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best flight simulator

Updated on August 27, 2012

Are you looking for a good flight simulator?

Flight Simulation is a computer software program that will reproduce the experience of flying an aeroplane. Its as close to flying as you can get without getting into an aeroplane. The best flight simulator will fly just like a real aeroplane and will have situations that can happen while in flight.

Flight Simulation will be used for a number of reasons, not just for recreational purposes. It is used intensively in the training of pilots and also help designers to develop and create new aircraft by using their designs in the simulators to see how the aircraft will behave in flight.

Flight simulations will vary and there will be many different simulations with plenty of variables to change for each simulation. Some will be setup as standard simulations, you will also be able to design your own and change things like the weather, flight patterns and aeroplane design.

Most flight simulators can be used on the PC and many programs will vary in their complexity and design. Some programs are FAA certified and are approved to be used in conjunction with pilot training. They are part of a pilots training and are a cheap and safe way of training pilots and assessing their ability to deal with certain situations.

What is the best Flight Simulator?

If you are looking for the best Flight Simulator, you should consider a few things. First there are plenty of flight simulator games available, if you want a realistic flight simulator that you will enjoy, you need to be careful and analyse what is available on the market before you make your purchase. It will also be a very important purchase if you intend to use it for help with training to become a pilot.

Go for a simulator that will suit your needs, if you want to be a pilot you will need one that is as realistic as possible. A Good Flight Simulator will have attractive and realistic graphics, it should be able to replicate what you would view in real life if you were flying a plane. Look for a program that will change with its environment and has flowing movement, if the graphics stick as you fly it will be uncomfortable viewing if you want to spend a long time using it.

A flight simulator will need to be able to improve your flying skills and be able to give you real life scenarios to use and work on. It will also need to be able to allow full control of the aircraft as you would in real life. Varied aircraft a will be a sign of a good flight simulation program.

Ensure that it has online support, and the ability to upgrade and to use add ons. It will also have flexibility in the types of controls you can use. If you know people who have experience with Flight simulators, speak to them and get a recommendation for a product that will suit your individual needs.

Are you looking for a Flight Simulator for training as a pilot?

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