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Best Disney Cars 2 Toys

Updated on January 14, 2016

Finding Durable Cars 2 Themed Toys

When it comes to little boys' toys, fancy and expensive is not always best. Anyone with a son has had that disappointing Christmas morning experience where a brand new toy proves cruelly useless. Either it won't function correctly from the time it comes out of the package, or it falls apart within the first 60 minutes of play. There are plenty of flimsy plastic toys out there. The price difference can make a cheap knock-off Transformer seem like a winner of a gift, but the frustration that toy can cause can make you wish you had just given the child a box of candy. This lens suggests some sturdy, winning toys with the super-popular Disney Cars 2 movie theme.

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What's best? Suggestion 1: Pullback Motor

When buying a toy with a good brand, one assumes the quality is going to be good. That is generally true. But when dealing with rough-and-tumble little boys who enjoy crashing their cars together and sending them flying off of kitchen counters, toys with lots of features aren't necessarily the ones that will last the longest. Too many times, I have watched my young son become crestafllen when a really cool-looking toy with awesome moving parts stops moving in the first couple of hours of use.

At our house, we have found that the fewer the features there are, the better the toy. More features= more opportunity for breakdown and frustration. Pullback motors are generally reliable, though. In fact, we have yet to have a malfunction with a pullback motor in our home, and my four-year old son really puts his toys to the test.

Suggestion 2: Diecast

Small diecast cars are extremely popular, and for good reason! It's difficult to break one. The enduring popularity of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars over the decades is a testament to the fact that these little cars are a winner with kids, no matter what the current trends are. While some smaller parts may be comprised of plastic, the tough metal body of a diecast car will withstand all sorts of stunts and feats demanded of them by boys ages three and up.

Suggestion 3: Legos

Legos have long been revered by teachers and parents as one of the best developmental toys available to children. Building with Legos encourages children to use their imaginations. Some teachers even have Legos in their classrooms. Lego blocks are made of tough, hard plastic. They have been cursed by many a barefooted parent to step on one in the dark of night. It's very painful to step on one - trust me on this - and the Lego will usually come out completely unharmed. Your foot may not be so lucky. Legos have also been extracted - whole, I might add - from dogs' stomachs.

LEGO Cars Tokyo Pit Stop 8206
LEGO Cars Tokyo Pit Stop 8206

This was my son's very first Cars-themed LEGO set. He was so excited about receiving it, and still plays with it over a year later.


Suggestion 4: Simple Battery Operated Toys

Simple battery-operated toys can be very exciting with lights, sounds, etc. But be aware of how many/what type of batteries are required before you buy a toy. Keep spare batteries and the proper screwdriver close at hand. My husband has a battery recharger at our house, and he always makes sure to buy batteries that are rechargeable. This keeps us from running to the store to get batteries for various toys all the time.

Mack! - Not from Cars 2, but still worth mentioning.

Okay, so this one is a toy related to the first Cars movie and not the second, but it's great, so I had to mention it. We bought this in the gift shop at our hotel, Pop Century Resort, when we were at Disney World. We also saw it offered in one of the gift shops at Hollywood Studios.

We've never had a problem with this toy, which is nice, since we paid nearly $60 for it!

(Photo from my personal collection)

Mack and the Cars

Mack and the Cars, purchased at Disney World
Mack and the Cars, purchased at Disney World

Here is a view of Mack with his (removable) side open.

Just take a look at this picture . . . Mack is hauling almost the whole gang from the first Cars movie, including two of the cars from the short movies during the final credits: the Buzz and Woody cars from "Toy Car Story!" The cars are metal and of good quality. Mack actually opens on both sides, so you can fill the other side with more cars. When you push the silver button on the top, he honks and his headlights come on. (Photo from my personal collection)

What are your family's favorite Cars 2 Toys?

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