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Best lap desk for gaming

Updated on September 24, 2014

Looking for a lap desk for living room/couch gaming with your laptop?

It is a known fact that using laptops on the lap is extremely uncomfortable. Despite its name, laptops cannot be used on the lap mainly because of the heat generated. Laptops generate enormous amount of heat that can at times burn the user. I often warn my partner that he'll soon get sterile from putting his laptop near his manhood whenever he plays online games in bed - I usually try to pry it away from him and put it on top of a pillow.

Keeping this in mind several companies have today come up with lap desks that help easy use of laptops. It's a good to know that we now have a range of products (aptly called lap desks) to remedy the problem.

Over the years lap desks have seen tremendous development and with the use of latest technology available today, they are able to keep the laptops cool. Gamers find it difficult to select the best lap desks for gaming. Not only do they have to find a lap desk that provides effective cooling, they also need to make sure that it is comfortable to use. The features of a good lapdesk include light weight, sturdiness, wide lap span, reduction of heat build up etc.

The market is packed with hundreds of lap desks, however I've listed below the 3 best ones for gaming to save you time. Whether you play games with your laptop, or you just need a lapdesk setup for your gaming keyboard and mouse, you can find a desk to suit your needs.

Photo Credits:All Images courtesy of Amazon

Futura Gamers Lap Desk
Futura Gamers Lap Desk

LapWorks Futura Gamers Desk

Best gaming lap desk

Most of the lap desks made are designed to be portable which makes it suitable for gaming. But Futura's Gamers Lap Desk is made specially to improve a gamer's convenience.

Futura Gamers Desk With One Max Mouse Pad And One regular Mouse Pad For That Extra Mousing Area

The most impressive aspect of this gamer's desk is its design. It has ample keyboard space and a retractable surface for the mouse which makes it very compact. It has a wide lap span making it easier for the person to naturally rest his or her legs.

While most other lap desks only have a single mouse pad extension, this gamer's desk has two extensions giving better mouse control. This desk that has a 4 star rating on Amazon is designed to improve laptop cooling. It has well placed ventilation slots that improve cooling by more than 20%. This hugely decreases restarts due to overheating and also part replacements.

LapGear 45303 Multi-Purpose Jumbo LapDesk
LapGear 45303 Multi-Purpose Jumbo LapDesk

LapGear Multi-Purpose Jumbo Lap Desk

If you want a lap desk not just for gaming

Also known as the LapGear 45303, this lap desk despite being a multi-purpose desk also goes a long way in serving as a gamer's desk. Mouse and other such useful devices can be stored in these trays.

LapGear 45303 Multi-Purpose Jumbo LapDesk

Its simple and sleek design makes it easy to clean thereby making it easy to maintain. The Micro-Bead Lap Pads provided underneath, ensure maximum comfort and stability when placed on the lap.

The lap desk is extremely light and has excellent resistance to heat. It has extra organizer trays that allow easy storage of accessories. Another interesting aspect of this lap desk is its strength. It is a very durable desk that has high resistance to pressure.

Cooler Master Comforter Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion
Cooler Master Comforter Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion

Cooler Master Comforter Laptop Lap Desk

Keeps your laptop cool

Every gamer today is aware of the large amount of heat generated in laptops when playing games. Several gamers have lost a lot of game time due to their laptop restarting.

One main reason for the restart of laptop is overheating which can be avoided only when the laptop is cooled efficiently. An easy way to do that is by using Cooler Master Comforter Laptop Lap Desk, which is rated 4 on amazon.

One of the most popular lap desks in the market today Cooler Master, has addressed the problem of every gamer. Its ability to control the heat flow is mainly due to its concave design. This design allows the heat from the laptop to dissipate easily. Also the person's lap is protected from the laptop heat making it extremely comfortable to use.

Which one is the best laptop lap desk for gamers?

A gamer can consider these three lap desks for effective gaming. However the need for the best lap desk for gaming, is best satisfied when one uses the Futura Gamers Lap Desk, as it is designed especially for gamers.

What do you think of these lap desks for laptop/notebook gaming? - I'd love to hear from you!

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