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Best Furby Toys This Christmas

Updated on March 20, 2013

The New Furby

The new Furby toy 2012 is going to be a big hit this Christmas. There is no doubt about that.It is already popular and this is bound to increase the closer we get to Christmas. But what makes Furby such a hit with both children and adults.There have been over 40 million units of furby sold since they became a huge sensation in 1998.

Blue Furby From Amazon

Parents and other last minute christmas presents were queing for long hours hoping to get them.

This toy is going to on every child's wish list this christmas and with good reason.If history is to repeat itself then there will be alot of demand.

If you have no idea what furby is.Do not worry I am delighted tell you more about this toy?How it works,What makes it such a good present and why every child will want one.

This time round we are lucky because you can buy them way in advance, even from the comfort of your home no more queing in line.I think amazon is a great place to get good deals on the furby doll becasue they are trustworthy.there is a huge selection to choose fromand you can also read many reviews fron genuine customers.

Find out more about this amazing toy

Try AmazonBuy your furby doll here

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Introducing the New Furby - See what Furby looks like

Before I explain what the furby toy is,I thought it would be interesting for those that have not heard of this little guy to see what it looks like in action

What is Furby

Why is it so popular

Furby is an interactive toy that first hit the market in 1998.It was such a hit with children and when the toys were sold out during that Christmas parents were running around or queuing in long lines trying to find any available ones.

The toy was first manufactured in 1998 and another model made in 2005.The new version of the furby toy has been released in 2012.When it was first released in 1998, the original version took the world by storm quickly becoming the biggest toy that Christmas. Although the toys were reasonably priced to start with the closer it got to Christmas desperate parents were paying hundreds of dollars to get their hands on these toys.2005 saw a remake of the toy but it is the 2012 version that is going to a favourite these times because the manufacturers have factored in the current consumer trends regarding the popularity of modern gadgets like iPhones, iPod and ipads by incorporating making the toy compatible with these gadget.

Furby speaks its own language called furbish but will slowly replace this with English words as you interact with it.There is a furbish dictionary that you can get from the website and also a free language app that will tell you what your furby is saying

Continue reading to find out even more interesting thing about the new version of furby

Furby is going to be the must have toys for children this christmas

Well furby is an interactive toy

Reasons To Buy Furby

  • The fact that it is so cute makes it so hard to resist

    It has large cute ears and big LCD eyes that are expressive and react when you interact with the toy.The new version is cuddlier than the original one and with so many colours to choose from you will b spoilt for choice.Colours that are currently available include blue,teal,yellow,purplish pink,white,black

  • The interactive side of the furby

    Yes it does have a mind of its own

    The Of course the greatest feature about this toy is the fact that just like the original it is an interactive toy that responds to and interacts with its owner

    So who your furby will be will depends on how you interact with it be it playing music to it, petting it or speaking to it.

    It has sensors at the back of its head and on the belly which make it react when touched

    Basically this toy will respond to various things and how you interact with your toy determines the personality that it will have. Each toy is manufactured with different characteristic traits therefore its personality will develop according to how you interact with it. This means that you cannot get tired/ bored of the furby because it is constantly changing. So for example if you play it music, pet it or speak to it. I have discussed further below how you can play with your furby toy.

  • Furbies recognise other furbies, when you put 2 toys near each other they will talk to each other and interact with one another. Great if you have more than one child because each of their toys will have different personalities.
  • The new version of the Furby toy comes with the furby app .This is optional because you can still have so much fun without having access to it but believe this makes the toy so much fun for both parents and children. The app works with an iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with ios 4.2 or later

Other Interesting Things About Furby

It goes to sleep.Yes it will go close its eyes and go to sleep and alaso wakes up

Furby responds to sound to music and to your voice. If you play music or talk to it, it will answer you

It responds to touch. When you tickle its tummy or pet its head

Furby can be fed. Pretend fed that is. You can use your finger to pretend feed it but if you have access to the feeding app this is really fun.When you feed it,it will react depending on the food and guess what it can burp too!

What are the different colours of the furby toy - Which colour is the best?

There is an array of colours for this wonderful toy that you can choose from.At the moment the colours are orange,white,yellow,teal,a purplish pink,blue

No one colour is better than the other.It is a matter of personal preference because whatever colour you choose the prsonality of the toy will develop depending on how you interact with it.Therefore you can have 2 toys of the same colour but they will act differently

Furby Language furbish - What is my furby saying

When you purchase the furby toy, it speaks its own language called Furbish. But the more you interact with it; it will start to replace these words with English. There is a furbish dictionary that you can download from the manufacturers website; and also a free app that will translate furbish into English

I wish the manufacturers had included a dictionary with the toy though. And if you have the old dictionary that accompanied the earlier models of the toy do not worry you can still use it.

Here are some words from the furbish dictionary

If your furby is not hearing you or responding to you then try to speak louder or slower.

Search to find out more about this amazing toy

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Anyone out there liking furby too?

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