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Best RC Boats For Kids

Updated on July 28, 2014

These Are The Best RC Boats For Kids

Are you looking for the best RC boats? The world of RC boats has become more popular each year as new updated models come available. They come in a wide range of styles such as the tug boats, sail boats and even speed boats. There are gas powered models that are built to achieve high rates of speed and are used for competitions.

They are great for all ages and all levels of experience. Most of these are in a price range that will be appealing. Kids love playing with them in water and it will make them happy as they sail it around a pool or small pond of water.

Photo Credit: This is a photo that I took of my brother's 30 year old boat. It still works but not near like it did at one time. I mention this boat several times below.

Read about this RC Tugboat Today! - Loads of fun awaits with this one!

This one is a very popular choice and are available in many styles including electric and gas powered that will give you plenty of outside fun on the water. This one is the Atlantic harbor model that is powered by a single powerful electric motor and rudder system. This will allow for fast turns. It is highly detailed including deck, cockpit, and also has its own radar equipment. A big highlight is the water hose that actually works and shoots out water. The electric motor is powered by a battery that can hold a charge for up to 30 minutes and with a range of about 300 feet..Most of the ones that I have seen so far will only hold a charge for 15 minutes so this is quite an improvement. I remember my brother's old model wouldn't hold a charge for very long at all - maybe 10 minutes. About the time you really got into playing with it, it would quit working so these boats have come a long, long way.

23" Atlantic Harbor RC Tugboat: Collectible Tugboat
23" Atlantic Harbor RC Tugboat: Collectible Tugboat

I can just see my grandson enjoying this one in the pool. Can you believe the water hose actually shoots water! What fun!


Come Sail the Waters with Me!!!

old rc boat
old rc boat

Find the Boat that Suits Your Desires!

Have fun shopping around for the right one

People who love the water and power machines are going to enjoy taking control of it. It might be a cruiser or a speed boat. It might be a luxury liner or a power jet. Which ever style you choose you are going to be amazed when you watch how enjoyable the experience of holding the controls will be. This is a great gift for anyone who loves the water, boats, or would like to have an alternative to the joy of fishing. Indeed there are many aspects of fishing that can be experienced when you take one of these out on the water. Choose the speed depending on the resulting experience you would like to see. For example: The faster the boat the more exciting times. The slower the boat the more relaxing times.

Photo Credit: Another picture of the old boat that our brother loved so much.

Fun RC Sail Boats - The Top Rated RC Sail Boats

If you are looking for a great RC sailboat then selecting either of these featured ones will be a great choice. After looking at these two, I know either would be a great gift for my grandson and I sure hope he lets me play, too! I have never been sailing but have always thought it would be fun so maybe one of these might just be the closest I get to a real sailboat.

Golden Bright Full Function Radio Control Boat Vehicle, Red
Golden Bright Full Function Radio Control Boat Vehicle, Red

The favorite RC sailboats are fun and easy to use. My grandson likes a boat he can take to the family pool or to the local swimming hole. The best for both are the sailboats with the balance.

RC Sailboat Yacht Remote Controled Boat
RC Sailboat Yacht Remote Controled Boat

You can see how the section which will be below the water has the ability to balance the top. This gives the sailboat better ability to stay in an upright position.

My brother had this same style of boat but it didn't have the balance. He was constantly trying to figure out things he could tack to the bottom of the boat (which would balance as well as be water proof).


RC Speed Boats on Amazon - The Best Selling Boats

RC speed boats are about the most popular ones available on the market. They are available in many different models that feature a single or dual powered motor that provides for a faster experience. They can be seen on lakes and in public parks across the country and with an extended battery pack these will give you lots of time for some great water fun.

I remember when my brother was an adult and his wife gave him one of these boats for his birthday. He had more fun with it and said it relaxed him to watch it move through the water in their pool. Sometimes, he would make it do fancy moves and go real fast but most of the time he just let it cruise around. We still have that boat. Our brother passed away over 25 years ago and it still works and has to be well over 30 years old. Of course, these kinds of boats have come a long way since then and are much better than they were.

This Racing Boat is Very Popular! - Want to race me now?

Boaters get ready to speed across the water when you get one like the one featured here. This is good for beginners and will give you the most fun when outside enjoying a day at the lake or public park that has a small pond. It will run for 15 minutes after charging so that will be a great 15 minutes. Won't it?

Click to read some of the 95 reviews on Amazon. Amazon reviews are always a good way to learn about a product from those who have already used it. For instance, some of the reviewers say that It may be necessary to upgrade the battery on this one. Now, I appreciate knowing that information and would go right ahead and purchase the upgrade. Makes sense to me.

28" Blazingly Fast Victory EP Racing RC Boat EP777
28" Blazingly Fast Victory EP Racing RC Boat EP777

I don't know many boaters who don't enjoy speed so this would be one to race across the waters.


Who Are You Shopping for Today? - Whoever it is, they are mighty lucky.

Who would you buy one of these boats for?

See results

Great Gifts For The Holidays

When you are thinking about putting together a set of toys for grandchildren who drop by to visit or to send out to their house then you can look at toys in a whole new way. The age and interests of the children are important. As they get older new interests immerge.

If you want to shop quick and not worry at all then these items are great for the kids this year. Give the LEGOs early (for birthdays, Easter or Valentine's Day, and then give the art kit and tiny remote control boats on Christmas.

The three items will be perfect for a family of two to four kids.

ALEX® Toys - Young Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro 52WCheck Price on Amazon

Racing Pair of Speedo Mini Remote Controlled RC Speed Boats (40mhz & 27 mhz)Check Price on Amazon

LEGO 60024 City Advent CalendarCheck Price on Amazon

Did you have a favorite remote control toy as a child, or does/did your child have one? I hope you will share your thoughts here. Thank you.

Did you find what you were looking for? - Which one is your family favorite?

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    • davenjilli lm profile image

      davenjilli lm 4 years ago

      great Christmas ideas here

    • profile image

      xhobbystore 5 years ago

      very nice lens. see so many different rc toys here. going to get one for my kids for xmas gift. Thx

    • NYtoSCimjustme profile image

      NYtoSCimjustme 5 years ago

      When we get our pool this summer, I will be buying one of these awesome RC Boats to play with .. what could be more fun than running over the swimmers with a speedboat?

    • profile image

      aishu19 5 years ago

      Such cool toys to enjoy in the pool

    • profile image

      poutine 5 years ago

      They must be a lot of fun for kids playing in the pool.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      You know we played in the pool with one that belonged to our brother so it was very old. of course, he did not get it until he was an adult. We had the best time and I am seriously thinking of getting us a nice new one for this coming summer.