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Best, Free Online Kids Game Sites

Updated on November 19, 2012

Best, Most Popular, FREE, Children's Online Game Sites

I was talking to a friend recently telling her how much I love the internet... how it's like bringing the world into my home and how it's so much a wonderful part of my business and life... and she replied... so it's really not the scary horrible place so many people say it is! And it got me wondering how many people actually feel that way?

I understand that there definitely is an underbelly to the internet but as with everything in life ... it will always be there... but you can choose what you see and what you interact with. And believe me... there's an abundance of good... even amazing on the internet to find! To close off the whole internet from yourself for fear of the bad means you're losing out on all the good.

So I thought... well I've been working on the internet for well over a decade and I know plenty of places on the internet that are absolutely incredible! So why not share so much of what I've found? That's why I'm focusing on Squidoo right now... to hopefully give back and share so much of what the internet and the people I've found on it... have given me.

Just one part of my experience over the years has been my thing to always be on the lookout for great online games/activites for pre-school aged kids that are not only fun but educational.

I've found so many fantastic sites that I thought I might as well share most of them here in one list for other parents.

So all the links below are aimed at pre-school to early Primary School aged kids. (approx 1-10 yrs)

Some of them require parents to create an account but believe me... it's worth the five minutes it takes to do it.

I'm very very fussy with things like this and will only list those I think are worthy of sharing.

Would love to hear what you think so at the end of this page I've included a feedback area.


Pip :)

To close off from the internet for fear of the bad means you're losing out on all the good

The Wiggles Free Online Game Websites

Click on the image to be taken to the game site

There's two fabulous choices for kids as far as Wiggles Online Games goes. You have their original game site called the Wiggles Playground shown first below which contains lots of fun yet educational games as well as things like free wallpapers, free screensavers, free Wiggles masks, free colouring in pages, free e-cards & more!

As an Aussie myself... of course I'm extremely proud of The Wiggles and their worldwide success. But I don't believe I"m biased when I say that they really are one of the best pre-school kids entertainers there are. I kind of think of them like the Beatles for Toddlers! :)

My son was (and still is) a massive Wiggles fan. I especially know this without a shadow of a doubt because I myself now know the words to every single Wiggles song there is!! :)

It's not bad though... I can actually stand watching the Wiggles... at least their songs are good. I'd take the Wiggles any day over having to sit through Barney or Teletubbies.

Not sure if you knew... but all the Wiggles met when they were at College together studying to become Teachers! So they take children's education extremely seriously and they know what they're talking about when it comes to education of pre-schoolers.

So you can rest assured with the Wiggles that your kids are at least getting some form of educational benefits mixed in with all that singing and dancing fun :)

The other option for free online Wiggles games is their fabulous NEW (only a few years or so old) Wiggle Time Flash Game! My son absolutely adored this one! He got to design himself as a Wiggle then he'd ride around in the Big Red Car visiting Wiggle friends and having to find things.

So I highly recommend all Wiggles online games for all parents. :)

Sesame Street Online Free Games

Click on the image to be taken to the game site

I'm sure most of you already know about this exceptionally fabulous website but just in case I thought I'd list it anyway for those who are yet to have kids or those that are just delving into the online kids educational stuff themselves.

You'll be hard pressed to be dissapointed with the range and calibre of the Sesame Street Online Games! It really is a standout online kids application that is not only heaps of fun for kids... but educational too (AND EVERY SINGLE BIT FREE!) :)

There's many other Sesame Street Games that can be purchased and I've added just two of the one's I purchased below. My son always really loved the Elmo in Grouchland game when he was about 3 years old.

My son really enjoys this website. He hasn't used it for socialising with other kids (although that is a feature) because he is not reading or writing yet... he just spent heaps of time exploring all the varied worlds and games inside this brilliant kids community! There's enough free entertainment on this site that I truly believe it's not necessary to have to upgrade to a membership although I think the membership is a great option to think about if your child really loves this site. But I do have to warn you to be prepared for your kids to probably ask you to upgrade to unlock certain areas they cannot reach. I never unlocked it but I was asked plenty of times... believe me :)

If you do wish to sign up... I would recommend signing up for their email newsletters first and then waiting till they send you an email about a deal on membership which will save you money.

But even still... I really can't recommend this highly enough.!

Jumpstart is a very reputable and safe game publisher for kids. Millions of families already have joined and you can read all about their online safety rules and regulations before you sign up.

Of course it goes without saying that your children should always be supervised but I know you already know that. And it's best to still teach kids about not giving any personal information to ANYONE on the web just in case. There's a great little website from Microsoft that talks about about such things that you can check out here

I always had the most fun actually playing it side by side with my son, trying to get him to learn more by asking him questions... talking about the game as he went along.

