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Bee Baby Shower

Updated on February 1, 2015

Planning a Bee Baby Shower

Take the sting out of planning a bee baby shower. This lens offers ideas to help you with bee Invitations, favors, centerpieces, food, tableware, decorations and cakes. You will find easy and inexpensive ways to throw a bee shower that your guests won't forget.

Bee Favors

Your guests will be buzzing about getting bumble bee favors, as long as you give them something that they can use or eat.

Bee Cookies - are always a treat and very easy to make and decorate. The dough can be homemade or bought from the grocery store. If you go the homemade route, click here for an easy sugar cookie recipe. If you are short on time, try a roll of prepackaged dough and some store-bought frosting. Bee cookie cutters in a variety of shapes are available from about $1.00 - $6.00 each.

Personalized Bee Honey - is a sweet favor that everyone will use. While many people purchase custom honey online, there are some great deals locally, especially at a farmer's market. It is easy to find delicious, fresh jars honey and place your own personalized labels. on them.

Bee Theme Custom Glass Jars - are a decorative favor, especially if you fill them with yellow and black M&M's. Baby blue or pink M&M's are also a nice choice.

Bee Invitations

Free printable flower invitations are also an option, as flowers and bees go hand in hand. My favorite source for printable invitations is Invitation With this site you are able to customize and print the invitation with your wording. Most other sites only allow a generic template.

Bee Cake Choices
Bee Cake Choices

Bee Cake and Food

Bee Hive Cake - This is such a unique design, as it was made with a cake pan and a Pyrex bowl. The decorations are sugar cookies attached by either frosting or toothpics.

Bumble Bee Flat Cake - This is simply made of chocolate cake, butter icing, and licorice. The baker had a difficult time with the brown crumbs bleeding through the yellow icing. My suggestion would be to place a very thin layer of icing on the cake. You don't have to worry about crumbs at this point. Place the cake in the freezer for about 30 minutes, which will help the frosting set and greatly reduce extra crumbs. Now you can place the final layer of frosting.

Photo Credit: - Bee Cake Gallery

What Else to Serve: - When you think of a bee baby shower, honey naturally comes to mind. There is a wonderful website with a number on recipes featuring honey. It is called The Honey Board. You will find everything from baked goods, drinks and desserts to soups and snacks.

Bee Cupcakes

Look how easy it is to decorate bee cupcakes. Start with a standard cupcake with yellow icing. Add two curves, like the letter C. Make a smiley face and a dot for the back.

Photo Credit: CJmartin

Personalized Bee Tag
Personalized Bee Tag

Bee Decorations

Decorations: Save money by combining your centerpieces and favors. Go to a local garden store, or even Home Depot, and purchase one small flowering plant for each guest.

1. Wrap the pot in yellow, blue, pink or black wrapping paper.

2. Take some thin black licorice and wrap a few strands of it around the pot to resemble bee stripes.

3. Attach a small square personalized tag to a toothpick and place it in the plant.

4. Arrange plants in the middle of each table, ensuring that there is one per seated guest.

The table can be decorated with a solid yellow paper table cloth. Add a black bee stripe with a black streamers roll. Simple, inexpensive paper plates, plastic-ware, and cups in your party colors are popular, especially if you have colorful centerpieces. Sprinkle the table with Honeycomb cereal for an added bee decoration.

Bee Party Decorations

While this photo displays bee decorations for a birthday party, you can use any of the ideas for a baby shower including:

1. Tent for outdoor party

2. Hanging bee decorations. You could actually use a yellow balloon and draw black rings around it with a marker.

3. A yellow and black blanket.

4. Yellow lanterns. You can take black crepe paper and tape or glue it around each lantern.

Photo Credit: Danielleanthony

Bee Clip Art

Microsoft Office offers about five pages of free bee clip art. You can use these images on invitations and decorations.

"Bee" kind and share your shower comments or ideas.

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      Love the theme.

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