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Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

Updated on January 5, 2012

Welcome to Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

"Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles, is a Little Kingdom of Elves and Fairies. Everyone who lives here is very, very small."

This is my lens about all things "Ben and Holly" for my daughter, who is 3 years old and loves Ben and Holly.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is a magical place, inhabited by elves and fairies, where everyone is "very, very small". The characters include a fairy Royal Family and their Nanny, hard-working elves and a barking ladybird. Gnomes, ants and caterpillars also feature.

The Little Kingdom was created by Astley Baker Davies, who also make Peppa Pig.

(intro image from Ben and Holly's Official Facebook page)

Ben and Holly on DVD

Watch Ben and Holly on DVD

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom: Volume 1 [Region 2]
Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom: Volume 1 [Region 2]

Ben and Holly is entertaining for children and there's some humour for adults too.

King and Queen Thistle
King and Queen Thistle

Little Kingdom Fairies

The Fairies in Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom can fly and do magic, which sometimes gets them into trouble. All Fairies have their own magic wands and the children have lessons in proper spell casting. Fairies are good at "looking pretty".

Princess Holly is the main character in Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. She's the daughter of King and Queen Thistle. They live in a little castle, with Holly's little twin sisters, Daisy and Poppy, and Nanny Plum.

Daisy and Poppy are mischievous babies. They have their own wands and create havoc with their spells.

Nanny Plum is in charge of most of the running of the castle, from cooking to washing and cleaning. She uses magic to do most of her work, except during Royal Emergencies when magic has been cancelled and she has to do everything herself. She also moonl

Jelly Flood!

An example of when magic goes wrong from the Royal Picnic

The magic picnic basket creates too much jelly, resulting in a flood. Nanny Plum is forced to do a "Stop Magic" spell to get rid of the jelly. Unfortunately, this also gets rid of all the other Fairies' picnic food.

Wand making

Making a wand is a special skill that Elves possess. You can't just use any old stick - Nanny Plum's wand is made from a plum tree, Princess Holly's wand is made from a holly tree, so Strawberry's wand is made from --- a strawberry tree?

Ben Elf
Ben Elf

Little Kingdom Elves

I'm an Elf!

The Elves in the Little Kingdom are hard workers and proud of it.. They like to toot their Elf Horns. and they live together in the Great Elf Tree. They spend their time making toys, fishing and have an Elf Farm, Windmill and Factory to run. They also sweep up the leaves in the forest as they fall off the trees. Elves don't do magic, but they do make magic wands.

The Wise Old Elf is their leader. He's very old, and very wise. He teaches in the Elf School and works at the Elf Factory as well as being the Elf Librarian.

Ben Elf lives with his parents, Mr and Mrs Elf. Ben is Holly's best friend and doesn't mind that she forgets his birthday. He's good at running and making toys.

Other Elves are Barnaby and Lizzie, friends of Ben and Nettle (Barnaby's sister) who is a friend of Daisy and Poppy.

Redbeard the Elf Pirate is Barnaby's uncle.

The Elf Factory

The Elves make toys at the Elf Factory


Gaston the Ladybird

Gaston the Ladybird is Ben and Holly's friend. He lives in a smelly cave (he likes it that way) and likes being tipped over on his back and being tickled. Ben Elf flies on Gaston's back in order to keep up with Princess Holly.

Gaston communicates by making a barking noise, which only Nanny Plum can understand. He eats "smelly and foul" food.

He's also a "sniffer ladybird" who can find people by scent.

Gaston the Ladybird

I think Gaston is my favourite character.

Ben, Holly and Gaston
Ben, Holly and Gaston

Big Bad Barry

Big Bad Barry is a large fish, who lives in the lake. His favourite food is cheese. Mr Elf has been trying to catch him for years, but Barry keeps eating his boats, including: Hilda, Doris, Peggy, Abigail, Fifi, Trixibelle, Sabrina, Nicky, Miss Boo Boo and Bunty.

He's also swallowed the Wise Old Elf's submarine. Nanny Plum told him a joke, in fish language, to get him to laugh so they could get out.

The joke was:

Q: "Where do fish keep their money?"

A: "In a river bank"

Only Big Bad Barry and King Thistle find this joke funny.

Ben and Holly Books on Amazon

The Elf Submarine

Another classic episode

In the Elf Submarine we learn that Elves make boats that go under the lake, as well as on it. The Elves launch an expedition to find Redbeard the Elf Pirate's sunken treasure (that's what comes of being too greedy and overloading your pirate ship). Incidentally, Redbeard's parrot looks very much like Granny and Grandpa Pig's parrot, Polly.

Unfortunately, nobody has caught Big Bad Barry, the fish, yet and a terrible accident is unavoidable as Barry swallows Redbeard's sunken ship, the submarine, and its passengers, (Redbeard, Holly, Ben, Nanny Plum and Mr Elf) whole. Since there is no magic allowed on an Elf submarine, the Fairies' wands have been left behind with the Wise Old Elf and King and Queen Thistle.

