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Best Android Golf Games

Updated on May 20, 2015

So, You Need a Golfing Game?

Then consider yourself lucky, because I'm about to show you the top golfing apps for iOS. I have included only the best games in this list. I promise that by time you finish reading, you will have found the perfect app to fit your taste. And if you look close, I'll even throw in some apps that assist you in real life golfing (if you're into that, of course). So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

I would also like to point out that I have tested and used every single app I am going to show you, I will review them all and be as unbiased as I can. You could almost say that I have a drive to be honest. Let's get started!

Flick Golf Extreme! - From realistic graphics to amazing gameplay, this is a keeper.

This one is extremely fun to play when you're bored. You start by flicking the ball forward, and continue to flick it as it's in the air to add spin. But aside from this revolutionary gameplay, it lets you play on some of your dream courses. Military boats, mountains, and beautiful oceans are only part of it. This game is a must have for all golf enthusiasts. Actually, I recommend this for anyone just looking for an amazing game to play. Don't be discouraged if it is hard at first, I had a rough patch too.

Cost: $0.99

If you don't want to spend a whopping ninety nine cents, there is a free version. It's called Flick Golf! without the word extreme, and it is definitely just as good as the second. I recommend starting here, and if you want more buy the Extreme! version.

Cost: Free

Super Stickman Golf 2 - (Psst.. Super Stickman Golf 1 is free)

This one is possibly my favorite iOS golfing game of all time. It's simple gameplay, unique style, and multiplayer capabilities make this one so special. I can play with up to 8 of my best friends in a golf competition, and you wouldn't believe how intense it gets. None of them even like golf, yet we play this almost every single time we're together. When you win, be sure to enjoy their faces, as they become green with envy.

Aside from the above features, this game also has put a cool twist on a classic game. It adds power-ups, like a ball that freezes all water on the map or a hat that makes your avatar super tiny. Some are useless like the latter, and some are very effective like the ice ball. I've never played a golf game that takes strategy to play, so this is a first.

Cost: $0.99

Tiger Woods GPA Tour 12 - By far the most realistic!

Not many games deserve to have such an amazing athlete in their title. But this one lives up to it's hype, Tiger Woods GPA Tour 12 is by far the most realistic iOS game on the app store. It's retina display graphics and absolutely unbelievable courses make this an amazing game. It doesn't stop there, though! It's gameplay is to die for, and when you put this all together you get a masterpiece.

This game is the Mona Lisa of Golfing games. Polished, fluid, and fun.

Cost: $0.99

Let's Golf! 3 - The graphics are priceless.

This game doesn't win the "most realistic" award for it's graphics, but it's gameplay is on a whole new level. Instead of playing on 2D courses, or with unreal physics, this game is actually quite real. It allows you to customize you character, play mini games to tone up your skills, and even play with friends online. I recommend this if you're into a real gameplay with animated and cute graphics.

Cost: Free

Mini Golf Stars 3D: Putt Putt - This is a game every single person needs.

Mini golf is more than just a hobby, to some of us it's all that matters. There's a reason that there are so many games like this online, and there's also a reason so many people love to play it! It's easier than real golf, and in many cases more fun. If has amazing obstacles, colorful balls, and sweet courses. This game contains impossible courses and floating greens. Trust me, you want to get this game.

Cost: Free

Golfshot: Golf GPS - Used in real life

This app is used to help you golf in real life on over 40,000 courses. It is professionally mapped and can tell you where the bunkers are, the wind, distances, and your accuracy. It's a must have for all of you real golfers out there. However it is slightly expensive compared to the rest, but for what you get it is totally worth the money. This app can even keep your score, tell you where you most often miss, weather you're usually left or right of the hole, and much more.

Cost: $29.99

You Can Buy Flick Golf Extreme! Below

For less than the price of a cup of coffee you can get one of the best golfing games for iOS. I highly recommend this game.

Which one did you like most?

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    • tracy4 lm profile image

      tracy4 lm 

      5 years ago

      I like that Tiger wood GPA Tour. Nice Lens

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I think Mini Golf Matchup is the best golf game


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