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Barbie Castle - Where to Find the Best Barbie Princess, Fantasy and Swan Lake Castles

Updated on September 8, 2011

Barbie Castles

As a personal Barbie fan myself, I will never forget the excitement of getting a new Barbie doll, Barbie fashion outfit, Barbie accessory or most of all, a new Barbie house or play set. I knew I had months of fun and pretend play ahead of me and this was long before Mattel had ever come out with a Barbie Castle!

These Barbie Castles are beautiful and are perfect for Barbie Princess fans. They come with tons of great accessories, furniture and extras such as hidden places, magical keys, magical music and sounds and so much more!

Most retails stores no longer have these castles available because many of them came out awhile ago and have since been discontinued, but luckily thanks to online merchants you can still get your hands on the perfect one for your Barbie fan.

See below for a description of each Barbie Castle, what is included in the playset, the cost and where you can purchase them.

Barbie Fantasy Tales Enchanted Castle

This is a great Barbie castle that contains a moving music-playing ballroom floor.

It has awesome royal items to be enjoyed such as: a canopied bed that doubles as a luxurious bath,  a well-accessorized vanity,  a fireplace with grate, a fold-down mirror that becomes an extravagant dining table, and many hidden storage compartments that can only be opened by using Barbie's magical bluebird key.

Click on the blue link to the right for larger pictures and to find out what else is included in this great Barbie playset.

Barbie and the Three Musketeers Castle

This is one of the newer Barbie castles. It is from the Barbie movie Barbie and the Three Musketeers.

The Secrets & Surprises Castle is modeled after the one shown in the movie and gives Barbie musketeers a unique place to play out their secret identities and adventures.

This great castle includes a table, chairs, bed, plates, and vanity. There are also fun secret surprises like a hidden door that leads outside and a transforming bedroom that turns into a ballroom.

There are other fun surprise features such as the staircase that turns into a slide for a quick getaway downstairs and an adorable Miette, the kitty, who could go along for the ride!

With its modular design, the top floor can be removed and the play set can be used to play with the castle side-by-side. It also folds up for easy storage and transporting.

Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses Castle

Modeled after the castle in the movie Barbie and 12 Dancing Princesses, this two sided castle has everything your little Barbie fan needs for hours and hours of play!

It features great turrets and alcoves and even secret passageways. It also features sleeping space for all 12 princesses! (There is one bed that expands to sleep 9 and the dining room table converts to a bed for the triplets.)

There are other great accessories included such as an eating area with table and chairs, an upstairs vanity, and a staircase leading to a "hidden" door, behind which is a magical dance pavilion with a spinning surface.

For larger pictures and to see what else is included in this great castle play set click on the blue link to the right.

Barbie Island Princess Magical Castle and Vanity Combo

This is a great two-for-one-set Barbie Castle that includes a vanity that your little princess can use as well.

This vanity/castle combo stands at 32" tall and is the perfect size for a young girl to sit down in front of using the included stool, and the various secret compartments, hidden treasures, and centered mirror that will provide hours of entertainment.

This Barbie Castle playset was inspired by the movie Barbie as The Island Princess.

This vanity features a white top with scalloped edges and bright blue and lavender towers along the back that hold surprises.

Compartments are hiding things like castle rooms, jewelry, and animal friends that were featured in the film. Pull out the center drawer and lower the mirror to discover Princess Rosella’s room and hear music from the movie. Even the top of the vanity stool opens, making it the perfect place to stash the included hairbrush when it’s not being used.

This great set allows girls to not just primp and role play, but to also use the vanity to reenact scenes from the movie, which includes new songs, with their favorite Barbie dolls.

Not to mention, there is the added benefit of looking great and adding to the decor of any young girls princess bedroom decor when not in use.

Barbie as the Princess and The Pauper Castle

This is the very hard-to-find castle from the Barbie movie "Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper".

This amazing set includes singing Erika, Princess Anneliese and King Dominick

This Barbie castle also includes many accessories such as 2 chairs, table, cake, goblets, wedding cake and even place settings! The elevator goes up and down, the bells chime and more!

This is the perfect castle for your little princes to play out the story of Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper!

Disney - Mattel Princess Enchanted Castle

While this castle is originally geared towards Disney Princess dolls, it can definitely be used for Barbie Princess dolls as well.

This palatial castle is fit for any fairytale princess. It comes with pink and gold architectural detailing, there are balconies, turrets, and an elevator that spins 360 degrees while playing music

There are three stories of magical adventure that include beautifully detailed and elegant furniture and accessories.


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