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Best Beach Umbrella For 2015

Updated on January 1, 2015

From Portable Beach Umbrellas To Beach Chair Umbrellas

Whether you are looking for the best portable beach umbrella, a chair beach umbrella or a sun protection umbrella you will find the best beach umbrellas here!

Not everyone is keen on the idea of bathing in the sun. Some people go to the beach just for the water, and would rather that the sun not shine.

Nonetheless, the sun, the sand and the water are all elements of the beach scene. It's really not complete without all of them present.

However if you want to avoid the sun for various reasons but still enjoy the beach during the day; beach umbrellas provide you with the perfect shade.

With beach umbrellas it's quite possible to have the beach without having the sun.

Best Beach Umbrella Image courtesy of Amazon

What Is A Beach Umbrella?

Beach umbrellas are oversized and often colorful versions of traditional umbrellas that are anchored into the sand to provide shade and sun protection for beach goers.

All beach umbrellas have pretty similar designs as far as the basic look of an umbrella goes, but their size does vary. The canopies usually reach about six feet in diameter, all the way up to ten feet.

They're very large and can sufficiently provide shade to more than one person at a time. Beach umbrellas can be bought at hardware stores, sports and outdoors retailers, or house and garden shops that sell beach equipment.

You can also buy some of the Best Beach Umbrellas online where more selections are present. The price of one of these beach umbrellas can fall anywhere between $10 and about $200.

Best Beach Umbrella - One Of The Most Popular Beach Umbrellas

This is a brilliant beach umbrella for providing instant shade. It also has side flaps you can anchor down to make a superior wind-break. Easy to set it up and you can secure with stakes. Provides UPF50+ protection and it is water repellent.

Find A Portable Beach Umbrella

If yopu are going to the beach then the last thing you want is to be struggling with a lot of different things as you try to get down onto the beach. So making sure that you have an beach umbrella which is portable or easy to carry is essential isn't it!

Nautica Beach Umbrella

When it comes to beach necessities, there are a few items that come to mind. There’s your beach towel, your sun block and your swim suit. In addition to these three items, there is one more essential that you should never go to the beach without and that is a beach umbrella.

While some beaches provide shaded picnic areas, huts, and cabanas most beaches consist of nothing but sand and sea with a lot of open areas and only a few sprinkling of palm trees. When you want to stay cool under the sun and protect your skin from UV rays, a Nautica beach umbrella is your solution.

These beach umbrellas come in so many different colors and designs, and aside from providing you sufficient protection and shade, that also make great beach accessories.

They’re not only beach essentials but they can also make pretty bold fashion statements. So get yourself a Nautica beach umbrella that will compliment your attire and protect your skin. Here are just a few of the many designs they have.

Nautica Beach Umbrella UPF 50+ Red
Nautica Beach Umbrella UPF 50+ Red

This umbrella features a bold, bright red color with accent bands of flag designs. You’ll be able to spot your beach umbrella easily in a crowd of hundreds when you have this Nautica variation. Its performance is also as bold as its color with a silver undercoating and a UPF 50+ that protects you against the sun’s harmful UV rays. It also has a power twist base and a 2 way tilt so you can position your umbrella for perfect coverage.

Nautica Beach Umbrella UPF 50+ Multi color
Nautica Beach Umbrella UPF 50+ Multi color

With so many colors integrated into its design, finding a swim suit to match your beach umbrella accessory has just gotten easier. This is fun yet bold design is a great look for the beach. In addition to its unique style, this umbrella is also very efficient in protecting you from harmful sun rays, keeps you cool and giving you shade you need from the elements around you.

Nautica Beach Umbrella UPF 50+
Nautica Beach Umbrella UPF 50+

If you’re seeing spots and dots then you’re most likely mesmerized by this Nautica beach umbrella’s super cool design. Shades of blues, purples and green make for a cool contrast. But that’s not the only thing that’s cool about this umbrella. It also features a UPF 50+ rating, keeping you cool and protected from harmful UV rays. Its pole is made from rust resistant coated structure steel and it has a power twist base for easy set up and convenience.