Mr Elf has a happy reunion with his old boats inside Barry's stomach, while Nanny Plum phones the Wise Old Elf to ask for help. The Wise Old Elf is, of course, very concerned about his submarine.

Nanny Plum: How can we get Big Bad Barry to open his mouth?

Wise Old Elf: Someone needs to talk to the fish.

Queen Thistle: Nanny Plum can speak fish.

Wise Old Elf: Nanny Plum, you must tell the fish a joke and make him laugh.

Nanny Plum: That's an idea. A very stupid idea, but an idea.

Mr Elf: What's the plan?

Nanny Plum: I'm going to tell Big Bad Barry a joke, to make him laugh.

Mr Elf: What utter nonsense!

Nanny Plum:It was the WOE's idea.


The party return to the shore in triumph --- without the treasure or Mr Elf's boats.

Ben and Holly Colouring pages

Have a look at some of these colouring pages

Little Castle
Little Castle

Locations in the Little Kingdom

Today's adventure starts at...

Each episode of Ben and Holly starts in one of the following locations:

  • The Little Castle - Home of the Fairy Royal Family - King and Queen Thistle, Holly, Poppy and Daisy and Nanny Plum
  • Gaston's Cave - Home of Gaston the Ladybird. He likes it to be smelly, dirty and messy
  • The Elf Windmill - Elves mill flour for use at the Little Castle
  • The Meadow - In the centre of the Little Kingdom
  • The Great Elf Tree - Home to all the Elves. Ben lives at No. 4 and the Wise Old Elf lives at No. 98
  • The Elf Farm - Produces eggs for the Castle
  • The Frog Pond - A good place for a Nature Class. Being turned into a frog by a fairy is one of the hazards of living in the Little Kingdom
  • The Royal Golf Course - King Thistle's project, which becomes a crazy golf course after the intervention of Mr Gnome.
  • Mrs Witch's House - Mrs Witch and Nanny Plum are not friends
  • The Lake
  • Outer Space! - in the Elf Rocket

Holly's magic wand

Holly loses her magic wand and Ben helps to find it

Nanny Plum
Nanny Plum

The Wand Factory

"Silly Old Elf, back to yourself"

One of my favourite Ben and Holly episodes is "The Wand Factory". Princess Holly breaks her wand after being encouraged to "bash it on a rock" by Strawberry. Unfortunately, wands can't be mended by magic, but Elves are very good at making wands underneath the Great Elf Tree.

The Wise Old Elf mends wands in the Wand Factory, which is on level 500 - as deep underground as possible. He claims that wands should be serviced every year.

Wand sticks are specially grown in the Wand Factory. Nanny Plum's wand is from a plum tree, Princess Holly's is made from a holly tree and we're left to guess where Strawberry's wand comes from.

According to the Wise Old Elf, replacing the stick of a wand is a mixture of woodwork and gardening.

Holly's wand head also requires a cog service in the Clockwork room. Mending a wand head is a mixture of surgery and watchmaking. Equipment needed includes the "Spinny Icklepoo Clamp", the "Wooble Cone" and a "Fidge Fudge Rotter Whistle Stick".

Once repairs are complete, the Wise Old Elf tests the wand using a special testing robot, inside a testing room. The robot successfully turns a glass of lemonade into water, because Elves only do "sensible magic".

The Wise Old Elf also fixes Nanny Plum's wand, which hasn't been serviced for 10 years. She tests it by turning him into a frog and then reluctantly agrees to change him back, with the words "Silly Old Elf, back to yourself".

Ben and Holly Links

Have a look at some of these great Ben and Holly resources

Who is your favourite?

Queen Thistle
Queen Thistle

Who is your favourite Ben and Holly Character?

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Ben and Holly DVDs on Amazon

Elf or Fairy?

Holly's Wand
Holly's Wand

Are you a hard-working elf or a pretty fairy?

Are you an Elf or a Fairy?

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Watch Ben and Holly on YouTube - Betty Caterpillar

Ben and Holly meet Betty Caterpillar

Is your child Ben and Holly obsessed? Let me know what you think.

Have you heard about Ben and Holly?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love Ben and Holly.They are best friends.Ben is an elf and Holly is a fairy.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      @TreasuresBrenda: are you from another planet?

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 

      7 years ago from Canada

      No, I had not heard of Ben and Holly before. Thanks for the introduction.

    • g2gkevin profile image


      7 years ago

      Ben and Holly look like fun friends.

    • HorseAndPony LM profile image

      HorseAndPony LM 

      7 years ago

      This is the first I have heard of Ben and Holly. Very cute. Thanks for sharing!


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