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Best Places To Buy Bananagrams Word Game Online

Updated on July 1, 2017

Find Banagrams and More Word Games at Amazon

Bananagrams Word Game

What do you think of when you hear the word “Bananagrams”?  I know the first time I heard my 7 year old say it, I thought he had to be making up a word. Little did I know that Bananagrams was one of the hottest word games in the country! I did a little research and found out not only is it fun for almost everyone, but is also serves as an educational tool used by many schools. It has actually been available to the public since early 2006, (where have I been?).

Playing Bananagrams is very similar to scrabble but lots more fun! It is for almost any age, requires no board, no pencil, or paper. It can be played in as little as five minutes, from 2-8 people at a time and the best part, Bananagrams Word Game is a great travel game, just grab the pouch and go!

Play Bananagrams Online

Play Bananagrams Online and Go Bananas!
Play Bananagrams Online and Go Bananas!

Where To Play Banagrams Online

Ready to go bananas? Then you can join the thousands of players competing in one of the hottest word games to date by playing Bananagrams online.  The online version was developed by Large Animal Games in partnership with Majesco Entertainment. Most of the sites are free to play, some like Facebook, Myspace, and Bebo do require you have an account. On May 6, 2009 industry insiders voted Bananagrams as a top ten addicting game on Facebook. This is a great way to keep your mind churning and playing with people from all across the country keeps it challenging. It is truly an award winning word game that will drive your Bananas!

Bananagrams Book
Bananagrams Book

Do you Need a Bananagrams Book?

Sure Bananagrams word game is easy to play but there can be so many different variations to this 2009 International Toy Fair Game of the Year, that it is a good idea to invest in a Bananagrams Book. The book features a glossary, an answer key, special strategies, a lot of fun facts about Bananagrams word game and so much more. This book puts this brain-twisting word game on paper giving you endless ways to drive your competitors bananas! So to answer the question, "do you need a Bananagrams book?", not necessarily but it sure keeps things interesting.

Learn The Bananagrams Rules

Basic Bananagrams Rules:

  • First step is unzipping the Banana bag, dump letters onto any flat surface, turn all 144 tiles face down (as they will be To begin the game just unzip the Bananagrams bag and put the letters out against the table. flick all of the 144 strips face-side down. (they come pressed together into a "bunch").
  • Second, depending on number of players, the tiles are divided among them. Any remaining tiles are to remain face down in the "bunch".
  • 2-4 players, 21 tiles each
  • 5-6 players, 15 tiles each
  • 7-8 players, 11 tiles each
  • As soon as all tiles have been drawn, a player (any player), says "Split! Now let the flipping begin and the letters become words.
  • This is the part most similar to "Scrabble", because all the letters used to make words must attach to each other and interconnect. A player can rearrange their letters as many times as they wish but always keeping with the rule, they must spell a word either horizontally or vertically.
  • Once a player has used up all of their letters, they must say "Peel!" This is when all players must pull another letter from the bunch.
  • Remember each player is playing individually but at the same time. During play if a player finds a letter too difficult to use can return it to the bunch face down. The player must announce this by saying "Dump" and must take three letters in its place.This play does not affect the other players.
  • Once there are less tiles in the "bunch" than there are players, the first player that uses all of their tiles shouts "Bananas". This player can be declared the victor if the other players find no misspellings, or incorrect words.(Proper nouns are not acceptable) A dictionary may be consulted if necessary. If all words check out, the player is declared the Winner of that Hand. If their words do not check out, that player becomes the "Rotten Banana", put out of that hand returning all of their tiles face down to the "bunch". All other players resume play.
  • Players can decide how long they want to play, in other words, one hand can be the game or a number of hands can be played to whatever limit the players agree upon to declare a victor (preferably decided prior to starting the game).

Remember these are just the basic Bananagrams Rules and their are any number of ways you can play this ever-evolving, brain boggling word game, called simply "Bananagrams".

Bananagrams How to Play Online Video

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