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Basic Electronics Toys for Kids | Snap Circuits jr SC 100

Updated on July 19, 2014

Are you looking for some basic electronics toys for your kids? A good idea might be the Snap Circuits Jr. set of electronics toys.

My daughter got one of these last year and she really seems to enjoy it.

After spending 20 years in the Navy as an electronics technician, I personally have a long history of working with electronics at not only the large system scale, but also down to the circuit and micro circuit level.

When my daughter asked for a toy that would help her learn a bit of electronics, I have to say I was mighty pleased and proud. After a bit of searching I settles on the SC-100 model by snap circuits. There are a couple of different models and types out there, but I liked this one as a "basic" model, because it was the intro level package, it had a lot of the components and capabilities installed natively, and if she enjoyed it there is a ton of room to upgrade and give her newer and increasingly complex electronics design projects to work on.

I have to say this idea worked, since a couple of the gifts I am getting her for this Christmas are some of the upgrade packs.

Snap Circuits allows your child to learn and have fun

I am well versed in electronics, but you certainly do not need to know the difference between a resistor and a transistor for your child to have fun with this game/educational toy and actually learn something.

The set comes with a colorful and color coded assembly manual. The parts snap into place on a plastic board with ease. All the parts have a colors, numbers, the actual schematic symbol (to help your child begin to learn these) as well as the name of the part. There are guide to what your child can make, and with the add-on sets, some of these circuits can get quite complex.

What do you get with the "basic" set?

The basic set comes with diagrams so that your child can make a limited set of basic electronics circuits; though limited there are still well over 100 circuits that can be made with the basic set. The basic set includes:

  • low RMP fan (no danger of your child being hurt)
  • sound activator
  • alarm
  • IC's
  • capacitors
  • photoresistor
  • switches
  • motor

and quite a bit more....

The complete collection of Snap Circuits kids Electronics toys

If your child ends up enjoying the snap circuit toys, there is a large series of options for them, to continue their electronic education.

Multi electronics project sets

  • S100 Basics
  • S300 Physics Kit
  • S750 Massive Electronics set (over 750 projects)
  • Multiple parts and model addons to S100/300

Specific use sets (most of these have 6-10 different plans, and parts can be used in other projects, but not as many as big sets. Often more complex specific electronic tasks)

  • Green Energy Set
  • Motion Detector
  • FM Radio
  • Music Recorder
  • "Space Battle"

A simple toy to educate your child while they have fun creating and building. A ton of fun, and a great way to get your child interested in science at a young age.

Check out a few of these sets below:

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Electronics Discovery Kit
Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Electronics Discovery Kit

The SC-100 is the entry level basic toy. This is the ultimate version. The 750 is for 750 LISTED projects. &50 cool electronics toys you child can make and learn more about science while playing. They may even make some more interesting circuits on their own, once they have learned all 750.

Snap Circuits Motion Detector Kit
Snap Circuits Motion Detector Kit

There is something that is specifically fun about this one. Your child making a toy that can detect their movement and change states. Lots of fun and can really create an interest in scientific learning

Electronic Snap Circuits FM Radio
Electronic Snap Circuits FM Radio

FM radio. These days many kids may not even know what an FM radio even is. Being able to make one, and listen to the radio on what THEY make is something priceless

Snap Circiuts Basic Electronics toys
Snap Circiuts Basic Electronics toys

If you are looking for gifts and toys for your kids, you may be interested in these:


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