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Best Playmobil Toys For Boys - To Suit All Budgets

Updated on July 17, 2011

If you are looking for the best Playmobil toys for boys, then there are some fantastic sets to choose from. The beauty of Playmobil is that so many extra details are incorporated into the sets, which puts them at a cut above the competition. Playmobil is played with over and over again, and has been for over 30 years - it inspires imaginative play and can absorb children for hours. However, making a choice out of the multitude of sets on offer might seem rather daunting, unless you know exactly what the child you are buying for likes best.

As the title suggests, this article describes some of the best Playmobil sets available for little boys. I have based the examples on my own experience as the parent of a small boy - recently, he has been spending a great deal of time indulging in Playmobil games. We have a fairly large collection of Playmobil - some of it is played with only sporadically (such as the Recycling Truck, even though it is a very 'boyish' toy with some good reviews), and some of it comes out on a daily basis. So, what is his favorite?

Playmobil Knights

Playmobil have a large range of knight toys on offer - these sets are very appealing to small boys. After all, there is no getting away from it - most boys love action and fantasy battles, even very young ones. Playmobil Knights come with a great range of accessories which can be attached to their bodies or to their horses - swords, spears, bows and arrows, shields. My son has several knights, and he loves getting them all ready with their shields and weaponry, ready to head off and do their stuff.

My son liked Playmobil before he had any knights to play with, but when he did get some he played with it so much more. At present, he only has smaller sets, but this is in no way detrimental to his play. In fact, you don't have to spend a fortune, as there is a set to suit every budget. My small son has insisted that he is saving up for 'Great Dragon's Castle', because he saw it on the front of a leaflet and is quite besotted with the idea of it. I suspect that it will become his main Christmas gift this year, since his small amounts of pocket money are unlikely to stretch to it.

Currently, he is very much enjoying playing with his small knights set - this consists of a small section of castle, complete with prison dungeon, four knights with accessories, and one working cannon. He actually spends the majority of the time preparing the knights ready for battle - setting them up with the right accessories and hats, etc. I think that is why Playmobil is so successful with young children - their incredible attention to detail sparks the imagination of little ones like my son.

Of course, all this playing knight games has naturally led on to short discussions about history, and what life was really like so very long ago. So, it has an educational element as well!

Playmobil Pirates

Boys nearly always find pirate games exciting, and Playmobil Pirates is no exception. Boys can really get absorbed in the treacherous world of pirates, when they have the right toys to bring their imaginations alive. In fact, one of my oldest son's best and most played with toys has been his enormous pirate collection - when he was around the age of six or so, he would spend many hours up in his room with intense battle breaking out between ships at sea; prisoners captured and buried treasure to discover on the island (it was in the days before he grew into a pre-teen and became obsessed with computers instead - I look back to those days with fondness). There was always a lot of death and a lot of torturing, but then boys usually do like bloodthirsty action and there isn't much anyone can do about it.

To play the best pirate games, you need at least one ship (and of course two is better, as all good games should have an enemy to battle), a selection of unscrupulous pirates, some treasure and an island to hide it on. Then, the stage is set and your child's imagination will tell the story....

Playmobil has some very good pirate sets, and many are very affordable. The Red Corsair Ship is a great set at an inexpensive price with good reviews, and the Ghost Ship with its eerie presence would make a really great addition to a collection. There is just something extra exciting about playing with characters that are already dead... The Pirate Island is also inexpensive - it is quite small but is enough to add another dimension to a good game. All in all, I feel you just can't go wrong with Playmobil Pirates - most boys will adore it. It kept my son, plus any friends that happened to come round, happy for hours.

Playmobil Police

A lot of boys are fascinated by the emergency services, particularly the police and the notion of 'good' cop arresting 'bad' criminal. Playmobil has a lot of great police sets - from more expensive items like the Police Headquarters, to small budget sets such as the policeman with jewel thief. There is great scope for brilliant imaginative games. As I suggested before, the very best childhood games require only a few key toys, and then lots and lots of imagination. The best Playmobil toys are ones that invariably lead to the most creative games - and creative games are in abundance with the 'cops and robbers' notion of the Playmobil Police.

A few of the great Playmobil Police sets are pictured right, but there are many others to choose from. From patrol cars, to police helicopters, to unscrupulous villians plotting to steal, to 'baddies' in handcuffs, to the hub of the station itself, Playmobil Police is surely up there at the top when it comes to choosing Playmobil for little boys.

Whilst there are many fantastic Playmobil sets on the market, I feel the three I have described are among the most popular when choosing a gift for a boy. I have been the parent of sons for over ten years, and have observed the sorts of toys they like to play with along the way. Some have staying power and some just don't - and in my home, all of these were winners.


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