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Batman Arkham City Get to Top of Wonder Tower

Updated on December 22, 2014

Batman Arkham City Getting to the Top of Wonder Tower

Batman Arkham City Getting to the Top of Wonder Tower
Batman Arkham City Getting to the Top of Wonder Tower

Batman Arkham City Get to Top of Wonder Tower

In Batman Arkham City, Batman must get to the top of wonder tower to stop Professor Hugo Strange from completing Protocol Ten. This will guide the bat in finding the access code in the master helicopter to enter wonder tower and in climbing to the top of wonder tower, overcoming both gravity and Professor Hugo Strange's Tyger operatives.

Batman Akham City Finding the Right Helicopter

In Batman Arkham City, finding the right helicopter to download the master code to enter wonder tower can be very frustrating and painful indeed. This is because Batman must scan the helicopters from a near enough range, and this exposes Batman to attack from the helicopters. Also there are quite a lot of helicopters, making it very hard to decide which helicopter to scan first, and which to scan next. In the game, Batman found the master helicopter near the Park Row area, although this is likely to vary from game to game.

Batman Arkham City Entering the Base of Wonder Tower

In Batman Arkham City, entering the base of wonder tower is easy enough. Just use silent takedown to take down the sniper Tyger operatives and use the code to enter the building. What is difficult is getting to the top of wonder tower to confront Hugo Strange.

One of the most difficult and puzzling areas in trying to get to the top of wonder tower occurs after taking care of a lot of Strange's Tyger operatives. This fight takes place in the processing area of wonder tower (remember the batman arkham city start of the game). The key to this fight is to throw smoke pellets, and when Batman runs into trouble with too many men, use grapple to get Batman up into the upper levels again. This allows Batman to regroup. However, Batman's ballistic and combat armor does not regenerate, so remember to level this up for this pen-ultimate climb to the top of wonder tower.

In this Batman Arkham City processing area, there are a few doors which lead to nowhere. The exit is in the pothole in the ground. Descend through this into the collapsed streets and from there to the old Gotham City. Use the line drive to go straight and then turn left to a room with a clock in it. Switch to detective mode and use explosive gel on the wooden floor. When Batman drops down and reaches the intern he asked to hide in finding Ra's al Ghul, he is on the right track.

Batman Arkham City Get to the Elevator of Wonder Tower

In Batman Arkham City, getting to the elevator of wonder tower to get Batman to the top of the wonder tower is the next part of the game. In this chamber, there are quite a lot of Tyger operatives. What Batman could do is to use ledge and overhead takedown to eliminate two or more of these operatives. When the rest are alerted, just swing up to the intern's hiding place and regroup. Once the number of Tyger operatives is reduced to about two, just use the traditional approach of gargoyle observation and dive or drop kick.

When all the Tyger operatives are gone, Batman can approach the elevator in the center of the chamber. The cryptographic sequencing here is quite tough. Either be patient or level up the cryptographic sequencing skills.

Batman Arkham City Getting to Almost the Top of Wonder Tower

In Batman Arkham City, the elevator does not take Batman to the very top of Wonder Tower. It takes Batman to almost the top of Wonder Tower. As the elevator slows down, Batman can hear Tyger operatives talking about unloading their ammunition into the elevator. Quickly head up onto the roof of the elevator as it stops. Watch as the operatives' ammunition hit air and not Batman. Now move down to the back of the operatives from the top of the elevator and take them all down.

Batman Arkham City Top of Wonder Tower

In Batman Arkham City, the next part is the trickiest in getting to the top of wonder tower. Facing the elevator, turn right and ledge climb around the corner to an antenna jagging out of wonder tower. Walk to the end of the antenna and grapple upwards. This pattern repeats itself; walk around the ledge and then grapple upwards. Eventually, Batman must glide down to a platform where he can walk round to a crawlway. Slip into the crawlway and emerge at the top of wonder tower either through a glass panel or through some floor gratings.

The top of wonder tower contains more Tyger operatives and Hugo Strange. Deal with the Tyger operatives in the typical Batman style. Once the operatives are gone, only Strange is left. Use the cryptographic sequencer. The password to get is "Gotham Saviour".

Once the password is entered, Batman can enter and question Strange on who the mastermind behind Protocol Ten is. It's really quite obvious by this stage......

Batman Arkham City Climb to Top of Wonder Tower


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