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Best BMX Bikes for Sale

Updated on January 23, 2013

Buy Cheap BMX Bikes Online

The best BMX bikes for sale really comes down to who's going to be doing the riding. BMX bikes have long held a prominent place in playgrounds and concrete open spaces all over the world. Their instantly-recognizable frames, combined with a low seat and great maneuverability in the right hands have made them a perennial favorite amongst newbies and scarred veterans alike. Not to mention, the televised spectacles involving extreme BMX biking and tricks probably give wide exposure to this specific model of bicycles more than any other, save for, perhaps, the road bike. For those looking to purchase a BMX bike, your search might begin with the following models.

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Cheap BMX Bike Under $200 Dollars

Aside from the structurally sound materials, a great-looking design, and a trusted brand name, the Viper X carries a host of nifty features that makes for a truly professional BMX bike. Not to mention, the Viper X has a “detangler” that permits the rider to spin the handlebars 360 degrees without tangling up the brake cables, allowing greater maneuverability to perform different tricks and maneuvers.

Best BMX Bike For Sale Online

Shaped out of the same class of steel found in aircraft parts and rifles in the United States military, this BMX bike is one durable and dependable piece of metal. A stylish, low-key appearance combined with quality material makes for some real value in exchange for the green.

Best BMX Bike Under $300 Dollars

Endorsed by the X-Games and many other notable organizations around the world, the Kink Curb is a solid BMX made of high-tensile steel and a shorter profile to accommodate the beginners as well as the more advanced bikers. In addition, the bike comes in three different colors.

Cheap BMX Bike Under $250 Dollars

Probably one of the most well-known BMX brands due to widespread usage and perhaps a name that is simply memorable, Mongoose has been making quality bikes for more than three decades. If you are looking for a dependable BMX bike from a company with a long history of excellence, or if you just carry a pathological hatred for king cobras, you'd like this Mongoose BMX bike.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are someone who is just learning to ride a bike, a seasoned rider looking for something new, or a parent in search of a cool gift, BMX bikes will fit your bill. With a great three-letter acronym and an instant invocation of images and memories that exude an aura of adventure, daring, danger, and godlike hand-eye coordination, the reputation of this kind of bicycle precedes itself. The best BMX bike for sale is whatever feels right for the person on the seat or standing on its pedals, but you can’t really go wrong with these four.

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