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Barbie Movies Gift Guide

Updated on October 18, 2014

Enjoyable Entertainment

My little girl loves her enjoyable entertainment in a selection of Barbie movies at home.
My little girl loves her enjoyable entertainment in a selection of Barbie movies at home. | Source

Welcome to my Barbie Movies Gift Guide

Barbie is a very popular collector doll. However, there is more to Barbie than just pretty looks and trendy clothing. Barbie is also a movie star.

Kids of all ages love to watch these doll theme movies. Whether they are girls or boys - they all enjoy the story plot, the music, singing and dancing. Watching them watching the movie is such a treat. I think I might enjoy these cartoon movies or animated movies just as much as the kids do. I like to sing and dance with them as well.

She's One of Our Favorite Gals

Barbie's crown with Roses print, posters and other items available by clicking the source link.
Barbie's crown with Roses print, posters and other items available by clicking the source link. | Source

Action Packed Entertainment

Barbie is a fun gal no matter whether she is a princess, a pauper, a fairy or even a mermaid. Her movies are generally action packed fun with lots of singing and dancing to keep the kids interested. Generally, children will learn every word to any song she might sing while starring in her own movies.

I know my own children do and then they sing them whether the movies is playing or they are playing alone outdoors. Barbie movies make you feel good, they make you feel happy and they make you feel like singing and dancing.

We Love Our Barbie Movies!

Some of the movies in her Barbie movie DVD collection.
Some of the movies in her Barbie movie DVD collection. | Source

How I

Find Great Deals on Movies

A while ago, I found a really great deal on Barbie movies. There were many different DVD movies in the lot. Here are just a few of the Barbie movie DVD's that we love to watch together...

(shaky hands, sorry for the blurry pic. My computer is being slow today but, I will try to get another that isn't as blurry later)

Interesting Entertainment Selection Collection

A Wonderful Selection of Entertainment

However, one of the best ways to have a lot of different movies is to buy or bid on them in lots, while visiting eBay. I also have to say that all of us here at home have thoroughly enjoyed all the different movies we have. Some days we make a day of it and watch one Barbie movie after the others.

Prince and Princess Training

They are entertaining and lighthearted fun. In fact, even when their little boy cousins come visit they like to watch the Barbie movies too. I like the idea that these movies are interesting to little boys as well as little girls.

I guess that is because girls learn to act like little princesses while watching and boys learn how to be dashing young princes who can save the day and the damsel. Either way, we all enjoy watching our Barbie movies.

Good Wholesome Kids Movies that Adults Enjoy too

Let's Play Barbie

I think it is pretty cool that there are Barbie movies today. There were none available while I was a child and growing up. If there had been I'm sure my sister and I would have loved to sit together and play with our Barbie dolls while watching her star in her own movies. Playing with dolls is so much fun.

You can create your own story lines for your dolls. For instance, we use to love to play with our dolls indoors or outdoors. You can play with these dolls all alone and have fun or you can get all your friends together to play dolls. Dressing up in store bought clothes or handmade Barbie doll clothes is such fun. We loved Barbie just as well back then as little girls do today.

Wholesome Entertainment for the Whole Family

They are available in a wide range of different theme movies. For instance, there are Barbie Christmas movies, birthday movies and more.

When you are playing with these types of fashion dolls it is easy to play pretend and become Barbie. Watching these movies makes pretending to be Barbie so much easier. They are creative and fun as well as a great way to spend the day with family and friends.

On Our Barbie Movie Wishlist

Amazon has some really cool deals on Barbie movies like this cute new movie. We have this particular movie on our wishlist for the next new movie we want to watch starring Barbie and all her friends. However, you can also find other movies for kids whether you want something especially for little girls or little boys as well as tweens, teens and adults.

More Movies

Finding some interesting and colorful Barbie movies can be much easier than you might think. You can find them as single auctions or you can search for movie lots. Simply type "Barbie Movie Lot" into the text box to search for them.

This is the way I found all the Barbie movies we enjoy watching. Besides, when the kids get a lot of movies at one time they really think they have something special.

Check out all the cool movies you can make a bid to win on eBay.

Do you love Barbie?

Do you have a favorite Barbie movie?

Why not tell us more about it. Why do you like your favorite Barbie movie?

Tell Us about Your Favorite Barbie Movie.

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  • Charlino99 profile image

    Tonie Cook 6 years ago from USA

    This is a great place to find Barbie movies! Wonderful catalog to select from.

  • profile image

    Jack-in-the-Box 6 years ago

    Great Barbie Movies Gift Guide for tweens. Its nice to know where to find these.