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Best Board Games for Couples 2015

Updated on January 13, 2015

Tired of always settling down to the TV at night? My wife and I were too. We started having a couple's night for board games a few years ago and never stopped. It's a good way to break up the week and have some bonding time and host friends.

If you are looking for some fun games to play with other couples, take a look at some of the ones we are talking about here. These are games that are best played with couples who are romantically involved, but not all of them need be.

From mysterious and engaging, to funny and silly, these games will be a fun part of game night.

8 Good Two Player Board Games for Couples in 2015

Murder Mystery Party - Pasta, Passion and Pistols

The first one we are looking at is Murder Mystery Party - Pasta, Passion and Pistols. The game includes everything you need for a murder mystery dinner at your own home. It includes a party planner with recipes and a menu, a character booklet for all suspects that include their roles and all background information needed.

There is a CD with an introduction and a solution to the crime. There are party invitations and envelopes, place cards, secret clues and of course, the mystery to solve. This game will handle six to eight players. The characters included are Rocco Scarfazzi, Mama Rosa, Marco Roni, Bo Jalais, Angel Roni, Tara Misu, Father Al Fredo and Clair Voyant.

You must find out who murdered restaurateur Pepi Roni and what their motive was for committing the crime. To make things more interesting, ask your guests to dress up in costume to give the evening an authentic flair.

It can be hard to read the character books the way they are written since they all say "you" instead of "I". Let your guests know to change the words and have them practice for a few minutes if you find it confusing.

Battle of the Sexes

What game could be more appropriate for couples than Battle of the Sexes? The game is played by answering questions from a serious of gender based question cards. Some questions may seem easy for your sex but when the other gender must answer, it takes on a whole new spin!

Questions are very gender specific about sports, beer and cars for the girls and the guys must answer questions about makeup, babies and bridal parties. It can be quite intimidating and telling when you don't know the answers.

For some added fun, you can put a time limit on the answers so people have to think quickly! The questions can be kind of silly and sometimes a bit inaccurate, and yet others have felt that the game is too stereotypical, but the point is just to have fun.


Spouse-ology also makes a great game for married folks who want to be able to think like their spouses. You compete against other couples while your spouse guesses how you will answer questions from five different categories.

Extra points can be awarded while you and your spouse do goofy stunts together. If you have mismatched answers, then you both have to do a "fun penalty". This might require kissing for 30 seconds or piggybacking around the room. I love that this game is actually very clean, so even if you have little ones lingering about, you don't have to worry about hiding content from them. Acting out skits, singing songs and making yourselves look silly in the process is all part of the fun.

Underneath all the mirth however, you actually do learn to how your spouse thinks about things and it might make life easier afterwards! I probably wouldn't recommend it for folks who are painfully shy, some of the antics can be a bit intimidating for introverted people. Overall though, this is a great game that seems to be based off the Newlywed Game but is much more fun.

Loaded Questions

How many times have you asked your partner a loaded question? Like, "Do these pants make my butt look big?" This game Loaded Questions gives you a chance to test your knowledge of the opinions of other people as you are racing the other players to win the game.

You need to guess the other players answers to very opinion oriented questions so you can advance on the board. There are over 500 questions included in this game with six pencils, one die, six game pieces, a score pad and board. You simply roll the die and move around the board until you land on an orange space. You then read the question aloud and all players write their answers down which are then collected and read out loud.

The person who rolled the die has to guess who wrote each answer and for every accurate guess, they move one more space on the board. This game will accommodate 3-6 players and is for ages 13 and up. I love how varied the questions are so you get some very funny and insightful answers. This game might actually be best played with people you don't know very well to make it more challenging.

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

For another fun couples game, check out Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. You might have read the book from John Gray, and now you can play it in real life! Your team must guess how the other players will respond to questions with seven different categories that include things like "In the Flesh", or "Communication".

For instance, the women can try to match how a male opponent might answer a question. With several different answers to pick, you must be lucky to determine what the other player will choose. The winner is the best predictor of the other players answers. This game is for people who are willing to laugh at their own views about relationship issues and the opposite sex. Sometimes, even some teasing goes along with the game.

Make sure you are playing with people who won't be embarrassed with the kinds of questions and answers. Most adults I've played this game with find it very amusing and have a good time. As with some of the others we've talked about, this game is good for helping you understand how your partner thinks.

I've Never Board Game Adult Version

For couples that like to drink, try the I've Never Board Game Adult Version. This game will get you talking about everything, revealing secrets and acting kinda crazy. But it's all in fun!

The game is simple and quick so those that find their attention spans short, will be able to keep up easily. You roll the die, move your piece accordingly, and follow the instructions on the board. You might have to do a shot, sing a song or do jumping jacks.

Every few spaces will instruct you to read aloud an I've Never card. It might say something like, "I've never cheated on my boyfriend/girlfriend." then you have to admit if it is true or false. This is definitely a game for super extroverts and can get very uncomfortable for people who don't like to share information about themselves.

Even though this is an adult version, the sexually related questions aren't too dirty. I love that there are blank cards included so you can make up your own creative questions to throw in the mix.


How compatible do you think you are to your partner? Well, the game Compatibility gives you the opportunity to find out. You start the game by randomly picking a topic on a card like, marriage, home, peace, etc. and then you and your partner choose 5 images out of a stack you've each been given to pick out the pictures that best represent the word.

For instance, you could pick pictures of a sky, flowers, a cross, the color white and someone sleeping to represent what you think "peace" means. You lay them out from left to right in order of what you think best represents the word. When you are ready, both you and your partner flip over your pictures at the same time. You get points for having the same pictures in your lineups, and more points for having pictures in the exact same position in your lineups.

The first team to reach the end, wins. This game can be great at showing you just how you are in sync with your partner and how alike you think to showing you how unique you both are in how you think! You can play with friends, family and lovers alike; even kids like to join in the fun.

Match Mate

Match Mate is another fun board game to see how you and your partner might think differently, or alike. For instance, will you both agree on who is the easiest to get along with? There are tons of questions with over 1000 to choose from.

The game can accommodate 2 to 4 adult couples. Four categories include memory, personality, sensuality, and odds and ends. There are 126 cards with men/women questions, wipe off answer folders, pens included and a score card. I like that the game can be played at any comfort level and still be fun.

The questions range from silly, easy and hard, to adult in nature. Be sure to keep tempers in check when disagreements are made when answers are given. After all, this is a game and it's meant to be fun.

Which Game Do You Play Most?

Which Game Do You Play Most?

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© 2012 Brandon Hart

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