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Updated on April 2, 2014

The Battle For Naval Drinking Supremacy Begins Now

There are many fun drinking games that a humble liquor-enthusiast can play, such as the classic Beer Pong or Quarters or Keg-Toss (it happens!), but in more recent history a new champion has emerged; and its name is Battleshots. No, not Battleship; Battleshots. Some of you may already be well aware of the game, but for those who are not, the simplest explanation is that the game is basically Battleship...with shots of alcohol. Each player (or team) utilises a grid of 100 squares (1-10 horizontally, and A-J vertically). You place your liquor-filled (fueled?) vessels of destruction wherever you like at the start of a game, and must take guesses as to where your opponent's ships are located. For example, if you say 'A-3' your opponent will either announce 'hit' or 'miss'. You mark a hit with a colourful bottle cap, and a miss with the plain side of a cap or certain chips to keep track of things.

Each player starts with a five-shot ship, a four-shot ship, a three-shot ship, and a pair of two-shot ships, making for 16 shots each. These 'shots' represent the health/HP of a ship, and when a ship has none left a player must announce 'you sank my boozelship!' or similar. A winner is only realised when a player has run out of shots and thus their ships are all destroyed! The game is a ton of fun, very simple to play and an absolute blast at parties; it is hard to be around a game of Battleshots and not want to have a go!

Below you shall find more pictures, and a more detailed description of the game and its rules, along with various deviations of how the game can be played. You can even purchase your own set which is exactly the same as the one pictured in this lens! Enjoy, and let sink the shots of war! Or something.

Update Log - Read Here For The Latest Updates!

Team Red and its Army of Gold
Team Red and its Army of Gold

April 1st, 2013:

There have been a lot of minor updates over time, but the most significant one would be the addition of our second YouTube Battleshots Trailer! Please check it out and enjoy. Battleshots is always evolving, and there are at least half a dozen different drinking games you can play with your set (purchase on eBay Australia); stay tuned for information on each of them.

Delicious red ship and beer.
Delicious red ship and beer.

The Rules Of Battleshots

Learn The Basics And Play Like A Master

The rules of Battleshots are really very simple; and you can alter them as much as you like so long as you decide in advance and each player is clear on the deviations. Below you will find the standard set of guidelines for a regular bout of Battleshots. You get even better instructions in 'Basic' and 'Advanced' form printouts with a complete set of Battleshots which can be attached to your divider for quick reference.

~~~ Each player has five vessels of varying size, totaling 16 shots. You cannot move your ships once you have decided where you are going to place them at the start of a game. To do so is cheating; usually spectators will keep people honest, in any case.

~~~ The player who gets the first turn should be decided via coin flip or Scissors-Paper-Rock.

~~~ Decide in advance whether you will play turn-by-turn, or implement 'pool rules', meaning if you score a hit, you keep getting turns until you miss; just like in a game of pool.

~~~ Once you and an opponent have sat down and are moving your ships wherever you like, the game has started and you cannot get up out of your chair; doing so will forfeit the game. Spectators must choose a side to 'support', and sit behind their choice rather than standing up or moving to see where an opponent has placed their ships; possibly whispering locations. This keeps things honest, and again a game is forfeit if someone breaches this rule.

~~~ Spectators who happen to support the losing side can be made to finish off excess shots from the winning side, or be made to have three shots in a row//etc. Determine some kind of way to involve them in your game to keep things more engaging and add an element of risk!

~~~ There is generally no time limit, but you can spice things up by adding such a thing if you want to. It should not really take longer than 10 seconds to choose a target, or double that when you have to consume one of your shots before taking your turn.

~~~ Once you have stated your target (such as 'B9') you cannot change your mind, even if you accidentally name a location you've already tried.

Such things are just the basic rules of Battleshots, and it really isn't too hard to get used to them even during your very first game. Learn by direct experience, and you shall surely master the savage seas of Battleshot warfare!

The Drinks Of Battleshots - What Fuels My Weapons Of Mass Consumption?

Blown up view of Introduction picture
Blown up view of Introduction picture

So, what kind of filler should be used in a game of Battleshots? Why, anything, really! 16 shots of vodka each does sound pretty intimidating for a lone pair of players, but not so much when you are playing a team game such as 3-VS-3, where you take turns and 'share the wealth', so to speak, and at most you would be responsible for accepting the sacrifice of five shots each along with the sixteenth shot to go to the person who went first. "First to drink...last to drink..."

One can reduce the 'difficulty' of a game of Battleshots by simply using the Divine nectar known as beer! Or light beer, for you designated drivers or old people. After all, a game with beer is really only 1.5 beers each; hardly anything, really. You could even remove the five-shot ships from play to make a round a bit smaller if necessary. Your proper game will on average last for around twenty minutes. Once you home in on a ship's location, the thing is pretty much history.

When it comes to an individual versus an individual, most people would probably opt to use beer or bourbon and coke//etc to fill their shot glasses. Such is a pretty good idea as opposed to straight shots of hard liquor, since you can fit in more games! Best out of three is usually the way to go. Team games? 3-VS-3 is about as high as you want to go, since you can't really fit more than three people sitting around each end of your average table (no peeking from the side at an opponent's grid!). Here are a few 'filler' suggestions divided into 'difficulty ratings'.


