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Best Outdoor and Indoor Playhouses For Children

Updated on January 28, 2012

Looking for a great outdoors playhouse for the kids this summer?

If you have young children, an outdoors playhouse can make a wonderful addition to any back yard or garden. Playhouses are just like real, miniature houses, and your children will be thrilled to have a space they can call their very own. A playhouse can be the base for many imaginative games, or simply a special place a child can hang out in, and take his or her things into. The best ones will last for many years, and can provide an 'escape' world in which to while away sunny afternoons. Not only that, but you don't need a vast amount of space. But if you are considering purchasing an outdoors playhouse for your children, you probably have one major question - which ones are best?


Plastic or Wood?

If you are looking for a playhouse then you basically have two options - to buy a plastic playhouse or to buy a wooden playhouse. Both are worthy of consideration. Wooden playhouses look the most authentic and usually the most attractive. However, if you purchase a wooden playhouse you will have to be prepared to protect it against the weather every year. A wooden playhouse is usually quite an expensive purchase, and if you do not protect it against the ellements on an annual basis it will become weather-beaten and tatty after a year or so. Protecting your playhouse is easy with a good quality product, so it is important to make the effort.

A plastic playhouse will typically be made of a strong, durable plastic that can withstand the elements and the boisterous play of children. There is no extra care needed, so it practical terms they are ideal. Step2 is one company who provides a great range of excellent quality, plastic playhouses. They have a great reputation and products are typically manufactured in the USA.

Most of the playhouses detailed are also perfect for indoor play, if space allows.

Step2 Sweetheart Playhouse
Step2 Sweetheart Playhouse

Step2 Sweetheart Playhouse

This is a lovely playhouse with some very satisfactory reviews from previous purchasers. Designed to appeal especially to little girls, it is an atttactive and durable product, perfect for the garden and also indoors if you have the space. The house has a working door with a doorbell that really chimes (always a hit with young children who are often fascinated by doorbells) and shutters that open and close. There are several additional features that heighten the fun factor - for instance, a pretend cordless electronic phone which makes 6 different sounds, a convertible range top that flips to reveal a barbecue grill with clicking knobs, and a clock and a flowerpot for the added homely touch. Constructed from high quality plastic, it is made in the USA.  Definitely a playhouse worth considering.

KidKraft Clubhouse
KidKraft Clubhouse

KidKraft Outdoor Cottage Clubhouse

This is an attractive, wooden 'clubhouse' by KidKraft, constructed from weather resistant wood. It has both a door and windows that open and shut. Inside is a play sink and storage space; attached to the outside is a mailbox with a flag. The rustic, neutral style of this house will appeal to either girls or boys.

KidKraft is a popular company which makes a wide range of quality products for children. This is a playhouse which can be used either outside or inside.

Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage
Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage

Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage

 The Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage is a high quality, plastic product, ideal for toddlers.  As you can see from the picture (right), it is a very open playhouse and so perfect for little ones who feel most confident when playing in full view of mom or dad whilst still enjoying the excitement of their own little 'house'. 

This playhouse has a working doorbell which small children love, plus an electronic 'phone'.  Inside the cottage is a molded-in table with two seats, one on either side.  There is also a faucet, burner, mailbox, wood and stone effect detailing and shutters on the two far windows.  The Neat and Tidy Cottage has a solid, built-in floor.  This is a wonderful playhouse for very young children - a great place to indulge in some pretend cooking, simple 'house' games or just somewhere to take their stuff.

Step2 Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse
Step2 Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse

Step2 Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse

Another very well-received product from Step2, this is a large and spacious playhoue with plenty of room for multiple children to play alongside each other. Made of strong and durable plastic, this playhouse still has a homely and practical feel about it. With its two bay windows, peaked roof with skylight and welcome mat, it will provide years of imaginative play for the kids, with little care needed to maintain its high quality. It comes with many additional features, such as a working doorbell, cordless electronic phone and a kitchen area with play sink, range, cabinet and drop-leaf table. A wonderful playhouse that can be assembled either inside or outside and is designed to appeal to either girls or boys.

Applegate Activity Playhouse

 This is a quaint playhouse constructed from cedar wood with a strong, plastic roof.  There is plenty of scope for imaginative play using the added features - these include a play sink, mailbox with flag, chalkboard for displaying 'today's menu', play baskets and a play grill with utensils. 

Tortuga Breckenridge Playhouse
Tortuga Breckenridge Playhouse

Tortuga Breckenridge Outdoor Playhouse

The Tortuga Breckenridge Outdoor Playhouse is indeed a luxury addition for any yard or garden. This alpine style, authentic wooden playhouse has some wonderful architectural features that really make it stand out from the crowd. It is made from non pressure treated wood which is naturally resistant to rot, decay and damage caused by insects. The roof is polycarbonate, as are the semi-tinted panels on the windows and doors.

This playhouse will appeal to older kids as well as the younger ones. It has a 'grown-up' look about it. The front porch is a lovely addition, and the spacious house has not one but two doors. The windows have shutters . Not suitable for indoor use.


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    • Diana Abrahamson profile image

      Diana Abrahamson 14 months ago from t Francis Bay

      Sweet looking and colourful play houses for kids. They always appreciate something that is just for them! Makes the kids feel special.

    • profile image

      eudociadavis 6 years ago

      Attractive,Creative,Safe idea for Outdoor and Indoor Playhouses For Children.

      this hub rocks!