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Best Killstreak Stack in Mw3

Updated on January 15, 2012

Racking The Kills Up

Mw3 online multiplayer can be a frustrating experience if you don't use the right tools and load outs. In this lens we'll take a look at the best way to rid yourself of rage quits and frustrations by utilizing some tatics and killstreak packages to use to raise that k/d ratio that you've struggled with for such a long time. Mw3 has a new Point based System for killstreak rewards making them more important than any previous COD Series Game. Using This Package you'll be racking up kills like never before,

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      amanda2x 5 years ago


    LETS TALK KILLSTREAKS - best stacking killstreaks

    One of the most often asked questions about Mw3 is what killstreaks to use? Regardless or your personal preference your ultimate goal is to use killstreak rewards that are going to help you achieve that next reward. Lets start off with the staple of any killstreak package

    The Predator Missile! Any COD player knows that the Predator has to be the best "Bang For Your Buck" killstreak. Theres No better feeling than Caping a flag killing 2 people and shooting down a UAV and then seeing that shiny Predator emblem pop up in your bottom right corner

    Next Up The Attack Helicopter, This is the best option Just for the simple fact that 50% of the time Once you obtain the predator missile your going to get a double or triple with that predator missile and 90% of the time if you play Ground War like me.

    And Last but not least The AH-6 OVERWATCH! This is what makes this killstreak package. If you can manage to wait until you have both your attack helicopter and Ah-6 and call them in at the same time is the easiest dominating combo in Mw3. Basically your Attack Helicopter will circle the map picking enemies off when they spawn, while your Ah-6 is hovering over you protecting you while keep racking up kills. But even if you decide not to wait for your Ah-6 your Attack Heli will get you a couple of kills in no time for your Ah-6 then immediately call it in. This has to be the best Strategy Ever for the Game Mode Kill Confirmed, where you need to get kills then collect the tags to have one chopper circle the map while the other one hovers over you makes you a Dog tag Collecting Machine! Try it out you will not be disappointed!

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