~~~ Beer (light, mid-strength or full-strength)

~~~ Bourbon and coke

~~~ Rum and coke

~~~ Wine

~~~ Passionpop (ouch!)


~~~ Midori

~~~ Baileys

~~~ Port

~~~ Various schnapps

~~~ Other 20%~ or less liqueurs


~~~ Straight shots of bourbon/rum/vodka/scotch/tequila/etc

~~~ Absinthe (team games only!)

~~~ Coke Zero (I know I would find it a bloody challenge to drink that crap!)

Basically, unless you only intend to play one round for the night, 1-VS-1 players should generally avoid the medium/hard difficulty levels. ;) I think most people would have more fun playing a few rounds of Battleshots with beer rather than just one game using vodka to fill the shots...

Uber Destroyer?

Uber Destroyer?
Uber Destroyer?

Buy Your Own Complete Battleshots Set! - An Empire Is Born.

Awesome Portability!
Awesome Portability!

Like what you have seen so far? Well, of course; Battleshots is indeed deeply awesome. Perhaps you have seen other, much smaller versions of the Battleshots game which don't even have ships. Well, at last you can buy your own proper-size set of this ace drinking game on eBay! Simply search for 'Battleshots' and you shall find it!

Everything is made by hand in Australia, by Australians and from supplies also made and purchased in Australia! Aussie Aussie Aussie! International shipment could be tricky due to the no-doubt-crazy-fees, but it is definitely something we'll look into at some point if there is enough interest.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to eBay and check it out!

Battleshots on Ebay Australia

Battleshots Empire

Battleshots Empire
Battleshots Empire

10 Great Reasons Battleshots Rocks

  1. It is a ton of fun for a drinker of any caliber.
  2. The level of excitement this simple game can bring to any party is limitless.
  3. You get to sit down while you are playing, exerting very little energy. Which is great for lazy people.
  4. It is a drinking game.
  5. It is a drinking game. (Excuse the echo.)
  6. You get to strategise what you deem as the best placement for your ships. There are strategies that can serve you well, so it isn't entirely based on luck.
  7. While a game at most can involve six players on two teams, spectators can get involved as well by choosing a side at the start of a game that they think will win. The spectators from a losing side have to finish up the remaining shots, along with a few shots in a row or skulling a drink.
  8. A little friendly betting can always spice things up...
  9. Tournaments. Get a whole bunch of people together and draw names from a hat or box to determine the preliminary rounds, and then keep playing until the finals, where a true master of Battleshots is fated to emerge...
  10. Battleshots just sounds and looks bloody awesome.

Teaser Slideshow/Trailer - Our First YouTube Video!

Check out our Battleshots game with an arsenal of booze-laden warships, viewing plenty of delicious photos along with some epic music in the background. Wish you were there? You can have your own liquor-drenched naval adventures by purchasing your own set on eBay! Be sure to view the clip in HD and fullscreen, and please Like/Comment/Subscribe!

Trailer 2 - Battlesculls - A War Between Beers

Our second trailer shows that you can do a lot more with your Battleshots set than just the standard game. Check it out, Like it, Subscribe and Share it! As always, watch in HD and full-screen. Cheers.

The Booze-sweats
The Booze-sweats

Battleshots Poll

Have You Ever Played Battleshots?

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Purchase Battleshots On eBay! - You Know You Want This Drinking Game!

Want to buy a set of your very own? If you live in Australia, you can now do so! I've seen much smaller sets of a similar caliber have an asking price of around $300 due to some fancy gimmicks...but you can score your own set for just $149 right now! The quality is top-notch, and we are always improving our techniques.

Any questions?

Battleshots on Ebay Australia

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      Why not also sell the DIY instructions for those of us who live so far...?


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