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Best Remote Control Cars Under $50

Updated on December 6, 2014
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Enda offers some great advice on buying gifts for men. Here he offers a range of great gift ideas for the man who has everything

Great Value Remote Control Cars That Do Not Cost The Earth

There are many remote control toys on the market, but simply noting beats the classic cars. These days there are trucks, boats, emergency vehicles and just about anything remote controlled that you can imagine. I am proud to admit that at the age of 56, I still love playing with these racing cars.

What has made it even more fun is that my Grandson is almost 4 years of age, so I have just bought him a really fast car, and I have also have a couple of nephews, who are now the proud owners, of these fun remote driven toys. Now many teenagers, and even some grown-ups have turned their fascination for these into their hobbies.

That is of course fine if you have the money to do so. For many other people, they have to work within a more sensible budget. When I was buying these cars and trucks for my younger relations, I did a lot of research as I always have to get value for money. I am happy to share that information with you here, and I really hope that you find it helpful.

We are going to look at the very best remote control cars priced at under $50, and see just what good value these can actually be.

Image Credit: Amazon

The Ferrari R/C Vehicle

Maisto R/C 1:24 Scale Ferrari 458 Italia Radio Control Vehicle (Colors May Vary)
Maisto R/C 1:24 Scale Ferrari 458 Italia Radio Control Vehicle (Colors May Vary)

A Ferrari for under $20???

Now that is what I call a bargain. This is probably one of the most popular choices for kids that is out there at the moment. You can get these in many Hobby type stores and in a few of the bigger Retailers. If you are there you should certainly take one for a test drive and see what happens. You may just become addicted like me!

The Rock Climbing Remote Controlled Car
The Rock Climbing Remote Controlled Car

Plenty of Cars To Pick From

At Average Prices of $30

The good news is that you don't have to pay $50 to get a good quality remote control car, and I discovered that on average the price is closer to $30. Of course if you want to buy one at the higher price you can, and there is plenty of choice in that price bracket was well.

As I mentioned earlier, there are cars, boats, trucks, SUVs, planes, helicopters etc, but in this article I am just discussing cars. Before we look at the actual best sellers, there are some important issues that I would like to address first. I hate wasting my money on rubbish, and I would hate to recommend any product, especially a kid's toy, that would disappoint them, and leave you of pocket and frustrated.

Buying Guide for Remote Control Cars

Follow these top tips and you will find the best remote or radio controlled cars. It may sound initially like a simple purchase but as always, it is never just as easy as you may think.

The Surfaces and Terrain

Kids will want their car to be able to drive over any surface. Trust me on this, you will as well. It should be able to drive over wooden floors (most will), carpets, grass, sidewalks, sand on he beach, snow, ice and to be honest, just about anything that it encounters. So many of these just can not do this, and you will spend your life, hopping up and down to get it moving again if you buy the wrong one. The kid will quickly lose interest if it sticks every time it goes on to a carpet.

Batteries, batteries and more bloomin Batteries

Remote anything means batteries and some of these come with weird sizes of batteries. Take to the hills and run if you see these types as they cost a fortune, are hard to find and need replaced often. AA batteries work fine, are readily available and last considerably longer.

Rechargeable batteries are of course a great idea but just make sure if you opt for one of those, that it comes with a good quality fast charger. Otherwise you will have one frustrated child.

Climbing Power & Torque

Will they go up an incline or just sit there annoying you? It may not sound that important, but it really is. I am not talking here about climbing up Mount Everest, but if it gets stuck on a small incline, that will drive you crazy.


I wouldn't get over fussy about these, but they are a nice to have especially for working on all surfaces, or dealing with the steeper inclines. Having gears that change allows the car to go up and over obstacles that others will not.

Easy To Use

These as you can imagine work off a remote control. For younger kids (and some adults) these need to be simple to work. A couple of levers is ideal for smaller hands, with directional features and backwards and forwards.

Introducing The Rock Crawlers - Rugged Remote Cars - Great Reviews and Well Rated

I found when I went looking for cars that children love these type a lot. Initially I had in my head the more standard vehicle like I had seen in Walmart and Target. These were cars like the Ford Mustang, Lamborghini, Chevrolet etc.

