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The Best Racing Games For PS4

Updated on November 16, 2013

The Best PS4 Racing Games

Are you excited PS4 racing games will be coming to the console when it starts shipping? Well only a few car racing game titles will be available for the Playstation 4.

This means gamers are left with only a few game titles to choose from and that is what this page is all about.

Though I play lots of action and sport games I also do like games where gamers battle each other with cars and motorcycles.

This page highlights top action packed racing games out and yet to be released for the Sony Playstation 4 console.

**New titles will be added to this page when they are announced.


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Need For Speed Rivals

Need for Speed: Rivals
Need for Speed: Rivals

Similar to Need For Speed Hot Pursuit comes the all new Need For Speed Rivals. Yes, you are going to get lots of rivalry from playing this game both in the real world from friends and fans online and in the gaming world.Developers promise detailed textured graphics which they say brings the game to live than any other previous Need For Speed game series.In-game options include playing the role as a driver enlisting in races and being chased by cops. Also, players can take the role of cops and chase down dangerous drivers.Multiplayer session allows for head to head clash with friends and gamers worldwide.



DriveClub (PlayStation 4)
DriveClub (PlayStation 4)

To start with, Driveclub is a Playstation 4 exclusive game. And the developers at Evolution Studios working on this game promise a very innovative and excellent racing experience with this game.Earlier this year Drive club was announced as a Playstation 4 launch title game but that won’t happen because developers claim the game is still in production and would be out by the end of first quarter of 2014.In Driveclub, players can go solo and challenge other races in the game or online. Players can also create a driving club of twelve drivers. The achievement of any driver in a team affects the other team drivers in achievements and bonuses.**There is a free bonus package when you order Driveclub.


The Crew

The Crew - PlayStation 4
The Crew - PlayStation 4

The Crew is yet to be published by Ubisoft in first quarter of 2014 but it’s available for pre-orders now. The game is looking to dominate racing games and also catch the attention of fans of top arcade-action racing games.Play missions with friends and work with criminals to take on missions whiles trying to escape cops in some instances. Some missions include taking down targeted cars as they speed off. Teaming with your crew, they can help you accomplish missions.The racing ground covers the whole of the USA from coast to coast so you don’t get to see the same scenes frequently.See video below for more information on what to expect.


The Crew Gameplay Demo Video

Upcoming Titles...

Prepare your console for more exciting racing games next year. Some games have not even been announced but be sure to see the best ones here when they get announced. A game for kids and adults Angry Birds Star Wars for PS4 wasn’t announced as a launch title but it will be coming as a launch title.

What we are implying is whenever a racing game becomes available be rest assured it will be placed on this page. Below are  game titles expected to be released for the PS4.

Grand Turismo 7:

Switch Galaxy Ultra:

Trial Fusion:

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