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best online gaming websites by category

Updated on October 8, 2009

Online Gaming Categories

When I got to thinking about recommending some great sites to kill time and play games I figured first I should probably categorize the different types of gamers so I could best suggest what site would work for each group. After thinking about it for some time I came up with 4 differenet reasons people play games on the internet and I will be linking a different site for each group that would best fit there reasons. The four groups I came up with are not universal and I am sure they can be broken down into smaller groups or differently but this should serve as a general guideline. As you are reading feel free to comment on at the bottom if you think there is a group I left out of the mix.

That being said I group the internet gaming population into these 4 categories, casual/bored, the time killers, the frequent gamers, and extreme gamers. Without going into too much detail each group of these gamers enjoys online gaming for different reasons.

The casual/bored crowd is normally online doing work or chatting with friends and with some downtime has nothing to do. These gamers usually stumble onto gaming websites via a link from another entertainment source (videos, music, humor) or a friend and will spend some time playing the games wherever they land without paying much attention to the site they are on. These are the people that play a game or two and once the games lose their attention are done playing and move back to music, or videos. For a gamer like this the best place to visit to play games would be a website that has all forms of entertainment (music games and videos) with easy navigation.

A good website for this type of gamer would be which offers not only games but videos, humor, and games.

The time killers are the people that are logged onto the internet between classes, before work, at the doctors office or wherever they may be they are logged on solely to kill time. This group of gamers knows that they want to play games in order to kill time but is not particularly worried about the websites features or community. For this category they are more interested in playing a large selection of small games or quick games rather than getting into a game that would require them to save or progress through different levels. The best website for this group of people would offer tons of games with no registration or logging in. 

A good website for the time killer would be which offers over 13,000 games.

Frequent gamers know what they want to play and normally where to get it from. These people turn to games when they are bored, or trying to kill time. They might even be playing games when they should be working or studying. For the frequent gamer it is important that the site offers a good selection of games from all different categories. It is also important to the frequent gaming crowd that the website keeps their game database up to date and fresh. These gamers usually want to play the newest game out at the time.

A good website for the Frequent gamer would be which offers over 2000 games and is updated daily with the latest content.

Extreme gamers are normally converts from console gaming that choose to play online because it is more competitive and all the games are free. This group lives for an active community and gaming challenges that will keep them motivated to play. The extreme gamers must have the newest games when they come out similar to the frequent gamers but also need high scores to compete with. This group can also include non competitive gamers that enjoy playing for fun but that still "choose" to play online games over playing sports or other activities. 

A good website for the extreme gamer would be which offers 20,000 free games, an active community, and lots of challenging features.

4 pillars of gaming

4 recommended gaming websites
4 recommended gaming websites

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