The Many Benefits Of The Best Beach Umbrellas

If you’re thinking that a regular umbrella is just like a beach umbrella, then you can’t be more wrong. Beach umbrellas are much larger in size and also more durable.

They’re built stronger not only to protect against UV rays and flying sand, but also strong winds. Made with an aluminum pole, beach umbrellas are much harder to bend then their fiber glass component.

The canopies are usually made of polyester fabrics that are sometimes lined with a special coating for a higher sun protection. Aside from shade and sun protection, beach umbrellas can also help you stay cool in hot weathers. Temperatures under a beach umbrella can be degrees cooler than that outside of the umbrella.

Other features of beach umbrellas can include the ability to tilt to your preferred angle, added valences or skirts for more protection, internal pockets and compartments for valuables or gear, and you can even attach small beach tables to the pole. Keep your book, glasses, lotions or snacks safe from sand and water and within easy access with a beach table.

There’s also a variation of a beach umbrella that closely resembles a small tent. These types of beach umbrellas can be known as sunshelters, beach shelters, or tent shelters. They generally provide more coverage and shade from the sun and other elements. Now anyone can enjoy the beach during the day without having to risk getting sunburned, overheated or unwanted tans.

Beach umbrellas keep your skin safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In addition, it can also help keep sand and water out of your personal belongings. They’re lightweight, affordable and very practical. No one should ever go to the beach without one.

Nautica Beach Umbrella UPF 50+ Rainbow Color
Nautica Beach Umbrella UPF 50+ Rainbow Color

It’s classic, it’s colorful and it’ll help you stay cooler on hot days on the beach. This beach umbrella features a silver undercoating which enhances the protection you already receive from its UPF 50+ rating. The valance is well vented and keeps the umbrella stable and secure. Add this item on your list of beach necessities and you won’t be sorry.

Nautica 7' Beach Umbrella with Wind Vent - Blue Stripe
Nautica 7' Beach Umbrella with Wind Vent - Blue Stripe

Blue like the ocean and blue like the sky, this beach umbrella is truly in its element with a valance that naturally blends with its scenery. With its white border accents and drop valance details, this is the perfect beach umbrella that’ll go with almost anything you’re wearing. Aside from complimenting your beach attire, it also helps protect you from harmful UV rays by providing ample shade. Its 7 feet in diameter valance is large enough for 2 to 3 persons and it also has been given a rating of UPF 50+.


A Choice Of Rio Beach Umbrellas

Are you looking to buy one of the Rio Beach Umbrellas this year? Then you have come to the right place!

There are three elements of the beach that people can't ignore; the water, the sand and the sun.

For those who don't feel like getting wet or taking a dip in the cool blue ocean, you can avoid the waters by simply staying on dry land.

Too much sand in your hair and in your bathing suit? It's nothing a beach towel or a beach chair can't fix. And lastly, if you want the fun without the sun then make sure to bring a beach umbrella.

Rio beach umbrellas have some of the coolest and most efficient beach umbrellas. They come in all sorts of colors and designs and they provide ample coverage from the beaming sun.

You no longer have to worry about hot afternoons that make you sweat profusely or getting sunburned to a crisp.

Here are some of the many Rio beach umbrellas that you might want to pick up before your next beach outing.

RIO Gear 7' Beach Umbrella with Integrated Sand Anchor
RIO Gear 7' Beach Umbrella with Integrated Sand Anchor

Add some color to your beach gear. In fact, add a ton of color with this ultimate sun umbrella from Rio.

It features 10 ribs and 20 brightly colored panels with Velcro closure strap and valences. The beach umbrella has a 1 ¼ inch powder coated pole with a metal tilt feature. It also comes with a wind vent and a PVC carry bag for portability.

The pole has an integrated sand anchor that makes the umbrella stable and secure. The beach umbrella measures 7 feet in diameter and has an SPF 100 plus.

