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Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods

Updated on January 15, 2015

Best mount and blade WARBAND mods

Are you a fan of the mount and blade RPG series?

Then you will definitely love this list.

Mount&Blade: Warband is the first sequel for the action role-playing video game Mount&Blade.

There are many MODS online which you can download for free and expand your gaming pleasure.

A big "Thank you!", to all developers, who made these splendid mods.

If you didn't try Mount and blade by now, I sincerely recommend you this game, if you're a medieval game kind of person. The fighting in this game is amazing, while the game has still some left space for being even better, its still one of its kind!

Mount and blade TRAILER

#1 Anno Domini 1257

This modification, puts you in the 13th century Europe. You start your journey in the year of our lord 1257. This mods attempts to be as historically accurate as it can be, join a Kingdom, a Sultanate, or a Holy order and conquer the world.

#2 Crusader - DEUS VULT

This modification depicts the age of Crusaders and Crusades. You have plenty of new items ( =read Weapons, armours, horses,...) which you can experience even more with the original map of the holy lands. Depicting the accuracy of those times, its what this modification is trying to do.

#3 Imperium Graecorum

You love Ancient Greeks and Romans? Then you will love this modification which puts you in that Era.

#4 Prophesy of Pendor

A fantasy story modification, but one of the best. It starts in the land of Pendor, which has been not ruled by a King for many generations. There is a prophecy that a hero from a distant land will unite Pendor under a single Ruler and bring peace to the land, could that be you?

#5 Diplomacy

This mod adds the loving experience to the game in terms of interaction both as a vassal and as a King, and it doesn't stop there, you can appoint people to take over your affairs whilst your out fighting your enemy. A must have!

#6 The Song of Taliesin: Wars of the Old North

Do you remember the old Folk tale? Here you go, enjoy yourself with some live Brittanic story and factions.

This modifications likes to depict the brutality, dangers and the atmosphere in the early period of medieval times.

#7 Sword of Damocles : Warlords

This modification brings you from Calradia into the new land of Ponavosa! What do you get? More than 200 troops and factions from the original Sword of Damocles : Gold and are rebalanced for Mount and blade Warband platform.

#8 Europe 1200

Command your troops and write your glory with your sword or wits in the Europe. This modification puts you in the year of our Lord 1200.

Will you support the Almohads or claim the Christian lands in Iberia or perhaps defend the powerful merchant states from its neighbours?

Give your own opinion..

Which of the above MOD's you like the most?

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      JimmySky 4 years ago

      Good job!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Excellent lens. Well done