And even though I was doing it with him (and quite a few times he's done it all on his own)... he needed absolutely no help from me to get around and work out how to use and play everything... he was very quick to pick up how to do everything (and yours will probably be the same... but don't let that you worry you... cause you know our kids will surpass our computer skills very very early anyway!) :)

I think so much and so highly of Jumpstart educational software that I even purchased heaps of their computer software games which I believe my son learned so much from. The first three games for sale I've listed below are PC/Mac games that we actually owned. The last two are new Wii games which I've never actually seen so cannot recommend wholeheartedly... but honestly if it comes from Jumpstart... I can pretty much guarantee it will be a quality game though!

Disney's Club Penguin Online Kids Community Game Website

Click on the image to be taken to the game site

Club Penguin is Disney's version of an online gaming community for kids and I have to say it's a fabulous one!

Again... it's free up to a point whereby you can then purchase a membership to unlock areas and certain items. Membership is not as crucial on this site compared to some so I would highly recommend it still as a free online resource for kids. Membership is there more to open up things like unlimited wardrobe choice to dress your penguin or to decorate your igloo anyway you wish. But if you're not fussed with those kinds of things (as my son wasn't) there's heaps of great things to do in Club Penguin world for FREE!

Part of the free experience includes the opportunity for your child to collect enough coins (by playing games) to buy a Puffle pet which they then have to feed, play with, walk and give enough rest... for the puffle to survive and stay with them.

My sons favourite of all things to do on this site was the books to read in the library whereby I had to type out the words in the book for the story to progress. He'd sit on my lap while I typed. While I was typing... he'd be clicking the mouse searching within each page to find the hidden places in the pictures where there were gold coins hiding.

And I just have to mention the Club Penguin Ninja Card-Jitsu game that is a feature inside the game. It's a game within the game.. and many kids go to Club Penguin just to play the Ninja game at the Penguin Dojo! I have to admit that even I enjoyed having a few goes of the problem solving ninja card game and am impressed by Disney for coming up with such a unique online experience. Kids can either play it by chance or play it with skill. They play against another penguin of similar skill level (which is funny to think it's another kid on their computer somewhere in the world) and you play cards against each other till the first to get three of the same colours in one suit or three different suits in different colors, wins. (there's other little tricks to the game which you can learn by looking at the Sensai's tutorial before you play).

Kids keep playing to move up and get their consecutive coloured ninja belts.. just like karate. Then once your Penguin get's a black belt you then fight the Sensai to try and beat him to become a NINJA (and that's not easy... trust me... I know) :)

And there's another clever merchandising avenue of this Card-Jitsu online gaming experience that Disney have integrated into this site. Any time you buy a Club Penguin toy in shops you get special coin codes to unlock new clothing etc within the game. And you can also buy Ninja card packs & toys that unlock new ninja card moves in the Card-Jitsu game... that I have to admit even I got sucked into buying. I bought a few Penguin figurines to get the codes to unlock new moves in the ninja game! :)

Have a go with your kid... I bet they'll love it! (and you won't be bored out of your brains) :)

Now we move onto Lego!

My son has only just started to really delve into the Lego world (getting the adorable Spongebob sets for Christmas) so I haven't had an extensive 'parent point of view' look into the industry just yet... but from what I've noticed already... Lego seems to just go from strength to strength! Their entertainment for kids is no longer just plastic tiles in boxes... they've got incredible video games, movies & more! (I really love their video games...especially the quirky humour throughout). And I love it even more cause it was a toy that both myself and my siblings played with so much growing up (as I know so many of you did the same). Basically... Lego just rocks!!

And their website is an impressive one! With a wonderful big 'FREE' game section covering all the faves (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Spongebob, Toy Story, Harry Potter, Ben 10, Atlantis, Bionicle & more!)

You need to sign up for some parts but well worth it!

Here's the links to the Lego game zone for those parents who've yet to be introduced to the craze that is Lego (but believe me... if you haven't yet... it's coming!) :)

The Duplo part for very young pre-schoolers is a really cute part that I'm sure little one's will get a real kick out of. It's just point with mouse and click to hear sounds and movement or very simple problem solving activities.

The Duplo World section (image & link below) is really adorable! Let your toddler have a play with the mouse to see all the fun movements & hear the sounds.

Lego Pirate & Lego City

My son has the Lego City Corner and I definitely think that is by far the best value for money out of the city sets. The Lego City Corners features a bus, a double story pizza shop, a bike shop, a bus stop, a boy on a skateboard and two other minifigures.

Super Fabulous Spongebob Squarepants Lego Sets For Sale!

Up to Ten - Independent Website with over 1300 Games to choose from!!

Unbelievable amount of educational fun!