Rio Brands Deluxe 6' Sunshade Umbrella - UB71
Rio Brands Deluxe 6' Sunshade Umbrella - UB71

Just don't look at this umbrella from an aerial view, otherwise you might get hypnotized.

This beach umbrella features a multicolored striped design and is made from durable 300 Denier polyester fabric that has an aluminum coating and an SPF 100 plus sun protection factor. It measures 6 feet in diameter and includes valances for extra coverage.

The tilted steel pole is powder coated

Rio Brands 6' Sunshade Umbrella - UB884
Rio Brands 6' Sunshade Umbrella - UB884

This umbrella features the classic look and feel of a traditional beach umbrella.

You'll love how the color block patterns will look under the sun. It's made with 75 Denier polyester fabric that has an aluminum undercoating and SPF 50 for added sun protection. The steel pole and ribs are powder coated and super durable.

The PVC carry bag comes with a shoulder strap so you toting the umbrella along is made easy.


Best Beach Umbrellas with UV Protection

If you are looking for the best Beach Umbrellas with UV Protection then you have come to the right place!

There was a time when men and women thought that endless hours of sun bathing or frolicking on the beach without sun block was OK, but today people are more aware of the many repercussions to getting too much sun.

Aside from generously applying sun block, you also need an efficient shade when you're at the beach. Beach umbrellas with UV protection make for great shade and provide efficient protection from the sun.

While you may think that sunglasses, an oversized hat and sun block is enough to save you from the most painful sunburns it doesn't hurt to be extra cautious and to bring along a beach umbrella, preferably one with UV protection.

You shouldn't underestimate the strength of the sun's rays and in those times when you need to escape from the heat, it's good to know you have something like a beach umbrella to give you refuge.

Below are some of the best examples of beach umbrellas with UV protection.

8ft Fiberglass Beach Umbrella UPF 100+ - Heavy Duty
8ft Fiberglass Beach Umbrella UPF 100+ - Heavy Duty

This oversized beach umbrella comes in the refreshing colors of blue and white in a pleasing striped pattern. The umbrella extends to a height of 85 inches tall and spans 8 feet in diameter, providing ample shade for more than one person.

It's made from rugged 600 Denier polyester fabric containing a silver coating lining that helps block 99% of harmful UV rays. This is also in addition to its UPF 100+.

It also features a skirted valance and a white powder coated aluminum pole which comes in two pieces.

Tommy Bahama Relax Sunprotecting Umbrella (6-Feet, Aged Coral Print)
Tommy Bahama Relax Sunprotecting Umbrella (6-Feet, Aged Coral Print)

You'll really feel like you're in the sea with the Tommy Bahama beach umbrella with aged coral print design. It features a sun protective polyester canopy with an extra drop valance and has a rating of SPF 100+.

It measures 6 feet in diameter and tilts, providing you with the perfect angle of coverage from the sun.

The aluminum pole has a matte finish and is rust proof so you can bring it with you to the beach no matter what the conditions are. Also included is a clear carry bag so you can port your beach umbrella around conveniently.


Nothing goes better with the heat of the sun than a tropical palm trees beach umbrella.

This bright and cheery umbrella features powder coated and scratch resistant tubing, a valance made from durable 160 gram polyester canvas material with 100% UVA protection, and a huge 7 feet steel ribbed to hold everything together.

Also included is a high quality carry case for easy transportation of the beach umbrella.


This whimsical beach umbrella is a great addition on a hot day at the beach.

It may look massive and heavy but it's actually quite light and weighs only 3 pounds. Plus it comes with a carry case for easy portability. The durable waterproof 160 gram polyester canvas material measures 7 feet in diameter and has a 97% UVA protection.

Not only does it block harmful rays, but it also makes your beach days cooler and much more fun.


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Which Of The Best Beach Umbrellas Will You Be Buying This Year?

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      Miha Gasper 

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      I like black and yellow combination!

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      I can almost feel the summer with these umbrellas.

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      Great work on this page, love it!

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      Great selection Paul!

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      I like the sports beach umbrellas.

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      So many beautiful and colourful umbrella's. Thanks for sharing the benefits too.


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