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Best Games Like Candy Crush Saga for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Updated on August 9, 2013

The game “Candy Crush Saga” is of high quality. There are many games like it. But no game can surpass it. It is better for the polish and feel. The concept is not new at all. It is a "Match - 3" type game. It is old wine in shiny new bottle. People really loves the game. You can get proves by roaming around your city. Most of the city dwellers are doing something on their phone. They are playing this game. It is the new craze after “Angry Birds”.

The game is available on various platforms like iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Facebook and PC etc. The Facebook version is also very popular like the mobile versions. Here are some games collected for you which are like Candy Crush. I hope that you will like to play these games. I am pretty sure that you can get some good mobile gaming experiences.

The List of Candy Crush Alternatives


Bejeweled is one of the best Candy Crush Saga alternatives. It is developed by "PopCap". The name of the developer is cool, is not it? This is one of the most popular games for iOS platform only a year or two ago. Bejeweled can be called as the father of Candy Crush. In this game you have to match three colorful jewels to score. If you never heard about this game before then you must play it for some time to check it. It is very much possible that you may fall in love with "Bejeweled". The game has its versions of iOS for both iPhone and iPad, and for Android too.


TetroCrate is a 3D block puzzle game. It is a mixture of "Tetris" like "falling items" game, matching and Jigsaw puzzle. Moreover the blocks are 3D. So, it may seem interesting to you. According to the developer of the game (Andrew V), it is much more intuitive and most suitable for Android touch screens.

Puzzle Quest 2

If you want to play a puzzle game with some new mixtures of tastes then Puzzle Quest 2 is ideal for you. It is a puzzle game with some RPG elements. In this game you will get the opportunity to roam around a fantasy world and solve puzzles by matching different colored things. There are various types of mini games, too. In short, it is a must play for all Candy Crush saga enthusiasts. The game is available for both iOS and Android formats. There are both free and complete full versions of the game.

Despite of being an old game, Bejweled is still a fun to play
Despite of being an old game, Bejweled is still a fun to play | Source

Rate Candy Crush Saga

3 out of 5 stars from 8 ratings of Candy Crush Saga

Piyo Blocks 2

Piyo Blocks is a very interesting matching type puzzle game. Piyo Blocks 1 is also a highly praised game. The version two is more polished and bigger in size with new levels. The game has many modes like no time limit mode, time attack mode, hyaku mode, disco mode etc. You have to clear the “Piyos” out of the board. There are many fans of it. You can play it on IOS and Android.

Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest has latest versions (2 and 3) too. The game is available in the Android and iOS format. It is a popular Candy Crush like match 3 game. There are 100+ levels in the game. You have to match the jewels to make those disappear. The graphics is clean and simple. The game is addictive and very simple to pick up and play.

Line Jelly

The game “Line Jelly” is relatively unknown but has surprising number of reviews and downloads. It is game from a free messenger app named “Line”. It is a very simple match three type game. You have to match as much as possible within 40 seconds.

Puzzle Quest 2 Game Video

Jelly Dash

The game Jelly Dash is also has “Candy Crush Saga” like game play. You need to match the items to explode. You can score more by connecting more than three items. You are time bound and so you will have to move fast. Test it on your Android phone or tablet.

Zoo Keeper

In this game you are the zoo keeper and your duty is to keep the animals in order. There are cute animal faces and you have to match each three to keep them back into the cages. There are 5 game play modes in it: Time Attack, Normal, 2P, Quest, and Tokoton. Zoo Keeper is a very popular game in portable video game consoles like Nintendo DS since 2003. Now it is available for both Android and iOS. So, why are you waiting?

Shoot Bubble Deluxe

You have to shoot a particular bubble to burst it and in this way you can match the three same colored bubbles. So, playing it is a bit different experience than Candy Crush. The game has two modes: Puzzle and Arcade. The Puzzle mode is more like Candy Crush and the Arcade mode is like Tetris.

Shoot Bubble Deluxe: A Candy Crush Saga Alternative
Shoot Bubble Deluxe: A Candy Crush Saga Alternative | Source


What type of games can be classified as “Candy Crush like games”?

Candy Crush Saga is a matching game. More specifically, it is a “match three type” game. There are many such games in which you have to combine three similar objects. If you can do these then those objects will disappear and new objects will load. There is a similar genre of games; those like Tetris. In Tetris type games objects fall from above and the player have to match those things. I have excluded such games from my list. This list will be updated and I shall add more.


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