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Top Best Games for PS4 2014-Best games to Buy

Updated on July 14, 2014
PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle
PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle

A brand new PlayStation 4 along with wireless controller & Battlefield 4 game.


Just bought PS4 and having no idea about what game to Buy ?I'm here to help you guys out.Here i will show you some of the best PlayStation 4 games which are released in 2014.All of you may have different interests in games.Some may like First person shooter games,some like sports likes and some other like simulation games.There are also Gamers who love to play any type of PC game.So,here i will show you some of the best games in each of the category.

PlayStation 4 is a must buy gaming console of 2014.Many gaming companies are releasing games for PS4 to target the new users.As a successor for PS3,this console already got a big success in the Market.Already nearly 9 million PS4 have been sold in the market worldwide.For those who still did not buy this,you are missing the Best era of Console gaming.It is a must-buy gaming console of 2014.

Best FPS games for PlayStation 4


It is the latest First person shooter game released in the Battle-Field series by the Electronic Arts.It was released on October 29,2013 and is one of the most wanted PS4 game.It has some fantastic positive reviews from the game critics because of it's fantastic Graphics,Multiplayer mode and the attractive Game play interface.

The Game play of this Battle-Field 4 is much more similar to the Battle-Field 3.Player can play the game in First person perspective to kill the enemies of other army using different Modern weapons.The Game play interface and graphics will let you buy this game.Once check the Gameplay of this game below.Also,Multiplayer mode is one of the biggest asset for BF4.You can play with several players online in the same army.

BF4 Gameplay

Call of Duty: Ghosts - PlayStation 4
Call of Duty: Ghosts - PlayStation 4

Call of Duty Ghosts for PlayStation 4


Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty series is one of the biggest competitor for Battle-Field series.They always release new games simultaneously.Both have great popularity among the Gamers.This game is released for PlayStation 4 on on November 15,2013 i.e just after the release of Battle-Field 4.These two games fight for the top place in the list of best FPS games for PS4.I have no clue to choose the best among these two but what all i can say is these two games are two best FPS games ever released for PC,PlayStation and XBOX.

It has a long story before the start of this game.The story is interesting and tells us the reason to play the game.It has got applause from critics for it's Multiplayer mode and the Introduction story.For me,i have never seen such an interesting Introduction for an FPS game.

Best Open world games for PS4


Watch dogs probably is now the second best open world game in the world after the Grand theft auto 5.It has great discussion among the people about it's graphics.It was developed and published by Ubisoft on 27th may 2014 which makes it one of the latest open world game.

This game can be played by third person perspective.The player has ability to hack all the devices using his smartphone.When i first played this game,i hacked and ATM machine to draw some free money out of it.This game completely runs on the Chicago city as base.The player can roam anywhere in the map of Chicago.If you are a Chicagoan,you can easily recognize the similarities in the game map and the real Chicago city.The map is almost similar to the Chicago city.The main objective of this game is to complete the objectives given by killing enemies.Truly,this is a worth buying open world game for PlayStation 4.

Watch Dogs Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto: 5

Grand theft auto : 5 or GTA 5 or GTA V is now the best open world game present in the market.This open world game is developed by the Rock star north and is released on September 17,2013.This Grand Theft auto game series is famous for it's open world games.They started their career by releasing GTA Vice city .It has got huge response from the world and that made them release some more interesting Open world games like GTA San andreas.This stood top in the best selling games for nearly 4 years.It took nearly 7 months to complete this San andreas game.

The latest release from this series is the new Grand Theft auto 5.It's fantastic graphics will make you fan for this game.You can roam anywhere in the big map.You can take cars,bikes and also walk on foot to roam on the roads.The main objective of this game is to complete all the missions.

GTA V Gameplay


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