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DIY and Better Barbie Dollhouses and Furniture

Updated on January 5, 2015

Build a BETTER Barbie Dream House

The BEST Barbie dream house may not be the plastic one that Mattel makes.

Don't get me wrong, I love Barbie brand stuff! I prefer the brand name dolls, furniture and clothing. I like the dream house. I don't love it.

Nowadays, there are tons of dollhouses on the market!

If you are like me, you may want to be a little more creative with your Barbie house. In that case, there are other options. You just need to know a couple things about your Barbie doll.

Barbie's Stats:

11.5" inches tall

1/6 scale also known as "playscale"

Enjoy my recommendations!

House Shaped Shelf - This shelf can hold books if Barbie moves out!

I LOVE The size of the "rooms" and I am SO ready to put my Jonathan Adler sofa in there! This is the perfect opportunity to design Barbie's rooms from the ground up. Use some dollhouse wallpaper to customize the rooms in this house.

When I was a little girl, I had a beautiful wood desk with 2 shelves above and a matching shelving unit with a small dresser underneath. I put the two furniture pieces together and created the largest Barbie dream home I could imagine. I put all of my beautiful plastic and fabric Barbie furniture in my dream home, from the kitchen, to the gym and rooftop patio. My dad even added a light to the shelving units, so the "bottom story" had lighting.

The COOLEST thing about my Barbie house is as I periodically grew tired of it, I could switch the display to books, Christmas, photos, whatever I was feeling at the moment and I wasn't stuck with a bulky plastic Mattel dream house in my room, ever.

I encourage any parent to have a little fun with shelving to create a bigger and better play space for Barbie dolls by choosing or making shelving or furniture that has the right height requirement for a standing Barbie. Then, make and/or buy beautiful furniture your child will cherish in each room.

Kidkraft Dollhouses are Barbie sized - The Kidkraft Majestic Mansion is a great alternative to the Plastic Barbie houses

Kidkraft Majestic Mansion on Amazon

Kidkraft also makes a Modern Mansion for Barbie - This would look SO cute with some fresh wallpaper and DIY mod furniture

Kidkraft Modern Mansion for Barbie on Amazon

The CHEAPEST shelf possible for Barbie - The bangiest for the buck

If you are REALLY in a pinch and need to make a dollhouse for Barbie but need to do it on a serious budget, this is the cheapest shelf you will ever find. It is $19.99 and it works perfectly for Barbie.

The catch? You can only buy it IN store at Target

See it here.

Time to Decorate - Barbie Bedroom DIY - This is a screenshot of a video tutorial on Barbie wallpaper

But they also show you how the bed is made! So simple and very inexpensive way to customize your Barbie house!

Here is the video...

Barbie House Wallpaper DIY and Platform bed DIY

Jonathan Adler Designer Barbie Furniture - If you can afford a POP in your Barbie house...

Most of the Barbie furniture, nowadays is plastic, and even cheaper looking than I remember it in the 80's. Every now and then, you can find beautiful, designer Barbie furniture that is MUCH better quality than the normal stuff.

I am nuts over this furniture designer by the potter, designer, author, and personality, Jonathan Adler. It is SO stylish! It is soft and pretty and comes with the accessories, too.

For a careful child, this may be pricey, but it will be cherished and can be handed down to the next generations as well.

Jonathan Adler pieces on Amazon

Haute Dollhouse by Michael Williams - Jonathan Adler inspired Barbie room decor

Check out all the photos of Jonathan Adler inspired Welcome to Haute Dollhouse Barbie Rooms done by designer Micheal Williams. He actually tells you where he got everything!

See more of his work at

The Jonathan Adler End Table - Pricey but perfect

Including a stylish side table, lamp, three funky patterned vases, a lacquered tray, and a Barbie silhouette mirror. This set comes with a bonus doll that you may or may not need, but I know you can find it without on eBay.

You may need two of these!

DIY Barbie Shoe and Purse Shelf - This is so easy and costs under $10

This shoe shelf is made out of one of those tackle box organizers!

You simply remove the lid, place in Barbie's closet and fill with shoes and accessories!

Check out the video, below...

DIY Barbie Shelf for Barbie Closet - This is such a cheap and EASY idea...

and it looks so good!!

Check out this Box on Amazon - This should make a good Barbie shelf

Just check the dimensions to be sure it will fit in your house.

Bel-Art Plastic 18 Compartment Storage Box; 11 x 6¹³/₁₆ x 1¹³/₁₆ in. (F16623-0000)
Bel-Art Plastic 18 Compartment Storage Box; 11 x 6¹³/₁₆ x 1¹³/₁₆ in. (F16623-0000)

I found this one. I think it is a little larger than the one in the video, but it might work for you! I love it because there is more room for shoes and knicknaks!


Barbie sinks, Vanity and Tub for your Barbie Bathroom

This is very cute and pretty. It is standard Barbie quality.

A Claw Foot Tub for Barbie - One of many tub designs for your DIY Barbie dream house

I think I like this tub best for Barbie's bathroom. I am going to try to find an actual porcelain one, elsewhere, soon.

Barbie Bathroom Furniture on Amazon

Barbie Bathtubs on eBay

eBay is a great place to find vintage Barbie bathtubs and other furniture.

Barbie Bed

This is probably the prettiest Barbie bed out there, right now.

I have a beautiful canopy bed from the 80's when I was a child.

Barbie Glam Bedroom Furniture and Doll Set

Easy to make Barbie Dress Shop - This video shows lots of ideas

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      I'm dying over that Jonathan Adler stuff - had no idea he was designing for my favorite doll! Love it. Great lens.

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