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Best Gifts for Baby Boys 2015

Updated on March 17, 2015

Best Gifts for Baby Boys

Looking for the best gifts for infant boys? You can find a large range of top gifts for infant boys on this page.

Wondering what to buy an infant boy? Fear not as the best gifts for infant boys can be found right here. I have this problem because I have to buy my baby nephew so I created this page to help myself and others. Whether you are looking for nightlights, infant clothing, infant boy toys, electronics for infant boys, bath toys, outdoor toys, books or something a little different. There will be expensive gifts and cheaper gifts to suit a range of budgets.

This page will provide the best gifts for infant boys, which are suitable as birthday gifts, christmas gifts, christening gifts or just a special treat.

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Age of Baby Boys

What age is the infant boy you are buying a gift for?

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Infant Boy Clothing makes a great Christmas gift

Choose from baby boy sleepwear, and other clothing. New mums will appreciate a gift of boys clothing.

Best Toys for Infant Boys

Toys are another great gift idea for infant boys. Choose from light up toys, electronic toys and other fun toys for boys. The price of toys varies so you can pick one within your budget.

Vtech Baby Laptop

Great first laptop for infant boys and girls. Lights,sounds, action are all the perfect things needed for a babies laptop.

More electronic gifts for infant boys

Electronic toys make a popular gift choice for infant boys. Choose from laptops and phones as well as other toys which play music and offer great stimulation for infants.

Bathtub toys for boys makes a great gift

Baby boys will love bright colored bath toys which light up, play music or skirt water. A bathtub toy is a great gift for an infant boy.

Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys

Looking for some fun colorful bath toys which your little boy can squeeze and squirt water from? Well I will recommend this bath toy, which consists of 5 different creatures which are fun and easy for little boys to play with. Each of the toys has a different color and has a different texture so that your baby boy can tell the difference.

Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys
Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys

Amazon rating is 4.2 stars after over 100 reviews

Best Selling bath toy on Amazon


Soft Book Gifts for Infant Boys

Baby boys are never too young to have their first book!! My nephew spends all his spare time with his head in a book. It is so good for him and will help prepare him for school. I think his speech has come on leaps and bounds too as he learns new words.

Do you think these are the best gifts for infant boys?

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    • profile image

      Short_n_Sweet 5 years ago

      I'm on the lookout for a christmas gift for my 10-month old nephew, and I can say it's very difficult trying to find him a gift!! His mom has already bought lots of clothes, toys (some of the toys you mentioned here) and even some of the books... I sincerely don't know what to get him...maybe clothes!!