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The Best Call of Duty? My Personal Opinion

Updated on January 27, 2017

By far my most favorite and, in my opinion, most desirable Call of Duty is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This is not to say the first one was bad, as it was not, it created the second masterpiece. I believe that BO2 is the best COD for numerous reasons, one being its amazing zombies. I have spent a multitudinous amount of hours playing zombies on BO2, with its wide variety of maps, and a large amount of easter eggs. I did buy all of the zombie DLC's which really completes the experience and is definitely worth it if you can afford it, as well as if you are going to play it. I first played the BO2's version of zombies at a friend's house, we had been playing Halo 3 and had beaten the campaign for the 3rd time that day, and so we decided to play Transit. This was my very first COD zombie experience, and, I can still say to this day, is by far my favorite Zombies Gamemode out of the large amount of Call of Duty games, though the WAW zombies was magnificent. At my friends house, me being a noob to COD, wasn;t aiming with my shots, as all new players do, especially after playing Halo so much, though, after a lot of revives on his part, he was able to carry us to round 42, which to this day I have still not accomplished on my own, but I am much better than I was. Even after all of this, I can still say I have spent more time on multiplayer, and love multiplayer dearly.


Other than Skyrim, and before I bought Skyrim, BO2 multiplayer is where I spent all of my free time, and I mean all of it. I had been staying up until 2 playing, and waking up at 5 in the morning to play, (without my parent's knowledge of course). My favorite gun remains to be the Ballista. A mighty sniper rifle with bolt action for fast shooting, though still able to do lots of damage. But I did not only quick scope or snipe, I also used the Scorpion along with the M27, two very different guns, though still very good. A Scorpion with rapid fire, a fore grip, and FMJ will result in deathly results, though I recommend having scavenger equipped as you will run out of ammo very quickly. The M27 is already a superb gun without attachments so it does not really matter which ones you use. It has high damage, medium speed firing rate, and long distance to make a great Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed gun.

But, even after all this, there is still a part about BO2 that was not all that good, and that portion of this magnificent game, would be the campaign. Personally, I could not even call the campaign good, it was alright at best. With a very boring storyline and repetitiveness throughout the whole 9-hour playthrough, I only completed it once. Overall, I would give this legendary game about an 8/10, it would be a perfect score if it were not for its campaign, if you have not already played it, or do not own it, I recommend you purchasing it or renting it immediately. I wish you the greatest of Mornings, Mid-Days, or Evenings, whichever may apply.

Have you enjoyed what I believe to be the best Call of Duty yet?

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