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Beach Canopy Tents for Shelter and Privacy

Updated on November 5, 2015

Beach Canopy Tents Are Great to Keep the Wind Away

Having a day out on the beach is great fun. Beach canopy tents protect you from the sun. At the vary least they protect your dignity when changing. These popular lightweight additions to the summer beach day are great value for money and help make your day on the beach that much more fun.

Protect yourself from the wind (hopefully not the rain), add a bit of privacy and make your space more personal. when I lived near the beach I just took a towel as just went swimming but you'd be surprised at how many people jsut igore your space and walk all over your patch kicking sand over you or the towel.

The Joy of Seeing Brightly Colorful Tents

I love the beach in summer. One of the things that really makes you know that summer has arrived are the beach canopy tents. Each year the winds of winter die down and more and more people come to the beach for the holidays. In spring there are only a few tents scattered across the soft sands. As summer heightens the these gradually increase until the beach is covered in brightly coloured pop up tents of all shapes and sizes.

So why use a beach canopy tent anyway? I have popped some great reasons below.

  1. Get some shelter from the sun

    With the warnings about sun exposure it pays to play it safe and have some shelter for when it gets too hot. It is easy to overlook the heat when sat at the beach with a gentle breeze. Having a shelter can help prevent burning.

  2. Kids Changing is made much easier.

    I remember fighting with a towel to get changed as a kid on the beach. A tent will make changing so much easier.

  3. Somewhere to store your stuff while in the sea out of sight.

    Out of sight out of mind so the saying goes. Keep your gear that much safer by having it inside a tent. OK I know it is easy to get into and never leave valuables anywhere on the beach but any deterrent is better than none.

  4. They are fun. It is a bit like camping

    Most kids love to camp so you can make your beach day out a double adventure by brining along the tent.

  5. Shelter from the wind and sand.

    Sometimes it can get a bit windy and sand whips up and around you so they are useful to protect your eyes and things.

  6. Staking your spot! Sometimes people just walk all over your area if all you have is a towel.
  7. A bit of privacy goes a long way in the height of summer.

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Family Beach Tent Pop Up

Shade Shack Beach Tent Easy Automatic Instant Pop Up Sun Shelter - BLUE/YELLOW - LARGE
Shade Shack Beach Tent Easy Automatic Instant Pop Up Sun Shelter - BLUE/YELLOW - LARGE

I love this as it is large enough for several people and pops up easily.


How to Fold Your Tent Without Getting into a Tangle

Have you ever just opened one of these up then realized you don't know how to fold it down again? Well this little video shows you how so you don't feel quite so silly when on the beach - be prepared! Which is really handy if like me you tend to forget about the instructions!

Great Tents for the garden and Beach

There are lots of options for different sizes and colours of tent.

Share your fun stories or tips or just say hi.

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