What I found really interesting was that when I looked at what the kids were searching through at the Toy Store, it was these rock crawlers that were getting most of the attention. I bought one of these for my Grandson, who is almost 4, and he adores it. I should say the manufacturer recommends this ages 8-15. I watch my grandson closely and he has no trouble using it, and he loves it, though he does tend to drop it.

These are not the fastest of cars, but that is not what they are made for. These are all about getting over tough terrain, hence the big wheels and suspension. They are also a bit noisy but that is part of the fun.

Check out the video below.

Love the Rock Crawler

Maisto R/C 27Mhz (3-Channel) Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle (Colors May Vary)
Maisto R/C 27Mhz (3-Channel) Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle (Colors May Vary)

Under $30 and a best seller and another popular choice especially for younger kids. This can get over a few obstacles and it is fun watching it try. It is pretty good on slopes as long as they are not too steep.

It has two motors and gears which allows for better power depending on what it is trying to get over and is simple enough to change gears to do this.

This one actually has suspension, which makes it more realistic


Video Review of the Maisto RC Rock Crawler

Maisto R/C 27 Mhz (3-Channel) Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle (Colors May Vary)
Maisto R/C 27 Mhz (3-Channel) Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle (Colors May Vary)

Similar price and apparently a newer model than the one above

Solid reviews and I think this one looks better, though it did not get as good reviews as the one above.


2 Seconds of Your Time Please?

Bump Remote Cars
Bump Remote Cars

What Are Your Favourite Types of Remote Control Car?

See results

The Classic RC Car Range - ANd The Ones I Love The Most

I still have a deep love for the classics of the past and I am guessing that it comes down to my age. :-) These are pretty similar to the good old ones back in the day. These vehicles in my opinion have stood the test of time, and to see them represented in a toy version is great.

Enthusiasts you like the nitro blasters or do this as a hobby tend to dismiss these, forgetting that they are actually toys, and not fully blown gas driven kits.

These cars are good and they are fast. They come under the titles of "Remote Control Super Car Collections," so for those who want something special and collectible, these are my own favourite choice.

Each one costs around $25 and they are a lot of fun, as well as looking good.

The manufacturers say they are suitable for 8+ but in my opinion a 5-6 year old would have no problem using one of these and having fun.

These are sport's cars with a little bit of attitude which I like a lot. It will work on tiles, carpets and wooden floors but not difficult surfaces. They are also easy to use.

Lamborghini Classic Remote

Remote Control Lamborghini Reventon 1/18 Scale RC
Remote Control Lamborghini Reventon 1/18 Scale RC

Made to scale size of another very famous Italian car. This one sells well and kids love them. It is a full 7" car with attitude and ideal for those who prefer speed. This one is an exciting one to watch and is enjoyed by kids of 7+ who have a better understanding of remote control vehicles.


Remote Emergency Vehicle Cars - A Warning - For the Wannabee Hero In Your Life

Both of my grand nephews aged 8 and 9 truly believe that they can save the world when using these remotes. I have honestly no idea why some kids are fascinated by police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. They are though!!!

When it comes near the time to buy them a birthday of Christmas present I normally leave a catalogue or something similar sitting around. Then I ask them what they think of this or that. I can guarantee you in a VERY short space of time, we are at the toy's page, then the car page and then looking at the latest police car.

A Quiet Word of Warning

Most of these will be a huge disappointment. The ones made for younger children are good, but for older kids, the are a bit of a let down. Be careful with your money when buying these. I tell you this from bitter experience.

R/Cs for Toddlers

Cartoon R/C Police Car Radio Control Toy for Toddlers by Liberty Imports (ENGLISH Packaging)
Cartoon R/C Police Car Radio Control Toy for Toddlers by Liberty Imports (ENGLISH Packaging)

Costs on average $15 and good for toddlers

Bigger kids will have NO interest.


There Is Nothing Hotter Than Hot Wheels

If you want to introduce kids to remote control cars, then good old Hot Wheels is the way to go. These pretty much out sell any other type of product in the market place. They get consistent and well rated reviews over at Amazon.

As you may have gathered I am an old classic type of person, but kids adore Hot Wheels. Who can blame them? They are fast, fun and furious and what kid doesn't like that.

Incredibly Popular Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels R/C BMW M3 White Vehicle
Hot Wheels R/C BMW M3 White Vehicle

Still well under $40 this has great reviews and a high rating and I think that speaks for itself.


Any Experiences with RC Cars? - Please Feel Free To Share Them Below and Thank You

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