming damage greatly while offering some interesting and useful rune effects. The issue of Ignore Pain is the long cooldown compared with Threatening Shout.

Your final option is Leap runed with Iron Impact to greatly increase the amount of armor you have. This lasts for 4 seconds (with a 10 second cooldown) and also provides you with a second skill to re-position yourself, potentially saving you from Plague and Molten.

See This Diablo 3 Barbarian Inferno Build On The Diablo 3 Skill Calculator

What Is Your Diablo 3 Barbarian Build? - Did You Find This Diablo 3 Barbarian Page Helpful?

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