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Ben 10 Watch For Kids

Updated on July 13, 2013

Coolest Ben Ten Watches For Kids

Most boys love Ben 10 and would want to have anything and everything Ben 10 has. They simply want everything that has to do with Ben ten, especially the Ben 10 watch which is one of the coolest watch any kid could ever wear. The Omnitrix watch is one that has unique powers to transform its owner Ben into different alien lifeforms so that he can be able to help others.

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Here on this page you will find the best selection of Ben 10 watches that your little trooper will love and will be proud to show all his friends. And if you happen to be shopping from the United Kingdom and surroundings You Can See All Ben 10 Watches Here

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Popular Ben Ten Omnitrix Watch

Imagine your 7 year old son or grandson wearing this cool Ben 10 watch and feeling on top of the world. Then imagine how proud he'd be showing it off to his friends.

This watch doesn't only sit on your wrist looking god but it does tell the time too and does some other cool things like lighting up and giving off sound effects just like it does in Ben 10 show. This Deluxe omnitrix will sure please any Ben 10 fan.

Ben 10 Deluxe OMNITRIX
Ben 10 Deluxe OMNITRIX

This Ben 10 watch lights up with some sound effects just like it does in Ben 10 show. This Deluxe omnitrix will sure please any Ben 10 fan.


Top Ben 10 Watch

The legacy omnitrix featured here is a must-have fun companion for any Ben 10 lover. It is the Omnitrix FX, Ultimate Omnitrix, and Ultimatrix all put together in one so that your youngster can have hours of fun building and tearing apart structures as he uses his imagination to get creative.

The set comes with 35 pieces that can be put together in so many different ways to form over 1000 possible structures. Although you have to be quite creative to be able to come up with this many combinations. Clearly a fun toy for creative and imaginative minds.

Coolest Ben 10 Watch

Let your youngster be the superhero that saves the day as he wears this magical Ben ten watch that unleashes the aliens to destroy the enemies that have invaded his territory. With flashing lights and sound effects that make it really look like the one Ben 10 himself wears.

Ben 10 new omnitrix

This is the Ben 10 Omnitrix Alien viewer which will help your little battle hero defeat the evil forces fighting to destroy the universe, that is, if he is also from Ben Tennyson's world.

This comes in form of a watch with a very nice LCD screen that can display all Ben's alien heroes with quality sound effects to go with it. A good watch/toy to encourage imaginative play and also features some games as well.

Top Ben 10 Watches For Kids In The UK

Shop From The UK And Europe

Here are the best Ben 10 watches for kids available on Amazon UK. These fun watches will not only excite your Ben 10 fan but will encourage them to learn how to tell the time. They will also make great gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas or special occasions.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Kids Projection LCD Watch 25769CHECK PRICE

Ben 10 Ultimate OmnitrixCHECK PRICE

Ben 10 Watch & Clock SetCHECK PRICE


Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix TouchCHECK PRICE

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Kids Soprts LCD Watch 25765CHECK PRICE

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      @JerseyJames: Thanks JerseyJames!

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      JerseyJames 5 years ago

      Some really good watch suggestions here!

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      treasuresabound 5 years ago

      Indeed Ben 10 is popular worldwide and boys especially love him. They see him as a hero, My 5 year old loves him so.

      Thanks for visiting and liking my lens Ben 10 watch for kids

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      Heather B 5 years ago

      The boys in my nursery school class in Italy are nuts about Ben 10. I hadn't realised he was popular worldwide!