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Best Educational Apps For Kids

Updated on March 11, 2013

Educational Apps For Kids Make Learning Fun

Who says learning can't be fun? There are some really great educational apps for kids that both teach kids but are also a lot of fun to play too!

Today, smart phones and tablets are can be found in just about every household. These tools can be used for more than just playing Angry Birds, you can also use them to help entertain and educate your children.

Here I will break down some of the best educational apps for kids by category.

5 Reasons Your Kids Should Play Educational Apps

In case you thought kids apps were just games, this list should help convince you that kids educational apps are a good thing.

  1. Educational apps are great for summer learning. They help to prepare children for the upcoming school year.
  2. Kids love the tablets and smart phones, since they want to play on them anyway, why not have them learn something in the process?
  3. Kids educational apps are very inexpensive. Most cost anywhere from free to $2.99. Compare that to the cost of console games!
  4. Playing an educational app is a great way for kids to pass the time while in the car, waiting for an appointment, etc.
  5. Playing an educational app is a better baby sitter than watching TV. All kidding aside, its a great way to keep your child engaged in something productive when you are working on something too.

Math Apps for Kids

These educational apps are a great way for your kids to practice their basic math skills.

Learning Gems - Math 2.0
Learning Gems - Math 2.0

This is a pirate themed math game that is designed with over 10,500 math problems that are not repeated until each has been displayed once. The levels help to keep the kids hooked at honing their math skills too.

MathOpen Cool Math Kids Game. Preschool to 5th Grade
MathOpen Cool Math Kids Game. Preschool to 5th Grade

This is a free math app that uses flash cards to help to improve math knowledge and problem solving speed. The exercises are for children ranging from preschool to 3rd grade.

Math Bugaboo
Math Bugaboo

This is a fun way to practice math. The bugs help to make it entertaining to keep the kids attention as they practice their math problems. This app covers math tables from numbers 1 through 9.


Spelling Apps

Going over a spelling list on paper can get pretty boring. Making your spelling list into an app makes learning fun.

Spelling Space - 1st Grade
Spelling Space - 1st Grade

A space themed spelling app where your 1st graders can practice a comprehensive list of words compiled from several real 1st grade teachers.

Spelling Space - 2nd Grade
Spelling Space - 2nd Grade

Just like Spelling Space 1st Grade except your words here are geared towards 2nd graders.

Spelling Bee
Spelling Bee

Choose from four levels of difficulty to play in your own Spelling Bee!


Best Apps To Learn A Foreign Language

Get a jump start on a foreign language by playing these fun educational apps.

Flash Cards - Spanish 1
Flash Cards - Spanish 1

Basic Spanish flash card app. There are several categories of words to go through and the graphics are very attractive. You also get audio by a real Spanish teacher and you are presented with the spelling in both English and Spanish.

Learn Spanish with Spanish Smash
Learn Spanish with Spanish Smash

This app helps you to learn Spanish text as well as sound, spoken by a native Spanish speaker. There are 3 stages and 41 levels to go through to help you master a large list of Spanish words.

Learn Chinese - Happy Flash Cards for Kids
Learn Chinese - Happy Flash Cards for Kids

This fun educational app can help your youngsters learn basic English and Chinese words. There are a wide variety of categories and the app allows you to listen to the correct pronunciations recorded by professional voice actors.


Best Devices For Playing Educational Apps

I personally own a Kindle Fire and iPad 2. Both are excellent devices. The fire is a more affordable option though. It really boils down to how you want to use the device. The Fire is great for entertainment, games, reading, watching movies. The iPad is more functional for professional purposes on top of all of the things that the Fire is good at.

What is your favorite educational app? - Are there any that you would like to see on this list?

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      6 years ago

      Splash Math apps. They are available for grade 1 to grade 5.

      Check out:


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