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Barbie Collector Zodiac Dolls

Updated on October 14, 2014

Zodiac Collector Dolls by Mattel

Zodiac collector dolls by Mattel include a Barbie featuring each of the zodiac signs.
Zodiac collector dolls by Mattel include a Barbie featuring each of the zodiac signs. | Source

Stunning Collectible Zodiac Barbie Dolls

I love Barbie. I always have, she is a really cool collectible doll. Many people all over the world love Barbie. One of the best things about Barbie is that she never grows old.

She was there for many of us for as far back as we can remember. She is just another one of our special friends. She is classy and casual and gets along in just about any situation you can dream up.

Barbie has been evolving since she first arrived on the fashion scene as well as the collectible doll scene.

You can find her doing all sorts of things whether she is working, doing errands or hanging out at the Barbie dream house. However, one of the things she loves most just as real girls do is getting all dressed up and enjoying herself and her friends.

I think that another one of Barbie's charms is surprising us in some of the most interesting of outfits for just about any occasion. Dressing up for birthday parties and holidays are some of her favorite, I think. For instance, have you seen the beautiful collection of Barbie Collector Zodiac Doll?

What an Adorable Doll

Barbie (Posters and other items available by clicking the source link)
Barbie (Posters and other items available by clicking the source link) | Source

The Aquarius Girl

The Aquarius girl is often loyal and fancy free. She enjoys her freedom and she is a friend to just about everyone she meets. She enjoys helping but at the same time, she might be a bit selfish as well.

She can be hardheaded and stubborn at times. However, generally she does try to be respectful and expects the same from you.

The Pisces Girl

The Pisces girl is often the adorable looking doe eyed creature with a sweet smile and a pleasing personality. She is patient and understanding. She generally takes pride in being a girl and may often stand out in a crowd, since she does.

However, you should take care not to upset her delicate feelings, since this girl is one that feels and senses things that others may not pay attention too. She is dependable and may take a lot of abuse.

However, she might be one of the first to take a stand when it comes to the abuse of others.

The Aries Girl

The Aries girl considers herself the leader of the pack. She always wants to be there first and be acknowledged and respected. She may have a quick and hot temper.

However, she entertains a romantic heart and is loyal to family and expects the same from them.

She can seem a bit selfish at times with an attitude of what is hers is hers and what is yours is hers too.

The Taurus Girl

The Taurus girl is generally calm and collected. However, she can be moved to show a terrible temper. She is kind, dependable and sincere.

She will most likely take care of her belongings and keep things tidy. She enjoys happy times and strives for a harmonious balance in her home and lifestyle. She is trusting, loyal and family oriented.

Take care not to cause her any feelings of jealousy or being slighted in some way and the two of you should get along fine with one another.

The Gemini Girl

The Gemini girl is often one of the brightness beauties around, she is intelligent and witty. Mind games might be one of her favorite pastimes or she may not be interested in them at all, unless for innocent fun and games.

She is talkative and likes to share her thoughts and opinions.

Sometimes she may seem restless or she may seem nervous and high strung. Keeping her mind busy will help keep her out of too much trouble.

The Cancer Girl

The Cancer girl Is an emotional soul that holds a deep seated reverence for family and home. She is often the good little mother, even as a child. However, if set off by negative vibrations in her environment can cause irritability and swift mood changes.

Her feelings are easily hurt, if you cause an upset with this character, the best thing to do is simply back off and give her some time and space. She might throw a tantrum, but given time and understanding she generally bounces back to her sweet adorable self.

Just take care not to let it happen again or she might not bounce back with a kind or understanding smile on her face.

Fun Fashion Doll

Just about everyone loves this doll. A Barbie doll is a fun fashion doll.
Just about everyone loves this doll. A Barbie doll is a fun fashion doll. | Source

Zodiac Barbie Poll

Which is Your Favorite Zodiac Barbie Doll?

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The Leo Girl

The Leo girl generally bears a powerful and imposing personality. She will be heard and seen by anyone and everyone, she is generally the popular sort, since she is so outgoing. However, most Leos are really kind of shy, quiet and has a wonderful ability of organizing and delegating responsibility.

She is the boss whether anyone else realizes it or not at least in her own mind.

She can be adorable and she loves being adored but, she can see right through fallacies, so if you aren't sincere, you will never impress her.

The Virgo Girl

The Virgo girl is creative and imaginative. She is a hard worker and a hard player. She feels that if she is going to do anything, she will do it properly.

She has a natural sense of organization and can usually be counted on when you need extra help. She likes things in their place and might suffer from stress and anxiety when surrounded by clutter and chaos. She is generally exceptional about understanding more than one point of view and then incorporating it all to come up with an idea that can keep everyone happier.

She is generally honest and straightforward. She is a team player and someone you want on your side.

The Libra Girl

The Libra girl is generally the little lady of the zodiac and most often is one of the prettiest girls around. She might display a lot of girly girl characteristics but, she might also be one of the first on the field when it comes time for sports. She is generally soft spoken, generous and caring.

However, pushing the wrong buttons can put you in the hot seat with this girl. If that happens she might display the cutting edge of her tongue with an honest but sarcastic remark or lecture. Then again, she may never ever speak to you again.

She might attract a lot of the boys, but she will also be one of the first to set them straight if they cannot mind their manners.

The Scorpio Girl

The Scorpio girl like any other Scorpio are actually very sensitive souls who feel they have to hide behind a poker face to keep others from knowing exactly how they feel. However, behind the nonchalant mask she might wear for protection is a deep and soulful sense of being. She has an active imagination, a true heart and a fierce love for family and home.

However, it is not wise to upset the sensitive senses of a Scorpio, since she may not ever forget it or forgive you for the slight. Actually, staying on the best side of a Scorpio is the best practice, since revenge may not be so sweet if you are on the receiving end.

Above all, be honest and sincere with the Scorpio, since it will do you no good to be otherwise. She's on to the trick before you can complete the sentence.

The Sagittarius Girl

The Sagittarius girl is a free spirited being who generally takes on anything with the impression that life is a great big game. It may not matter to her if she wins or loses as long as she gets to play too. However, she may be well known for having no sense of tact.

If she thinks it, she blurts it out there for the whole world to contemplate and she does so with no sense of shame. She isn't trying to embarrass anyone, she just simply says what she thinks, just the way she thinks it. She isn't worried about whether she is impressing you with her mind, she wants to get out there and play the game, any game and she wants to have fun.

Interestingly, she might also be one of those females who gets quieter when she is arguing with you and she might take on tactics of changing the subject if she does not want to answer any questions about anything.

The Capricorn Girl

The Capricorn girl is a thoughtful and practical soul. She is generally dependable and very patient. She is soft, feminine and sweet, but she is also a hard worker and can get the job done as if by sheer determination.

She is generally calm and confident in nature. However, she can display a hearty passion for that which she holds dear. She is respectful and gracious and expects others to be as well.

Take care to be kind and courteous with the Capricorn. since you might find her to be sarcastic and sharp if pushed too far or too often with negative vibrations, actions or words. This is definitely one sign that can calculate the issue quickly and call them as she sees them.

Beautiful Dolls

No matter how she is dressed, no matter what issue she may represent - Barbie is most definitely one of the most beautiful dolls.
No matter how she is dressed, no matter what issue she may represent - Barbie is most definitely one of the most beautiful dolls. | Source

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