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Batman Arkham City Playing as Nightwing

Updated on November 8, 2011

Batman Arkham City Playing as Nightwing

Batman Arkham City Playing as Nightwing
Batman Arkham City Playing as Nightwing

Batman Arkham City Playing as Nightwing

In Batman Arkham City, Nightwing is a playable character in the challenge mode of the game. The Nightwing DLC or downloadable contents can be downloaded for 560 microsoft points, and adds the character Nightwing to the roster of Batman, Robin and Catwoman in the challenge modes. This will illustrate the various gadgets and melee fighting skills that Nightwing has at his disposal and allow one to see if the Nightwing dlc bundle is worth adding to the already awesome Batman Arkham City game.

Batman Arkham City Nightwing Gadgets

In Batman Arkham City, the Nightwing DLC Bundle allows Nightwing to be played. Nightwing's real name is Dick Grayson, and he is Batman's understudy. It comes as no surprise that Nightwing's gadgets comprise a mixture of the Bat's tools of the trade and his own signature gadgets. Nightwing is traditionally armed with the Escrima Sticks. He uses this escrima sticks in melee combat mostly, but as a gadget, the escrima sticks can be infused with electricity and struck onto the ground to create an electricity arc that stems from Nightwing and stuns the enemies. Nightwing can then rapidly move in and take down the enemies.

In Batman Arkham City, Nightwing's other trademark gadget is his darts, which can be fired from his wrists. These can either be thrown quickly or can be thrown accurately by aiming. These darts stun the enemies and again allow Nightwing to sweep in in a flash and take them down completely.

Nightwing's Batman inspired gadgets include the Batclaw, which really plays like the original Batclaw, and the Wing Ding. This slightly fatter version of the Batarang works in about similar fashion to the Batarang.

Batman Arkham City Nightwing Melee Combat Moves

In Batman Arkham City, Nightwing's melee combat moves are more electrifying than Batman. Nightwing moves faster than Batman but is slightly more vulnerable to attacks. His acrobatic skills definitely trumps Batman, and this combined with his various stunning electricity attacks makes him a better predator than Batman. However, when Nightwing is in full flow in combat, he can deliver like 16 or 17 or more combo critical hits with his acrobatic combat attack moves.

One special technique used by Nightwing in melee combat in combination with his gadgets is his ability to throw his escrima sticks off walls and enemies so that it ricochets off the walls and enemies and stuns more enemies. It is theoretically possible to stun three or four enemies using this technique. When executed right in melee combat, this adrenalin pumping combat move is beautiful to behold. Combine that with the ultimate combo moves in combat, and Nightwing can be regarded as the master of combo melee combat.

Batman Arkham City Nightwing DLC Bundle

In Batman Arkham City, the Nightwing DLC Bundle also downloads the Wayne Manor maps. The Wayne Manor Armory Map is essential to test the melee combat abilities of Nightwing. Get addicted to playing as Nightwing as he jumps and somersaults through the air in creating multiple combos and taking down twenty or so men in the Wayne Manor Armory. This map and challenge mode alone is worth the Batman Arkham City Nightwing DLC Bundle download. If Nightwing could be integrated into the main storyline, it would not be surprising to see Nightwing being played as the main character rather than Batman. It would be Nightwing Arkham City.

Nightwing in Action in Wayne Manor


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