Seriously... I'm not kidding... this website has... to be exact (At the time of writing this)... 1353 FREE games for kids to choose from! And it keeps growing! Amazing huh!!

This is another fabulous kids online game & activity resource and it's completely independent which I like even more (meaning it's not there cause some massive company or licensed entertainment character put it there!). Because it's independent I think this would prove to be a wonderful resource for schools too ... but I'll leave that up to the qualified teachers to decide :)

It has enough activities to keep kids busy for ages!

Appropriate for 0-10 year olds it claims.

There are really two main parts of the site... Boowa & Kwala which is aimed more at the younger pre-school aged kids and then there's the other games section which is aimed for a bit older.

Boowa and Kwala are two cartoon characters that feature throughout all the games along with a few other cartoon friends. My son got a bit of a kick out of Boowa & Kwala cause they have such weird and eccentric moves and way of talking. Also because he had what seemed at first like an endless choice of things to do! Boowa & Kwala is the part of the site aimed at the very young baby/toddler/preschool age group with an incredible amount of activities to choose from!

This section of the Up to Ten site below is focused more on the older section ... say 5-10 year olds... but that's not a rule of course... my son still played some of these when he was 3/4. I guess your child will know pretty quickly whether they think they're too old for it huh :)

Boowa and Kwala CD's and DVD's

Pingu the Penguin Free Online Game Sites

Not an online community but they have some cute and fun games for kids to play.

I know about these mostly & I'm listing them because my son is a big Pingu fan... just loves him.

There's two different sites with completely different games for the US and UK but there's no restriction on going to either so I'll list both below. The US is the newer of the two with a better selection of games so if you're going to pick only one... I would pick the second.

Pocoyo Online Childrens Community Game Website

Click on the image to be taken to the game site

This is the newest website of all the one's I've seen and it keeps getting updated with new things.

Its the same as the Jumpstart & Club Penguin in that it's an online community for kids to join and be with other kids from all over the world. Again... it's a choice whether the kids even want to get involved with the community aspect or whether they want to visit purely for the games and fun. When kids are too young to read and or write well of course they're only going to be there for the games and adventure.

It's free up to a point and then you need a membership to access more of the games and aspects. This online site really isn't that great of a free resource compared to Jumpstart and Club Penguin as there's not a lot of stuff for kids to do on the free platform. My son and I have only been on there once. But if you're child is a big Pocoyo fan and you're ok with paying the membership then the Pocoyo world looks like a good kids online community option.

Pocoyo Bath, Car & Musical Plush Toys currently for sale online.

Moshi Monsters Online Community

My son hasn't got into this one... he's had a go but didn't seem taken by it. But I do know a lot of kids love it.

Similar to Club Penguin and Jumpstart... it's an online community filled with games and fun things to do.

The coolest thing I saw was the opportunity to create your own monster and then have it created into a real toy doll!

Moshi Tips for staying safe on the internet

Other Great Educational & Learning Toys for Pre-School Aged Kids

So What do you think? Was this helpful to you?

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      Thank you for creating such a great lens with excellent sites for young kids. My three year old loves every one I clicked on. Thanks for sharing

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      Great tips for some very nice sites. I like the Lego site best. When I was a boy we did not have toys like these and it is great that our kids may get one and learn something new by building blocks, etc.

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      great idea for a lens. Wish I had this when my kids were small.

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      great idea for a lens. Wish I had this when my kids were small.

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      nice lens i have an 8yr old son that loves these games, now his younger brother and even younger cuzs are gettin involved wow its crazyplaying flash games at 3 yrs old, heck hes going to be a programmer at that rate!!!! get the kids involved ps they like crazy frog and gummy bear youtubes lol

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      Great lense. I two kids are always looking for games online. Thanks for sharing.

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      What a great resource page for parents looking for good online Kid's Games for their children. Great work.

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      Kids can never get bored of playing physical educational toys anymore~~

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      @LauraMarie LM: Thank you Laura. I really wanted to make sure I told the truth and gave a 'real' review regarding the games. Cause I've played them with him I feel like I know them that well that I'd be in the best place to write reviews for other parents. I hope many parents find this very useful. I appreciate your response... thank you so much.

    • Pip Gerard profile image

      Pip Gerard 6 years ago

      @starzraven: Thanks so much Amy. I spent many many days putting this together. It's from my years finding the best online free games for my own son. I think they're so great as well as educational that I really wanted to share them with other parents.

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      Great review of online kids game sites.

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      @gravityx9: hehe... I know what you mean. Games are for zoning out LOL

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      I love free games, and play on line from time to time.....they're not just for kids! I esp love Pingu.........cute and fun. Some online games that are geared towards adults are too 'deep' and require more thought than I'm willing to put into a game.

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      Great lens! Terrific collection & I love Pocoyo! :D

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