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Best Battery Options For Ingress

Updated on March 19, 2015

The War Between The Enlightened and Resistance is Raging....Are You In? Or Are You *BLEEP BLEEP****Battery Low****

Ingressing is just plain awesome. No doubt.

Hopping round the city, hacking, linking, smashing or catching portals, then sending out the message that the "insert street here" portal needs an upgrade, before ducking out to the next portal to meet up with a lowbie who needs your help knocking out some reso's....oh yeah, that's awesome on a stick!

What's NOT awesome...

Being the lvl 8 guy that's gonna finish the last reso on a lvl 8 portal that is linked to high heaven and the lynch pin for a ton of fields, only to have your phone die mid deploy...

That's not awesome, don't be that guy...seriously, don't be that guy!

If you're after the tl;dr version...
Skip to here for dirt cheap batteries from

Check out premium options from Mugen Power

Grab an AMAZING deal on Low Priced External Batteries at with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

Or keep reading for the most recommended battery banks as told by Ingress players.

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Ingress Battery Drain

.....oh the pain of the battery drain

It's no secret, Ingress is a massive battery vampire.

Ingress battery drain is ridiculous!

Power saving apps, turning down your screen brightness, turning off your gps when you don't need it, so you can turn it on later and have gps drift happening for the next 5 mins while your phone tries to catch up....

  • Yeah...these are good suggestions but they're just not going to provide you with a hell of a lot more playing time. 1 - 2 hours max, and that's being optimistic.

Ingress time is MEGA important. If you want to take part when your team is running ops across the city, you CANNOT afford to "be that guy".

This is where spare, extended and expandable batteries come in. You could always carry around a solar panel, or scope out public power points to charge your phone...

Don't laugh, people actually do this, because they understand how important it is when I say, DON'T BE THAT GUY!

Buuuttttt... spare and external batteries just make it that much easier for swapping out on the go...this way you have more Ingress battery life, more time to ingress, and more time to dominate out there in the field.

Ok, so now that the reasons for extra Ingress battery life are out of the way, lets get down to the options.

Spare Batteries For Ingress

Obviously, having a few spares charged and ready to go is a great option. Mainly because...

  • They're small and don't bulk up your phone like some extended battery packs
  • They don't hang off the end of your phone being constantly plugged in like a battery power bank
  • You can double, triple, or quadruple your Ingress time for relatively little hassle

There are a few options when looking for spare phone batteries. Basically, you've got...

  • The dirt cheap option
  • The OEM or genuine option
  • The premium option (drrrooooollll for the premium option, I do love me some premium!)

Dirt Cheap Device Batteries

The undisputed dirt cheap option would definitely be

They have tons of options and everything is dirt cheap.

New batteries from roughly around $8...They're knock offs and not genuine, and the batteries probably last about 70% of an OEM battery, but you can buy 3 or 4 for the price of 1 OEM, so it's basically down to multiplication, and some math...with division in it............................moving on.

Also, they have free shipping worldwide. They don't only do batteries but tons of other accessories for charging, as well as external batteries. All this becomes mighty important as the battle between Enlightened and Resistance rages on...oh and ARIA.

Can't forget the ARIA agents...although I still find it hard to understand what they're all about, or indeed, if they will truly stand the test of time as the factions grow stronger...anywho, back on topic.

OEM Phone Batteries

OEM batteries. They're the genuine replacement batteries for your phone make and model.

I'm going to recommend that you look into buying OEM first. Check out or Amazon Global if you need international shipping.

Amazon has practically every brand of every thing on the planet, and it's usually cheaper than anywhere else.

Premium Phone Batteries

Believe it or not, there are actually places that make really powerful batteries that last longer and are made of high quality materials.

Mugen Power is one such place. They make higher capacity phone batteries.

Battery capacity is measured in mAh, or milliamp hours, it's stamped on your phone battery, check it out.

For the premium option I'm definitely going with Mugen Power, they have free shipping, and support, and an android app to calibrate the phone and battery so it gets used to running with all that capacity...aaahhhhh extra capacity.....ok that's it for the day dreaming.

Premium is seriously for the agent that is willing to go above and beyond.

External and Expandable Batteries

OK so those are spare battery options, now we have external and expandable batteries OH YEAH say it with me!

In short, external and expandable battery packs are batteries you charge, then plug into your phone, and they expand the capacity by recharging or "trickle charging" your phone as you're using it.

They come in a massive range of sizes and can leave you with oodles of playing time. eg. If your phone is 1500mAh, and you have an external battery with 10000mAh, how much extra time does that give you??

a) Lots

b) Battery time = mAH divided by mA = battery capacity divided by power chewing rate

c) Milk and Cookies

I don't know, but I'm going to go with answer

a) Lots

  • There are tons of battery and power banks out there that will charge more than just your phone, which is necessary if you take your tablet ingressing as well.

The only draw back really is the size of some of these things, most aren't going to be a bother though, and as long as your external battery has a remaining charge indicator light, you're not going to have massive problems. Trust me, you don't wanna BE THAT GUY!

So, without further ado, by using my super spying, discernment and collaborative skills, I've managed to narrow the massive selection reading tons, hours, and thousands of pages and forum what most other ingress players are recommending, using, and what they're most happy with.

Recommended Ingress Battery Options - Small

Let's start small. These external batteries are between 2600 mAH and 8000 mAH and are all under $50....American that is....'MURICA!

Let's Go BIGGER!!

  • For reference; 3200mAh is a little more than 2x you're average battery.

The BIG Boys!

  • We're talking 10,000mAh and up here folks, all nighter / rural / guardian hunter / anomaly material

That About Wraps It Up

Down sides to external batteries are

  • Size
  • Rate of charge
  • Size
  • Portability
  • Hassle from the size

Ok so most complaints are about the size, which isn't really that much of a hassle, some just find it distracting having to carry them around as they remain plugged in to your smart phone, making it look more like a wii control.

But seriously, if you have no qualms with that, you'll get far more from an external battery than you will from a spare one, not to mention, smart phone development is headed in the "non-removable battery" direction.

Really, all you're looking for is tons of mAH, indicator lights to show charge level remaining, and you're set to go.

So there you go, best info for getting the most you can out of your device for uber ingress time!

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